Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 55

Volume 1 Chapter 55 An Invitation For Dinner

Qin Yu prep up from his seat seeing that it's getting dark now. He had scrutinize meticulously each doc.u.ments and sent it immediately to Qin HuZao. Massaging the edges of his forehead , Qin Yu stood up to stretch his numbing body.

On the other hand, the acting master and fake disciple where silently reading a book on their own. Qin Yu baffle, can't comprehend Qin Tao, it's only reading surely he could read at home. At a much better place. Does he need to be at this hospital beside his master to fully enjoy it?

Qin Yu walk towards the child and tap his left shoulder "Ah Tao, it's getting late. We should go now"

Qin Tao's eyes reluctantly look at him.

SU Ci Yi saw him having a hard time dealing and she too convinces the child to just go for a while. He just need to return tomorrow. The child nodded and climb to his father's embrace. "Dad are we going straight home?"

Qin Tao look at his child with curiosity "Are you hungry? Let's find a suitable place for dinner first"

Qin Tao's eyes lit up. As if a bulb had been click on his brain exclaimed "Dad, can we invite master!" That came out of nowhere. Qin Yu look at his child with eyes being expectant. In the end Qin Yu gives up and turn to Su Ci Yi. "Ms. Su, if the hospital would allow, will you come for dinner with us?"

Su Ci Yi who had been silently listening to their whole conversation look up and met with Qin Yu's strong gaze," I'm afraid I'm bothering you Mr. Qin. Thank you but no thank you"

Qin Tao was disappointed and even hug his father's neck. Seeing his child's clinginess, he must be asking for a favor. "Ms. Su, you don't need to. It's an honor for my son if you come. Of course at my expense"

[I'm in!] That was what Su Ci Yi taught on her brain. But showing her aloofness she answered. "I guess since Mr. Qin ask a favor, I'll be rude to decline the treat."

Father and Son went to the rolls-royce phantom parked below

Su Ci Yi rummage through her cabinet what to wear. She was so comfortable wearing patient's gown but it didn't compliment the place they would go. In the end, she decided to choose a fit v-neck simple white shirt with a heart shape logo and an indigo skirt. A pair of sneaker was also pulled under her bedding.

Throwing her hospital gown over the bed, Su Ci Yi followed the two down.

The car took the national road and turn to a small alleyway in front of a Japanese Cuisine Restaurant. The establishment is part of the Qin's Investment, therefore Qin Yu pick these place to have a surprise visit as a customer. This restaurant was establish last three months but it seems that it's become busy and field with high influential customers.

He also know that some business celebrities and wealthy people prefer the service on this restaurant.

Qin Yu first entered the place while Su Ci Yi was leading the little Qin Tao by the hand. People begun their gossips as soon as they three entered the place.

Hidden whispers and small voices like,

[Ah their cute!]

[Look their child is so adorable. Is that her mom?]

[How did that woman seduce a man like him?!]

Yes, and the woman they are talking about is no other the Her! Su Ci Yi! It seems that they mistook them for a whole family! Qin Yu might not heard them but because of Su Ci Yi's cultivation she can clearly hear them.

What can she do, rumors will be just rumors.

Su Ci Yi turn a blind eye on this. It's not really like Qin Yu plan it to be like this right?

They entered a private room which Qin Yu reserve for a while. A tight room with tatami mat. Small table with kutetsu laid as a table cloth. The surrounding was decorated with bonsai plant and cherry blossom petals. There was also a tradional background music that filled the air.

The whole room exudes a feudal era in japan.

Qin Yu sat opposite Su Ci Yi and Qin Tao. A waiter arrive at them and greeted "konichiwa!" with a friendly and professional manner. The Japanese waiter presented the menu and each one took it.

Su Ci Yi, like a cultured lady picked her favored dishes. Qin Yu and Qin tao also did the same and before they knew it, the table was filled with different Japanese Cuisines.

After finishing the whole table, it was only the time that Qin Tao open his mouth again." Master! This is a Japanese cuisine food, next time daddy will treat you again to another delicious meal!"

Qin Yu: So, there was another time after this?

Su Ci Yi solemnly replied, "One is great but too much getting kindness is excessive. I am grateful that your father treated me now. I'll add this to my long list depth from him.

Qin Yu defended, "Ms. Su, a kindness being offered should exhaust while at it. Because the other person is showing his true gratitude and goodwill. In this case, for you not to feel indebted would it be alright to call you by first name? We are not strangers anymore and your not new to Qin Tao anyway"

Su Ci Yi also taught that he has a point and enthusiastically answered, "I... it would be great Mr Qin. My family calls me Yi. You can directly call me at that way"

Qin Yu's head tilted as he supported it with his hand. "Yi... call me Xiao Yu" His voice is nasal. Su Ci Yi didn't know or maybe her eyes were playing tricks with her. But today's Qin Yu was far more seductive and .....hot?

She must have been imagining it?

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