Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 5

Volume 1 Chapter 5 Dissappearance Ii

A moment later, the man knock on Su Ci Yi's room. Though with his current mood he still knock on her door. Su Ci Yi applause his temperament. He clearly was on the verge of exploding yet he never forgets his manners. A man like this is something that you could only find on her sect.

"Come in" Su Ci Yi's cold tone reverberated outside.

The man immediately went in upon hearing the invitation.

He didn't make any idle moment and state his purpose. Showing her the entire picture of hers. The photo was about her sitting on her bed while reading her book. It was clearly the one that was taken by the boy that entered earlier.

"Have you seen him? The one that took these photos?"

Su Ci Yi put down the book she was reading and look at the man in front of her. Now that she is facing him. She could see the cold aura he is exuding. His body proportion was well built and under those black leather suit, she could sense an eight pack abs that was well maintained. Wrong her not, but she is not a pervert. It was just a habit of hers that she develop accompanying her Senior brother. Her Senior brother Lu Feng also possess those muscular body. After all, in all their sect, she didn't see anyone more fit that him.

The man has deep and intoxicating blue eyes and a tall nose bridge. His lips where like tinted with glossy red roses. He was just like a painting that has come out and spreading his allure.


Su Ci Yi clicked her tongue. How come a man be so beautiful? She can't accept anyone more handsome that her Brother Lu Feng!

How did she come up with that conclusion, she will not tell anyone.

Su Ci Yi, "I have seen him earlier but that was when she took my photo"

"I see..." The man dejectedly turn his head. It seems that he believes her? How can anyone believe the words of a crazy person?

She look at him intently, now that she can see. The man was a little pale. There are black circles under his eye. He seems to be tired and would collapse any moment. But before the man can turn away he handed her his business card. " If you happen to see him, kindly contact me with these number." He flipped the back of the card and pulled a mechanical pencil on his suit pocket.

"These is my personal contact info. Kindly reach me on this"

"Do you believe me?"

The man paused for a second. " I do not care in any of that. As long as you could find him tell me."

With that, he strode away. Leaving only the business card that he left.

Su Ci Yi went back again on reading. We'll you might be curious that every time someone comes in, she's reading? Yes, she might get an addiction to it. Right now, she is reading the "Heaven's Cultivation Manual", "Kung Fu Manual", "Secrets to easily pass Qi Cultivation Stage" Though it seems fake but the details and specifications on how to do cultivation's are worth to remembered. All the books that she requested from Su Ming where from the same author. She was on suspecting that this sister of hers has some kind of deals with this author. Even the latest edition that hasn't been on the market, she manage to snuggle it and give to her?! Really?


After the man has exited the room, his usual domineering aura came back. Sure enough he has been keeping it earlier. No need to show his strong side to the weak. He don't swing that way. The strong should only fight the strong ones. Only a bastard who oppress and fight the weak ones.

The man who was fully dressed in black suit and is accompanied by a dozen bodyguards went inside his own private car.

"Where are we headed Sir?"

" Return home, we can't do something about it if we can't find him. I have already dispatch my military associates. The rest was to let the heavens decide it"

"Yes Sir"

The expensive and glittering car drove along the long national road. The man inside can be called calm but who knows what he is thinking. He has been looking out on the road yet his mind was fully occupied. Thoughts was running wild on his mind.

Qin Xiao Yu shifted his position but still gazing at the car window.

Qin Tao has been missing for almost 5 hours now. He doesn't know where to find him anymore and if by morning that he still couldn't be found, he will turn this entire City upside down just to get back the child.

Without anything left to do, he scan again the digital camera that the child left before disappearing. The photo of a woman he saw earlier was the one who caught up his attention.

Calm and serene as the running water. A person that seems uninterested from the outside world. She wasn't that crazy appearing to him. Although if he deduct the part that she's reading cultivation manuals, and fantasy books about Kung Fu's.

She's pretty normal looking on the outside though.

Qin Xiao Yu tried to flip the photo several times.

Then his long eye lashes stop the moment he spotted unusual. For a second he turn to his driver. "Drive back to that hospital again"


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