Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 59

Volume 1 Chapter 59 Start Of Something New

Qin Yu was attacked by his insomnia again. The thing Qin Tao spouted earlier even made him less sleepy. Good thing Qin Tao was only sleep talking. If he's awake, then he needs to go along with him and bring a lot of "yes" and "sure" to him. Qin Yu secure first that qin tao was peacefully tuck on bed before heading to his business table to finish some paper works.

He'll just take a nap inside the office tomorrow.

As soon as he seated, there was a loud bang of something that crush on the window. Qin Yu was just sitting behind the bullet proof glass of the western Valerian Style window. Outside there was a big balcony that homes for various unique roses.

The night was terrible dark but under the moonlight that shone, he could fairly see below the silhouette of a woman standing. Her raven black hair flutters along the windy night. Her skin was glowing along with the twinkling flies. She was standing beneath a tall pine tree as she looks at the far end.

Qin Yu slowly open the window wide and step outside the luxurious balcony.

Seeing the woman, he would have told himself that she's a trespasser. Yet he was full mesmerize by the sight behold like this. Like painting from his past, the vivid texture of her beautiful face and the fluttering of her raven hair. The white robe with golden linings and exquisite design added to the allure and her noble visage.

Her attention was somewhere from afar, with her serious attention and cold face no one would think she's from a mental hospital and anyone would be mesmerize by this sudden change of atmosphere.

The picturesque was the sight of ephemeral goddess from the unknown country and time.

The woman who Qin Yu was seeing was none other than Su Ci Yi.

At this moment, she was still seriously thinking where did Qin Yu parked his car that he had used during their dinner. This man is sure fully loaded and lives in a castle like mansion. Even her previous sect is not compared to this grandeur home.

Feeling that some had been carefully watching her, Su Ci Yi's head turn to look at the man over the high balcony.

Qin Yu saw the approaching guards who would have going to deal with the trespasser but he waves his hand signaling not to mind the woman.

Walking in a not so fast paced, the woman stood right below and lookup.

The night was specially light as the two people made their contact with each other. The moonlit shone on her face, even highlighting her exquisite fine appearance. At that moment, Qin Yu felt something quiver within deep inside him.

This woman had save his child more that once. The fact that she care for his child without malicious intent makes her even more rare.

Also, his child was also the first who found this woman. If not for his child he would not dare to get too close to the woman.

As if Qin Yu had been pour with a strange realization. And that realization was far more intriguing and destructive. Qin was baffled by his own thinking.

Su Ci Yi had been looking at the man closely, she was learning if he's in the good mood or bad. She can't ask any favor if he's grumpy and angry right?

But somehow the man was blank. He was thinking deeply, thoughts in far away grounds. His indifferent gaze send shivers down to her spine.

Qin Yu spoke from above, " Have you been lost...?" Su Ci Yi's head tilted upwards and replied, " I would have like to speak with you, Qin Tao's father"

Qin Yu scrunch his eyebrow. " I taught were already on the ground of being friends what's with the formality?"

"I came here with formal intention and negotiation,Sir"

Su Ci Yi stated that she would like to ask for the approval to enter that said cementary. Seeing that it would be convenient to talk like that, Qin Yu walk down and met her outside.

Upon hearing her say this, he was puzzled. Who would gonna go on the cementery at this hour? Anyone would have been afraid by the eerie feeling and taught of dead lying on the tomb.

Seeing the woman was all fl.u.s.tered and her cheeks had gone bright red because of the cold breeze of air, he could not let her expose on the night anymore.

Qin Yu dr.a.p.ed his coat on her robe and taught, why is she wearing that anyway?

There's really no need for extra layers of cloths for Su Ci Yi. She had far been used to this kind of feeling. However, she can't just fathom why the man was still following her?

Seeing her curious look, Qin Yu showed a wide grin and said, "Since Ci Yi ask for an authorization, then humble self would like to offer himself as a solid proof."

Su Ci Yi was dumbfounded and would like to argue but the man already guide her through is car.

This guy's really free aren't he?


"Master! Did you visit me tonight?"

Qin Yu didn't expect Qin Tao would be awaken. He was fast asleep when he left him earlier and having his own fantasies and dream.

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