Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 49

Volume 1 Chapter 49 Qin Huzao

Qin Tao looks at his Uncle who's about to shrink on his shell and Qin Tao's positive points to his uncle stoop low.

Qin Yu took his time and commented "Aren't you going to order them? Why'd your face look like your having cramps!"

Qin HuZao glare at Qin Yu: Who has cramps! You have cramps! Your father has cramps! Your whole family has cramps!

Qin Tao was just busy reading his book seriously: I don't have anything to do with that.

However, Qin HuZao was able to get on his feet and awkwardly smile at the child. "Ah Tao why'd you like these things anyway? A child should be innocent and sweet. Look at your forehead, it got wrinkles already. In no time when you become 20, you'll look like a 45-year-old dude. Take for example your father. no doubt his in his late 20's but people mistook him for a 45-year-old Uncle. You shouldn't be like him!"

Qin Yu's ballpen whom he was holding broke.

Oh dear! Qin HuZao's stupid mouth slip! He looks at Qin Yu with sweats all over his forehead.

Qin Yu, the man just casually threw the broken pen to the trash bin and pick another one to use.

Seeing the man ignored him, Qin HuZao breath a sigh of relief.

Phew. Goodness Gracious.

"QIN HUZAO! repeat your reports. I will collect this tonight. You will not leave until you finish everything this instance."

What! but he had just taken overtime last night?!

Qin HuZao brood over it.

Qin Yu saw his reaction and smirk. Then he asks, "Aren't you curious who bought that only copy of those fictional materials?"

Hearing this, his eyes lit up and nodded his head vigorously.

"Ask the child"

Qin HuZao, like a good kid, leans over towards the child.

Qin Tao sigh. He just only wanted to read! "Master bought those books. So just give up Uncle. You can't win against my master"

Qin HuZao's interest pique, as his confidence boosted. Knowing that the kid knew the person who bought it, no mountain couldn't reach and no wall couldn't brake. He definitely can buy back the books that Ah Tao likes. Being a Qin is a good thing ah!

Qin Tao saw his Uncle's idiotic face and before the man could even reach the peak of nirvana immediately pulled him back to the planet earth and said "Master won't give you her book. She definitely will not. She likes those books more than anything."

"But why? Your master seems kind. If she knew I'll buy it for you of course, she'll sell it to me!"

Haist, this Uncle of his!Truly an idiot.

"Master is different. Meet her and you will know. She's cool and strong. You could not compare to her" Qin Tao said. Eyes glittering in admiration.

Qin HuZao's heart felt that it had been pierced with thousands of needles. His nephew doesn't look up to him anymore! He needed to get back his reputable points that had been eaten by a dog. He will get those books from her! There's no doubt that this master of his is any good compared to him. He might only take the child because she knew he is a Qin.

Qin HuZao was so focus on competing with the master, that hadn't taught the strangeness the other person exudes. Who prefers to be called master nowadays anyway? Who's reading fantastical and imaginary power manual these days!

"Ah, Tao! Ah Tao! Let me have my chance and get those books to you. That time will come and you'll even love your Uncle more than your Master"

Qin Tao taught: Never in a million years.

Then Qin Tao didn't reply. There's no sense talking to a close minded-person.

"Ah Tao, will you let your Uncle a chance? I'll do it!"

Qin Tao didn't answer.

Qin HuZao continued, "Ah Tao's a good child. It's bad to ignore people when they are talking~"

Qin HuZao playfully poke the child's chubby cheeks. Not once! But consecutively!

Qin Tao was self-restraining himself. His master is an expert of self-meditation and noise repelling technique. He'll just think that the person in front of him is a stupid bumblebee buzzing his ear.

He taught it like that, but he's still a child. His tolerance is still not on the expert level. Even if he could not showcase it today, he'll surely do it next time.

He'll vigorously ask for his master's guidance and perseverance!

After ransacking his brain and doing something like one plus one equation formula on his head, Qin Tao's eyes lit up. Turn to the hand that pokes his cheek, open his mouth and decisively bit the evil finger!


Qin HuZao's unmanly shout resounded on the soundproof and quiet room as he took a glance at the deep teeth-mark on his slender hands.

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