Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 56

Volume 1 Chapter 56 Cases And Crimes

When Su Ci Yi return, Su Ming immediately pounce at her with a doubtful look. Perplex with the current situation she was seeing. Her sister came down from a magnificent luxurious car! Even though their family own a company but they wasn't able to experience that kind of luxury.

Su Clan wasn't that flourishing family. Compared to the Huan Clan, theirs are still lagging behind.

The moment Su Ci Yi went down the luxurious phantom car, Su Ming saw her from the cas.e.m.e.nt window. If memory serves her right, this man was the one who saved her sister, also the one whom she mistook that took her away since her disappearance.

Since it was so far just to see the man, Su Ming judge him by the other person's physique. This man owes a fashionable car and has a gentlemanly manner, he might me an elite member of the society. Su Ming doesn't care what type of man her sister would fool around as long as he would never betray him like what that Huan bastard did.

That was so much of betrayal for her.

On her whole life thinking that she would walk through the aisle beside him was shattered in an instant.

Those family who don't have any ounce guilt will someday incur their fare share of wrath.


What was Su Ming didn't expect from the scene below was the appearance of a child.

The father and son even took time to drop her sister off inside the hospital.

Countless taught running from her head. When did they become so close with each other. The way they interact, as if they known each other for a while.

Did she had a rendezvous with some elite divorce man?!


When Su Ci Yi came in, she secretly observe his sister's face twitch in different expressions and walk passed her, change her clothes and lie down on bed.

She was full and satisfied tonight.

Thinking back then, she really felt strange. She taught for a moment that Qin Tao's father, the man has a strong aura and charisma different from the ordinary people. Back in her sect, Su Ci Yi often hunts a leopard on the wild. His Senior Brother would always scold her because every time he look for her, she always look a rugged child for she had just gone brawling with the animal.

Whenever she saw this fierce animal coming to her, Su Ci Yi become thrilled with the leopard's adorable sharp fangs and fiery eyes. Having an astounding match, more could she say hunting is far more exciting experience of her.

It took her months until she tame that Leopard and became friends with each other. During hunting season, Su Ci Yi and that leopard would always be each other sides fighting for the prey.

When Su Ci Yi look at Qin Yu, she could felt the same thrilling feelings. Could it be that she could see him like that?

Those glare that could penetrate one's souls...


Su Ming and Su Ci Yi were both immerse with their own thinking.

There was no other things to do this night so Su Ci Yi turn her phone on and surf on the internet.

Almost all of the current news where about the decreasing rate of criminal activities within the country. Of course that was only on limited areas. Su Ci Yi can't reach far places. Her distance is limited by her own incapacity. She hasn't incur a sword yet that could fly her way to various places.

The newsletter also stipulated that there was always someone who took the initiative to help before the ongoing crimes might happen.

The goons where beaten badly.

The kidnappers kick out.

The murderer being captured and delivered to the police station.

Su Ci Yi's lips perk up hearing that the media where praising her endeavor. Of course, what would be the reason of her escape from the hospital every night?

Su Ming saw her smile and was dumbfounded. This is the first time that she saw her sister smile without faking inside. What was she looking that she made faces like that?

Su Ming approaches her and peek over her phone, "Sister, are you that happy that this country's crime activities are decreasing?"

Su Ci Yi glance with profound meaning towards her.

Su Ming smile fake: What did her sister eat that she become like this? Even concerning for the benefit of the country?

Su Ci Yi was preoccupied but then she spot a certain news article. Her eyebrow crumpled as she read through it. Then after that she was lost in deep taught again.

As per say, there was a certain burial tomb that has been dug open by an unknown person. Leaving the tomb of the dead open and the bones leaking on the sight. There was no stolen things on the area but cases with similar occurrences are becoming more and more rampant. The happenings are frequent from the area that is within her grasp. Her own country.

If this intrusive phenomenon happen once then it can be tolerated. But when a lot of cases are happening, then it can't be coincidence after all.

There was something far beyond the human eye might be involve in this. The foreboding doubt has begun rising on her chest and the dark sky had begun to swallow the whole night as the hideous voice of crow filtered her silent neighborhood.

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