Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 60

Volume 1 Chapter 60 She's Not The Only One

Su Ci Yi came down from the tinted black BMW of Qin Yu in front of the Newmelbourne Cemetery. A private burial home for the influential and wealthy people of the country. The tomb of the great great emperors of this country and those outstanding military servant was peacefully lying in here. She had succeeded getting the approval from Qin Yu. Instead of presenting papers and doc.u.ments, authorization to let her enter, the man use his fine and exquisite face as a pass. He wasn't even ashamed as he confidently showed his face in front of a guard. Seems that the guards fully knew him and they didn't make any fuss letting him in, hence she was able to enter without a hassle.

There was only extra baggage lining on the sideline. Qin Tao who had woken up, the moment they would have left won't let himself be left inside his home. He look at his father like a traitor with such accusations going on in his little mouth. It was a big argument not to bring the child but Qin Tao insisted to go with her.

With no time arguing, she decided to let him in.

The father and son tag along with her plan.

Qin Yu only came just to see what these woman had come up again. But also had a desire that he was also curious of the recent happening inside not to mention on behalf of their family's ancestors they were also robbed.

This woman told them that she's wanted to investigate and drew some conclusive evidence from the site.

Qin Yu, knew that retrieving it to the police department would be the most correct decision. However, the woman insisted that the police would only get solid facts and it'll never be helpful to her.

Qin Yu with his tight fitted shirt and western fluffy coat went down with Qin Tao on his arms.

Su Ci Yi like an excited animal rush forward and her shadow flash and vanish in a mere sight. Qin Yu was not startled. She knew that this woman has insanely strength and speed. It would be inconvenient for him to even be surprise. In this world, there are people created with advance skills than anyone. Qin Yu has far known that he's on that 1% group of people.

The night is pitch black. There was these kind of eerie feeling within the ambiance of the air.

Su Ci Yi felt again the same malicious energy but more wild and unrestraint. She was right to visit this place. Her speed was so fast that Qin Yu and Qin Tao where left behind. And when she went into the certain spot, there was a freshly dug rotting corpse that had just been buried for almost a week. The skin is peeking from its caskate and the filthy smell circulated the area.

She didn't put any hold on her nose, therefore she could clearly smell the rancid odor.

Of course, since this place has a strong reservation of reverse qi energy "that" person would have come here.

She was in right timing, she knew she was still in the vicinity. There's still traces of malignant energy left on the area and the leaking mist is particularly dominant on the air.

"Who are you?" Su Ci Yi started to be vigilant. "That" person could have been hiding anywhere, where is it? In a brief of moment, she sharpen her mind and let her soul spirit spread her energy qi through the passing wind. In this, she could trace any possible breathes that mix within the air and could pinpoint that person's exact location.

In next moment, she had found it! She gasp as she look at the certain direction.

"Playing dumb and not showing yourself. You think you could get away?"

There was no answered.

Su Ci Yi drew her qi within the pebble stone along the tiled pathway. In a click of her finger she shot towards the certain area. There's a little reaction and movement but this is a good sequence. As soon as she threw those pebble like bullet she immediately rush to it. Her blood boils knowing this enemy has high cultivation level. She had been on the slump this past months, and having these kind of ploys excites her to the core. Only those with high cultivation level won't surrender to her aura. Earlier, when she had just arrive, she secretly releases her killing intent. Those people with low level of cultivation would have done sprawling on the ground or faint. Seeing him with his two feet, she was impress.


Cultivation level?

Su Ci Yi even wanted laugh. It seems that she's not the only unique here on this world. Someone who can leisurely enter this place despite the tight security, can counter her attacks and even has the foundation of mist and dark arts... this person, she was eager to know! How does he came into this third realm with no attachment in spirit energies.

Su Ci Yi hum as she dash and run like a wild cheetah. Her lips pulling upwards.

This night is going to be interesting!

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