Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 6

Volume 1 Chapter 6 Where Is She?



A crisp and tender voice called out to her. Su Ci Yi could clearly hear him but decided to deny him. She was becoming too close at mastering the arts of denying the existence of the people around her.

Now that the surrounding has become quiet again, she can focus. Beside from the small buzzes of the kid below her bed, Nothing can disturb her now.




*Crazy girl ...

* Crazy girl ...

*Crazy girl...

*Crazy girl...

Qin Tao whispered under the bed while trying to bump his head underneath. Causing Su Ci Yi to feel uncomfortable. Not to mention, this kid was whispering the word "crazy" for almost an hour!

Su Ci Yi decided to close her book. Peek below the bed and look straight into the kids blue eye. "What do you want? You're father has been looking for you? Do you know how worried he is?"

"Tell him and I'll say that you're one of my accomplices"

Su Ci Yi's face full of black lines. Why's these kid here anyway?! Why of all patients room it is her?

Su Ci Yi was never a fan of little children. Every time she went to touch them, they immedietly went crying for their moms. Even looking at her face would make them pissed their pants. She was not that ugly in that world, however, she didn't know what she has that made them cry like that.

Yet this kid was very different, he seems not afraid of her?

"Even if you tell him, what does it have to do anything with me?" See, he was so bold acting like a big a.d.u.l.t already.

The kid chuckled evilly. Just only a mere zygote and he already knows how to make these expressions.

"My dad's the emperor of the industry. You wouldn't like to make an enemy of him! I know you're family, you become crazy because of your engagement being annulled. You're company's still a baby! My daddy can make that small time company of yours disappear within a glimpse."

What a flamboyant kid. Makes her want to spank his tiny butt! She really wanna talk to this brats father! What about his mother? She needs to do something with these kid's way of speaking.

These where all just Su Ci Yi's taught.

She doesn't have any interest on other people's business.

"hey crazy! You still with me? Are you fantasizing my daddy? better not. I will not give him to you? You need to prove yourself first"

Who needs to prove herself baby?!

Just one, just one word and she really will kick this child out!

This stupid child seems to be intelligent and sense her mood. He only just stare at her with his puppy little eyes. Does he think that he could win through cuteness? Fine then, he won! Though she was still looking so serious on the outside.

Qin Tao was examining her face, yet he could not see any trace of emotions on hers. Making her difficult to guess what to do next.

"So what's your choice? If you handed me to my dad, I'm gonna think that you like him. If you decided to hide me then maybe I can consider helping you with him" Qin Tao followed his sentence with a naughty wink. Not sure what to say, Su Ci Yi has blank for a moment. Has this kid considered her choice ? He really thinks that she very much likes her father?

Aren't somethings wrong with that!

Su Ci Yi admits that the man was typical handsome that seem like a living painting. Her Senior Brother always lecture her to be always warry on handsome men. Especially the types where the girls really likes.

A typical king always escorted by a queen. She was just a bystander on the sideline without a name.

So long as her Senior brother was always by her side, she wouldn't ask for anything.

But fate is cruel to her, they pulled her out of that world. She was brought to an unknown world where he wasn't here.

"Crazy?" Qin Tao asks seeing her face is beginning to turn into a stone.

"HE'S Here! make your choice now" Qin Tao blurted immedietly. He pulled the bed sheets over to fully cover the whole bed underneath.

He quickly hide as soon as he settle everything.

As soon as Qin Tao was underneath, the man whom she saw earlier entered. His long legs where the first one to show up on the door followed by the man's tall physique. He's being followed by one muscular man in suit and shades.

As soon as he entered he scan the whole room.

The atmosphere was cold and eerie. The window was left open causing the night wind to enter. The air and was blowing hard inside making the light material around to fly on midair.

Qin Tao was sitting. Hugging his knees... Deep inside he was triumphant in blackmailing the crazy woman. With his fathers charm who wouldn't resist it? Even a crazy person desired him! His father's charm could really set this nation obedient.

"Have you seen the kid?" Qin Tao heard his fathers voice. Determine not to show himself up. Let him worry for him a bit! All this time all he do is his work. He doesn't already have a mom and now his daddy didn't love him. Qin Tao only want to know the extent of his fathers concern for him.

As he was expecting the woman to answer, it was the body guard of his that speak. "Sir it seems to be that this is the right room"

What the!

Qin Tao immedietly went out for hiding!

He looks around and focus on finding someone.

Then he realizes that she was not inside the room anymore!

Where did she go?

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