Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 52

Volume 1 Chapter 52 Unconcious Darkness

Su Ci Yi returns to her room feeling agitated. As the only cultivator who lives in this modern world. She felt the big burden lying on her shoulder.

Earlier, she was not able to pour her qi thoroughly.

Huan Ro came and there's no way that she could talk straight into that stupid guy. Huan Ro was guarding like a mad dog to his owner.

If she would let it, she'll just let the woman be devoured. However, a small mess could grow into a hard to deal situation and who knows, others might get infected. So while the bacteria was still like a pea, she should exterminate it!

Her concern now was that, if she would go back there straight head-on, the man will just eat her alive.

Su Ci Yi pace back and forth. Then decided to go in.

"You...!" As per usual, Huan Ro's angry voice welcome her. As a reflex, she immediately covered her ears. Intending not to hear anything that he would gonna spit.

Huan Ro clutches her arm as she would have dragged her outside but Su Ci Yi stood firmly on the ground. Rooting her two feet without making any step.

Huan Ro "...You are crazy! If you ever come here again, I will not hesitate to tell the police. Be obedient and just stay in your ward! Why do you know she was here anyway?"

Su Ci Yi's hand acted fast, as soon as Huan Ro bent down she threw a quick palm chop on the back of his neck.

Huan Ro was startled and the man immediately collapses on the ground.

Su Ci Yi quickly drew near the hospital bed of Xiang MoMo and continue where she had left off. Sucking away the vile mist and pouring her spiritual qi. It didn't take her a moment of channeling and withdrew.

When she opened the door, she was faced with one of Xiang Mo Mo's lackey, whom she also gave a lesson. Lin Shushu was not in critical condition that she was able to be released ahead of Xiang MoMo and she took a visit immediately.

However, as soon as she opens the door, the face that she didn't want to see a while was plastered.

The wound was still there as it throbs along with Lin Shushu's chest. She trembled and fear the moment she saw her. When Lin Shushu took a peek inside, she saw that Huan Ro's on the ground and therefore concluded what had happened.

Lin Shushu look down and embrace herself.

Su Ci Yi is not arrogant as she pitifully looks at the woman. She seems to be a good child only to be mixed with the black sheep of society.

Su Ci Yi decided to give her piece of mind to this girl.

She slowly taps her shoulder motioning that she should look her in the eye. The woman obediently lifted her gaze and was caught up with her. She saw the gaze with a soft touch and teary eyes. Like a small child. Su Ci Yi's heart almost melt and said in a warm tone, "Remember to choose your friends in the future for they will influence what you will be as a person. I know you are not an idiot to determine who's who right?"

The girl understood her and nodded.

Su Ci Yi winks at her and bade goodbye.

Her mission's finish on this room now.


In the morning, when the birds were chirping energetically outside the window.

Xiang Mo Mo woke up with enormous energy. The injuries on her body hand been rapidly healed. The hospital's medicine was superb.

And after 3 days of staying, her doctor signs their release papers.

Xiang Mo Mo's strength had gone back now as she temporarily stayed on the Huan's mansion since Huan Ro convince her to stay there for a while. Staying in an apartment by herself is dangerous.

Xiang Mo Mo immediately clicks with the Huan Clan.

Huan's mother and father where very eager to receive her.

Xiang Mo Mo's days had been pleasantly running and smooth sailing. In the morning, she would help cook their whole family's meal. Help Huan Ro made his home-made lunchbox. In the middle of the day, she would accompany her mother-in-law to go shopping. Bought their favorite luxury products and go to salons & spa's for refreshment.

Lin Shushu, who was always following her around didn't have time to even call her. Xiang Mo Mo does not want to deal with that woman. That girl, she will block her phone number and never contact her again.

This time, since she was having a brand new start.

Standing on a full-length mirror inside her room. She scrutinizes her own body. Somehow she felt that she like it. Along with the twinkling gemstone and diamonds that her future mother bought.

The wide spacious wardrobe and luxurious branded clothes. What can she even ask for?

The seemingly bright and energetic character of her was not the actual her ... opposite, the mirror reflected a malicious face. A vicious smile and twisted personality, as the vast pigment of black mist, manifested and radiated through her whole aura.

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