Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 53

Volume 1 Chapter 53 Qin Tao And Master

It had been months since Su Ci Yi had arrive on this world. Various amount of experiences had she encounter and are still yet to come. She taught about her other life back there. No matter how she forget, the lingerings where very strong.

Would her senior brother still be alive? A small portion of her mind has been bugging her recently, why would those men be after her Senior Brother? To the point that they wanted to kill them?

His Senior Brother had kept her on the dark for a while but soon she discover that she had been interacting frequently with the opposing Sect.

This sect that he had been discussing some shady transaction where the Sect the she despises. The most brutal and greedy cultivators where all here. If anyone are familiar with the slytherine of Hogwarts, then its the same as that.

While fighting over those cultivators somehow she pick some of their conversation. However, as soon as the took this body, the original owner's memory was inter-lapping against her own memory.

Some of the pieces where still broken.

These taught were only adding headaches to her head.

Su Ci Yi let a loud sigh.

"Master!" Qin Tao's voice came ringing on her head. Su Ci Yi taught it's her imagination again playing. Thinking about last night when she taught the kid was calling her, she taught spirits might be playing with her.

Now in the middle of the morning, these spirits came bugging her again!

"Master, Master!" Qin Tao called her again but this time, another weight was added to her bed and the full 3d view of him was what she saw. Pinching those bulging cheeks Su Ci Yi confirm that this is really him! "Mashter, did you mish me?" Said the kid while his face was being squish.

Su Ci Yi's aloof and unapproachable aura surface showing her usual character as if all her thinking of him was just an apparition of her feelings.

"So, you really remember that you have a master? Who's your master anyway?" Su Ci Yi's emotionless voice receive him.

"You master!" Qin Tao yelled with great conviction.

His Master is in foul mood today.Could it be that she's sulking because he didn't visit immediately? Qin Tao beam in happiness with that taught alone. He was so glad that he took his father's advice. The moment he receive his master text, Qin Tao was still awake. For the whole day, he was waiting for her text or call that she had return.

But knowing her master, she won't text him. But Qin Tao was surprise that he really receive her text! Master even specified his name! Qin Tao was fl.u.s.tered and excited as he clutch his father's phone on his chest and was fallen into deep slumber.

For the meantime, Qin Yu who's still awake because of some doc.u.ments needed to be sign urgently, probe his phone under his working desk. Upon not touching anything down below, his eyebrow curve and using his other phone, he tried to call it only to hear a ringing sound on the next room.

What he saw was Qin Tao smiling on his sleep while clutching his phone over his chest. The kid was firmly grasping the phone afraid that others might easily take it.

The sight made Qin Yu's lips perk upwards and he slowly took it away from him. Kids shouldn't sleep with the phone's radiation.

Upon getting it, he scan it's messages and there was a certain message from an unknown number. The message was also specified to Qin Tao.

This must be the reason why he took it from him without informing him. This kid really. He was so attached with that woman.

Upon morning, he didn't let the child visit her immediately. They said in the absence of presence, the heart longs. He firmly explained it to the child that the longer he will let his master wait for him, the higher the chance she'll miss her.

Qin Tao nodded. After two days they receive the message, Qin Yu and Qin Tao went to visit.

His plan succeed seeing that the woman really misses his child. Qin Tao is an adorable and lovable kid and who wouldn't love him.

*Cough*Cough "It's great to see you alive and kicking Ms. Su" Qin Yu let himself be heard. If this two would get immerse on their world, there's no way that they would notice their existence. His poor kid even forgot that he was with his father!

Su Ci Yi heard a full of vitality voice behind Qin Tao. She saw a man wearing plain turtle neck cloth and buggy pants. His hair was neatly comb yet exudes a fashionable aura. Even the caliber of this person is not someone that could trample into. Only Su Ci Yi would even dare to ignore a man like him.

Su Ci Yi broke into Qin Tao's unstoppable curiosity and replied to the child's father, "Yes, I'm glad I'm still alive and kicking"

Qin Yu,"..."

"Master!" Qin Tao broke her concentration from his father and seated right next to her side.

Qin Yu as a chaperone could only sit by the side and observe the two.

Qin Yu's trail of taught was concentrated at Su Ci Yi. This woman is really mysterious and hard to predict. She was truly not a person with mental instability but why was she here?

He had done a little research about this Su Clan and he could definitely conclude that her family was in crisis right now. Their company on the verge on bankruptcy and her fiancee was taken away. This is a hard blow for a woman especially if she really love the man.

Also, the time when he had save her over the pool, he could see that she's not been treated fairly.

Maybe this was the reason why she preferred to be here. A much more simpler home and peaceful from the inside and out.

As he was thinking, Qin Yu's phone rings.

The caller? It was no other than her idiot cousin, Qin HuZao.

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