Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 51

Volume 1 Chapter 51 Possessed

As soon as Su Ci Yi put away her phone, she was stunned when she felt a strong surge of vile energy from the upper adjacent room. The mist was so dark that it almost broke into her bedding. She didn't think any moment of hesitation and took a quick run to the source. The cas.e.m.e.nt window above her was displayed open. Su Ci Yi climbs over the metal ladder that serves as a fire exit.

Sure enough, the mist was so thick up there.

Su Ci Yi immediately cast the heaven's seal. The simplest qi technique against the negative energy source. Even the entry-level of cultivators could portray this kind of seal in a trouble-free manner.

However, heaven's seal is not enough to broke that profuse mass of mist that she executed, another three sets of heaven's seal but this time she incorporated with a spell. Her strike was triumphant...

Now, her focus was the main source of it. As soon as she took a closer look, it was Xiang MoMo.

The body of the woman weakly lies in the middle as black tiny pigments of mist where visible coming through inside her. Normal people wouldn't able to see this kind of thing!

Xiang MoMo's wound was not visible now. Guess the hospital has given excellent medical attention to it.

On her mouth, there was an attached oxygen mask that supported her breathing.

There's no doubt, the amount of mist was far thicker in this area. If she could sort these case, there was far more severe than any mission that he had taken back on her sect.

This mist was some of the resentment that died people exudes. These mist would emit and emerge based on two causes:

1) if the said organism had been exposed to the misty environment, 2) if someone deliberately put the curse inside.

In this case, it seems that it was the latter.

Xiang MoMo was still unconscious, a good time to exorcise these types of things.

With that in mind, she took her oxygen mask and channel her qi inside through her mouth. The body who became the stage of the 2 energies twisted in the same manner as a possessed woman. She took her grip over her shoulders so the body would not drop down on the ground.

"What are you doing?" A man's gloomy voice filled the room. She heard a flurried footsteps that reverberated along the tiled pathway.

Su Ci Yi stops pouring her qi and turns to the person.

Huan Ro saw her and his face turn black. He walks with a big stride towards her and viciously shoves her.

What he saw, was the oxygen mask that was cast on the sideline. He had just gone to pitch some cold coffee on the vending machine but when he came back, someone was trying to kill Xiang MoMo.

Huan Ro immediately called a nurse and tried to re-examine Xiang MoMo if there was anything wrong. He only heaves a sigh of relief upon confirming that everything's alright.

Su Ci Yi knew that she was not needed anymore and took a step out but Huan Ro grabs her arm fiercely.

As soon as the nurse left. He started to get exasperated to her.

"I am lenient to you. Why are you doing these to me? Why can't you leave the two of us? Now you even wanted to kill her?! What would have happened if I came back late? Will you kill her successfully?"

Huan Ro's words went from Su Ci Yi's left ear and pass by the other.

She felt that this moment, she had become the hypocrite villain of some unknown romance drama of these two.

If he only knows her true intention.

This man had truly change the moment he met that Xiang MoMo. Huan Ro, on this original owner's memory, was a self-righteous and fair man. He had a profound view on things and he was not these unreasonable. A good explanation is a best approached to lessen the argument, but here he is, not giving her any moment of his silence.

"What, you'll just gonna stay there and won't talk"

"Even if I talk will you hear and believe me?"

"Then explained it! Damn it!"

Su Ci Yi rolled her eyes. She stares at him challenging. Then in serious tone replied, "Xiang MoMo had been possessed by the black mist, which is the spiritual energy of dark cultivators. Darkness has come to her since she harbors greed and resentment. In no time, the mist will take control and she will serve as a puppet of that cultivator"

Huan Ro's jaw dropped.

Then, in the end, he said, "You're insane" While shaking his head.

Su Ci Yi twitch her mouth and crossed her arms, "See, you don't believe me"

Su Ci Yi huffed in annoyance as she flicks her hair and exited through the window pane.

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