Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 58

Volume 1 Chapter 58 Glimpse

Huan Clan's mansion


The was an abrupt emergency. A person in white gown and stethoscope rush inside a spacious room. The family call for an immediate doctor to look for the old man's deteriorated sickness. The sudden attacked hit him hard that Huan Clan's oldest pillar went to deep slumber.

A maidservant was taking care of him when all of a sudden the man collapse and fainted. Everyone was in panic.

The doctors diagnosis was stroke of the brain which causes the malfunction of the whole body. Huan Ro rushes from his meeting and immediately went back home. Just to see his grandfather's worsening state.

Seeing this, slowly his shoulders droop as he slump of the soft sofa. Tired and weak. All of sudden

Xiang Mo Mo was busy taking care of the old man but when she saw his fiance who looks very tired and weak she immediately went to him. Xiang Mo Mo empathizes with him as she pulled him into a hug.

"Your grandfathers going to be okay. He's an amazing man. "

Huan Ro just kept silent. He only wanted to feel the warmth and security of his love one.

He knows he should be ready for the worst thing to happen, but he truly wanted his grandfather to stay still for a little years. He was not able to prove himself yet. He wanted it to see for him. Since child, he was far more than close to him that his own biological parents. They were all busy with their own stuff to do as a professional. His grandfather was the one standing by his side. Together with Ci Yi. Now even Ci Yi had left him. No, it was who left her. Without his grandfather, how would he able to get close and redeem himself. He's not use to have bad vibes with anyone. And he could clearly see that Ci Yi is still hung up on him. He felt guilty. He has already Xiang Mo Mo on his side.

He can accept her but for friendship alone.

More that than, he already offered it to Xiang Mo Mo.

When midnight came, Huan RO couldn't sleep.

Xiang Mo Mo was the one who presented that she would keep a close eye on the old man. Since he was so tired, he fell asleep immediately.

Feeling thirst, he paces downstairs down the kitchen. The old man's room was a few steps away from the living room. Before going to kitchen, you will walk through that room.

Huan Ro taught to just take a look at his father and tap Xiang Mo Mo to sleep. He will exchange keeping a guard on the night.

Through the open door.

Huan Ro didn't made the sound and would have enter

However, his eyes seems too sleepy to see a dark figure near his grandfather. The black figure was doing something to the old man.

He could clearly see, the energy that was coming out of the old man and the black shadow sucking it to himself. As if he was consuming it.

Huan Ro's sleepiness had gone as he immediately went inside. On his grip,whatever things he may caught nearby. But when he turn his eyes again, the dark shadow was gone. Only Xiang Mo Mo sleeping. His grandfather was on the other side.

Was that just his imagination. He must have been still sleeping.

Xiang Mo Mo woke up upon hearing some commotion and when she saw Huan Ro she was surprise and acted pitiful "I'm sorry" She said in between yawn and sleep "I fell sleep observing grandfather. " Huan didn't get angry. He didn't ask her to guard him. So if she feel asleep, it doesn't matter.

Xiang Mo Mo took her time to take a rest and sleep on her room. Huan was left with the old man.

It hadn't been an hour when he was still staying awake. Looking at his grandfather lying on the bed, he felt pity.and sorrow. Would he be able to get over if he's grandfather will truly leave him?


Qin's Mansion

It was almost early in the morning. Qin Yu had just lied his back on the mattress when he heard a knock on the door.

Qin Tao was rubbing his teary eyes as he clutch on his favorite Doraemon stuff pillow. The hem of his pants almost dragging on the floor. Clearly, the child was having a his sleepwalking attack again.

Good thing he didn't went far away but only to his room.


Qin Yu gently lifted the child and went to his own bed. Then tuck the child beside him and would have like to sleep already. He needed to wake up early again tomorrow to work. However, Qin Tao's still talking on his sleep so he just closes his eyes but still listening.



"Can I marry master?" Qin Tao's innocence and sweet as a child. Qin Yu who had already his eyes closed hastily open again. This child of his.

How far did he look into his future about this?

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