Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 54

Volume 1 Chapter 54 The Mist Strike Back

The moment Qin Yu receive the call from the other end of the line, Qin HuZhao's loud voice prick his ear. "Boss!!!! Where are you right now? The company needed you...!"

Though they were cousin but Qin HuZao respect the hierarchy and recognize Qin Yu's position on the top of pyramid. Since Qin Yu was far more excellent and skilled on the job. Being the top among the crop of candidates was being selected by their elders but the final decision would revert back to the currently sitting CEO. Those elders responsibility was to hone took potential younger generation of the Qin bloodline and observe there attributes and talents on their later years. It's like survival of the fittest and the one who will win is the strongest. When it's the right time, the current head will provide a very difficult task that these potential candidates should brain-wittedly needed to solve. Qin Yu's overbearing talent and potential won all over.

Qin HuZao respected this talents of his. Qin HuZao compare to him was nothing more. he was even eliminated on their first round of elimination.

"I would be gone for a moment. I have something important to deal with" Qin Yu's monotone voice.

Qin HuZao, "What! Boss you need to settle these investment proposals today. The accounting already sent their financial findings and recommendation. They only need your approval."

Qin Yu's headache was starting to surface again, "Alright, send the report to my email"

Qin HuZao was ecstatic knowing Qin Yu will do the job. This settlement is not really urgent as per classified but seeing the boss having a time to fool somewhere off, he swear he'll not doing any overtime today!

"I'll just sent you my final decision, immedietly notify the concern parties after this. I'm not going to drop off to the company today. Qin Tao and I will just go home straight."

Hahah! Knowing that the boss will not go home, Qin HuZao could fool tonight. He could also go home early!

Was this his lucky day?

"Ah boss where are you right now anyway?" Qin HuZao was in jolly mood that he taught, where ever the boss is, he just pray that he would gonna stay there longer. Or even forever. He'll just keep track of the status of their business.He's skilled anyway, he's sure he can do that.

Qin Yu answered casually, "At the mental Hospital"

"Be safe there bo--what hospital?" Qin HuZao's eyes almost popped up! He's at the hospital? What would he gonna do at the hospital?

Now, he wanted to take back what he had said earlier.


"What are you doing there?!" Could it be? Could it be that...

"You don't need to overthink things. I just visited my friend" Qin Yu knew the idiotic flow of thoughts of this man. So before he exaggerate things, he needed to put a stop to it.

Does the boss has a mental friend?Why does he doesn't know that?

"I'll hung up now.Be sure to do things properly there while I'm gone. Don't fool around."

After Qin Yu put the phone down, he immedietly pulled his laptop and started his nonstop typing of keys.

Su Ci Yi and Qin Tao at this moment were fully immerse on their world that they forgot the extra character sitting at the end of the room.


Huan Clan's Mansion

"Madam, let us take care for the grand master. You've been caring for him nonstop since you came back from the hospital. Please take a rest for a while." The pitiful voice of the maidservant pleading to Xiang Mo Mo.

Xiang Mo Mo flash a friendly smile. "It's okay. I want to personally care of my own grandfather" The maidservant's eyes glint with admiration towards her. It's a big rumor circulating from within the mansion lately. That the young Miss was kind and caring.

She even become more approachable and humble the moment she went out of the hospital and personally volunteer to care for the old man.

The mister was so lucky so have this rare and beauty inside and out.

If the young lady wanted to do it, then there's nothing they can do about it.

Closing the door, the maidservant went out.

Xiang Mo Mo and the poor man was left behind.

Huan grandfather was sitting in a wheelchair while his back leaning on the back. If only he could take, he would gonna say to that two servants not to leave him. 'cause the moment they left, strange things are happening and he was greeting weaker and weaker.

Now, that the seems warm and tender atmosphere earlier was change to a dreadful one in an instant. Xiang Mo Mo's eyes turn black as she look at the weak old man. A sinister smile arose from her pale lips and the black mist she was concealing started to emit.

Little by little, the old man's vital energy started to flow out.

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