Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 50

Volume 1 Chapter 50 Thoughts Gone Wild


There were two particular patients on that day.


When Huan Ro tried to make a call to Xiang MoMo, no one still answered and he became extremely worried. There are a lot of disappearance cases lately and it involves young women. Xiang MoMo was just an ordinary and innocent girl. What if that hoodlum took an interest in her.

Huan Ro clutches his fist as he drove speedily.

He passed by a large crowd in the middle of threading the large empty rice field. What he saw were an ambulance and each carts that hold two patients. Huan Ro didn't know but his heart beat fast, as he insanely went down and took a look.

He knows these two people!

It was his beloved.

"Tsk. Poor girl. What insane person would do this? He didn't even leave the woman any clothes. Just bare n.a.k.e.d..." Bystander 1

"This world has become more dangerous lately. You should advise your granddaughter not to go out frequently" Bystander 2

"Sigh. Even the criminal didn't let the other girl off the hook. Look at the hole in her hand. It must be deep! Poor girl!" Bystander 3

Huan Ro heard them clear as the sky. He went over and immediately introduce himself as one of the victim's relatives.

Huan Ro was let inside the ambulance and has made thorough glance at Xiang MoMo's state. He can't help but curse the bastard that did it to his woman. He will catch the culprit that did this to her.

Xiang MoMo's state was even pitiful more than Lin Shushu. The latter had only an injury on her hand. Xiang MoMo has torn clothes all over that it became strips and useless in covering her body.

The wound was also visible all over.

The dried tears of her are still visible on her white and pale face.

Pity took over him. Blaming himself. He's a useless fiancee who wasn't able to do anything for his woman. If he wasn't able to protect him now, how can he ever do so when they're married?

But who could predict such an accident? Huan Ro was only human. But even so! Even if his incapable, he would do something! He must find the truth!

It only took 30 minutes to reach the hospital.

As soon as they arrive, Xiang MoMo was immediately taken into ICU. Her body was in critical condition as she was unconscious. Lin Shushu was delivered to surgery room, to thread her wound on the hand. The two girls were both unconscious.

Huan Ro waited in the lobby feeling anxious and agitated. Soon he called over his family about his situation. One by one they arrive. Huan's Mother comforted his son and told him that everything's going to be okay. Xiang Mo Mo is a brave girl.

It didn't take long before the Doctor announces that both girls were not in critical situations and both are safe now.

Huan Ro heaves a sigh of relief.

He took an expensive VIP room for his fiancee.

A much more expensive than Su Ci Yi.

Su Ci Yi, at the moment, was staying on the floor just below but on a much average one. A ward that is inclusive for a patient with mental instability.



Su Ci Yi had woken up from the shrill voice she had heard but when she looks, no one was inside the room.

Su Ci Yi curses inside.

That stupid kid who follows her like a mother duck, where the heck is he now? She's his master and she had just gone back. Surely the hospital notified him. Why wasn't he able to visit her these past few days?

He is her sole disciple and therefore he should visit her!

Stupid kid.

Su Ci Yi decided not to get up.

[master!master!]Su Ci Yi shifted on the right.

[masterrrr!]Su Ci Yi align herself to the left.

[master~] D*mn it! She can't miss the kid, isn't she?

Su Ci Yi abruptly sits up. Great! She can't sleep now and myriads of taught are coming into her: What if, the hospital didn't inform him that she's back. In that case, then it's conclusive why he didn't call or went to her.

Maybe his father didn't allow him now to go since she was a threat. Su Ci Yi didn't know if the man likes her or not.

She just really felt that Qin Tao's father was a bit old and weird.

Now that she remembers it, Su Ci Yi began to rummage through her things. Finding a piece of paper that she had received a while ago. She can't forget the thing since she taught that it was pretty to look at.

After finding what she had been searching for, she looks at the 2by3 rectangular, golden paper with Qin Yu's phone number.

Su Ci Yi didn't know that this was the personal number that the man using. The one whom he gives to those he trusted well. The one that is exclusive to the Qin Family.

Su Ci Yi picks up her phone. This is her first time using this kind of thing. But since she often peaks at Su Ming whenever she's using it therefore she learn some of it.

Typing the number of the sender, Su Ci Yi texted:

To Qin Tao: Master is here already.

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