Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 61

Volume 1 Chapter 61 One Sided Confrontation

The light colored sky started to swallow the dark night. Early 'dawn of chorus' among the morning birds could be heard as they prepared for their morning plight. Moisture along the tiny grasses is now visible within the non-human eye.

Su Ci Yi darted only to leave an abrupt dust of her shadow behind. Her feet equipped with her spiritual qi. The movement along with the improvised qi-made weapon comparable with a fully rehearse dance step. Coordinated with the right timing.

"That person" alerted. Opened a mysterious object from his rugged satchel. The flowing reverse qi is full of vitality forming a dense mass of mist which even obscure the face.

Su Ci Yi frown. Not seeing "that person"'s face clearly.

But nevertheless, she made her way. Crack and shattered the thick mass of barrier made of lumping burial ashes. In just heavy blow from her fist, the ashes poof and scatter on the humid air.

Other particle almost hit her and would have obscure her clear sight, but with her dominant turn, she flew backwards with abrupt momentum and ascended slowly on the ground. But things for sure, she never missed to draw her little things.

The seemingly calm without motion dyed leafs tilted on the soil suspended on midair. The lofty edge turning sharp that could even cut the third layer of flesh at once form horizontally beside him. Like a good pupils lining obediently on her will.

As she commanded, the sharp-blade objects project a frontal attack.

Su Ci Yi saw with her own two eyes, when "that person" was attacked in both different direction. His black thick robes tattered severely and reduce to ribbon strips. Flesh peeking on the side and blood flowing incessantly.

Su Ci Yi knew instantly, half kneeling with her toe curled pushing the ground. In her last counting of three, she dash and flew again. This time her momentum's direction is straight head on to "that" person.

"that" person sense her coming massive attack and despite the leaf-like-blades coming to him, he leapt backwards in a far distance a few meters away. Su Ci Yi landed on his place.

"Hey! Are we playing hide and seek here? Why don't you obediently stop and let me have a closer look of your face. Why are you that ugly? I'm not someone who would critic a person's appearance anyway. Just be obedient, come here"

That person, ""

"Are you listening? Hey ugly! If you won't answer then your name is midnight ugly! Don't blame me if you will be renown by that name on tabloid and newspaper"

That person, ""

"Hey midnight ugly, where do you came from huh?You from here?" Su Ci Yi felt like a chatter box today. Her feelings at the moment "Being like high" but the source not from drugs. Feeling revitalize and energetic, she flew again in a peak not known in mortal eyes.

Midnight ugly won't answer her anyway, so it's useless to talk bullsh*t to him.

In the long run of interacting and battling with her, midnight ugly felt his declining reverse qi. The little things forcefully attacking him without any regard and resentment was like a hellish torture, added to his demise was the active and insanely hot-blooded akin to a madwoman escapee from the hospital. This is seriously insane!

Tsk. Su Ci Yi click her tongue. Impatient and brusque, mutter in a low voice. [one] She draw another batch of her qi. [two] Her eyes, like a famish predator longing for her pray. [three] In a flash of millisecond, she took him by the neck.

"Gotcha" Su Ci Yi's lips quiver in excitement.

Midnight ugly shivered though manage to protect his face by the thick mist layering his important senses. Su Ci Yi didn't put any strength to her grip. Within her grasp, the prey tried to struggle.

Face with an enormous feat, he could only draw his immortal sword out of his tightly roped on his waist space bag. His hand grip the handle of the sword and made a full time slash on the person in front.

Su Ci Yi would have already rip the mist obscuring his face but sense an approaching danger quickly withdrew.

Midnight ugly seeing she's preoccupied made his once in a lifetime escape in the middle of the crowded pines and trees.

The Newmelbourne Cemetery is a vast land located on the most holy sanctuary of the land. Aside from the magnificent build diamond tombstones a certain area over the edge homes of thousand pine & cone trees of luscious green.

The person in tattered robes headed that way, while his sword serve as a gateway defense from Su Ci Yi.

Against an immortal Sword, Su Ci Yi landed a look full of anguish and resentment. Her emotions running wild, similar to a certain drama, where the protagonist drew his last breath peering his last energy towards his killer but somehow... he died!

This feeling of something being grasp but in moment slid out of your sight!

The d*mn immortal sword, even when it's master is gone but doing it's nightfull duties and responsibilities.

Pei! You won't get over-time for doing this! Follow your master already! Why are you even here, oh great immortal sword?!

Hey Hey Hey

The hardworking sword even chase her the moment she made a run.

This is against the rule?! This is unfair?!

Dashing like a madwoman, while fending the sword away is a difficult to do. Her head turning to the south but her feet on the north. Completely opposite but coordinating on the same waywhen


Su Ci Yi hit something hard!

As a reflex, upon hitting the stone wall build, she made a quick somersault, rolled far away, look left & right and tried to catch a glimpse of the attacker.

Qin Yu: ""

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