Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 57

Volume 1 Chapter 57 Finding The Source

Su Ci Yi's attention was engrossed and tried to trace back the cases that involves tomb digging. Searching the google finding similar cases and woala!

The date of previously similar cases has been reported 5 months ago. A month ahead before she came here. The resurface of black mist. The case of people being possessed. The recent case of tomb digger. There was nothing like this last year. The concurrence is clearly justified that these mysterious events only happen this year.

How can these cases be connected?There was only one that thread these three.

There must really something behind it. Something more big. Not just these aftermaths.

Su Ming became curious, in a instant his sister become serious and aloof again, frantically searching the internet.

Her mood swiftly changes like a drop of a hat and such.

The details on the reported articles on the internet where not fully stated. There was a whole lot of data are missing.

Who was the real source?The one who really caught up the whole scenario?

Gossips,rumors travels fast. But in the advent of passing these news, the whole data is altered and exaggerated. What is the real happening?Only the one who truly witness the enactment of event could provide so.

Su Ci Yi had a great understanding that the person who literally saw the events has still a much more to add.

Su Ci Yi look at the name behind which credited to the person who took the picture. Then turn to Su Ming and tentatively ask "Do you have a car?" Su Ming feeling out of the line. Eyebrows knitted in confusion. "Sister, my car was on the repair shop for the mean timewhy are you asking"

"Do you know the 23rd Newmelbourn Cemetery Located?" She ask in full earnest.

"What are you going to do there?! That place is exclusive for wealthy people. Even if you went there, the guard will not let you in. They have a tight security. Even rumors that they added more traps at this moment."

They had security but was able to trick by diggers. It could only be directed that these phenomena is link with the supernatural.

If Su Ci Yi resolve herself to go there, no one would be able to stop her. However, the distance of the area is inconvenient on her part. Should she had her immortal sword, then she could fly to places she's like to proceed without making a fuss to anyone. Explaining is a complicated matter on her part. She better took action that goof with the words and explanation.

"It's useless. Right now that place has a lot of traps . Their security had been defamed once so there's no way that a single citizen like you could go in... Oh I just remember, you could only visit that place if you have some approval of the family from the dead."

Su Ci Yi nonchalantly, "We'll get approval then,"

"What what what, who on earth will you get. Famous people where buried their! Unless you know someone from the Hu, Zhang, Qin, Shin and Fu. But its useless, those five powerhouses are pretty much powerful

Su Ci yi stop her in her blabbering, "Who are you saying?"

Su Ming explained again. "The Hu is a lineage of aristocrat on the ancient era, Zhang's are noble scholars, Shin are said to be descendants of an unknown consorts, Fu are the trusted generals of the emperor and the Qin are the famous clan throughout the history which said carried the bloodline of the Imperial Family. Who on earth on those people would let a simpleton like you to visit those holy dead?"

Su Ci Yi's eyes lit up. She knew someone! "Did you mention Qin? Are they really famous?"

"Are you for real?" Su Ming would like to hit this sister's head of hers.

The Qin family was even said to be the descendants of the emperor of the ancients time! Did she had amnesia aside from mental incapacitatedness? Even middle school students know these trivial things!

Su Ci Yi finally found away to enter. She just only need to get the approval of the man and she's going to look at that cemetery. If Qin Yu would not permit, then there nothing she can do but to use her force. She could do anything as long she was resolved to do so.

It looks like that the man who took pictures of the article and was the first to report the case was from that area also.

Setting everything behind, Si Cu Yi dash outside the window in a flash. Su Ming's jaw almost drop seeing her sister like that! She wasn't able to stop her because of her insanely speed and now she was nowhere to be found!

What a great speed!

Casting a quick look below the white cas.e.m.e.nt window, Su Ci Yi's shadow was nowhere to be found.

Did she just witness the mind-boggling and earth shattering nonhuman ability?!

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