Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 62

Volume 1 Chapter 62 Investigating

Su Ci Yi's senses is far off sensitive regarding a small shuffling of sounds, much more an unpredicted bumping. Seeing that it was only Qin Yu, she heave a long sigh of relief.

Back there, she ought to only focus on that stupid sword. She knew she will sense a person's appearance but on the contrary to her hypothesis, Qin Yu's arrival is abrupt without reserve. It was like a passing calm wind on the road.

She was preoccupied fending of a sword loosing focus on the other end. This is a grave mistake and could be her immediate demise if she would have been in her previous setting. The cultivation world she had been is much more dangerous for such a time and weakling.

Even that immortal sword against a mortal human is a no go. It could chop and slice a human body in one swift of slash!

The desire to possess her own immortal sword is surging great within the depths of her emotion. She must find one immediately.

Going back to the present, Qin Yu was still standing in front of her and on that note Su Ci Yi pick herself up. Shook the dirt flagging the hems of her robe and puffed an air akin to a debonair nobleman.

As if that thing earlier was part of an illusion that didn't happen.

"Apologies for not looking upfront" She made a pass on him. Not fond of explaining herself.

Qin Yu knew that she didn't want to get tangled on that thing and has no intention of speaking for herself induced his insights of the surrounding area he just had passed. "I just happen to passed from a freshly dug corpse on a burial tomb. Yi, have you come already there?"

Su Ci Yi came from the other end. So there's no way she had come to where Qin Yu is.

Hearing this, she paused on her pace. So it seems that person had been active recently. Not only digging one tomb. Thinking about it earlier, she had found that it was a woman. She was so sure about it. The softness of the limbs and smooth skin when her hand made contact while wriggling her neck. Even the slickness and agility is akin to the constitution inherent to a woman.

"It must have been a woman behind these" Qin Yu's speculation while he leads the two of them on the site.

Su Ci Yi would have declared that statement. However, Qin Yu just blurted it out on the spot. He race her up with regard to announcing it. The man had only come once and didn't any contact made prior to this event yet he's conclusion was right off the mark. Even effective than a bullseye.

She was even more intrigue on how did he able to conclude that.

Qin Yu's walking on the front threading the tiled pathway. The morning cricket chirps atop the mountain tree. The twinkling stars above begun to disappear as a crimson colored sky lit up. Qin Yu stop, Su Ci Yi who had been following him, preoccupied with thoughts bump into him again for the second time. But this time in was a full on bump that she didn't able dodge.

Qin Yu turn to her and look amusingly, "Yi, did you find out how I was able to discern that it was a woman?"

Su Ci Yi was flabbergasted! How did he found out!

Qin Yu's grin open wide even more, "You were just muttering just now, Yi"

Su Ci Yi turn her head on the right. Trying to let go of this. "We're here"

Pointing to a momentous tombstone engrave with rare jadeite, a hole can be seen with the casket's lip semi open. The gap is small that only the size of a cat could enter. Though the strong stench and putrid smell is not something good to exhale and part of rotting flesh on the head could be seen. This corpse might only been buried for a month that the faulty smell is horrible.

Su Ci Yi's cultivation is high already, and things like is no a hurdle to her.

Qin Yu's face is devoid of any emotion. Who knows what he is thinking right now. In an instant, he shifted to being serious and unapproachable. Even Su Ci Yi could sense the rapid shifting of his aura.

Once seen, Qin knew that the perpetrator is a woman. By the position of the lid being open, to the way it dug a hole and lifted the casket. He had his own discerning and critical thinking on this. As a man sitting atop the pyramid, his skills are more than a hundred steps that the level humans.

If not for this trait, he would not continuously sit on the position he is now. There are people eyeing on his current chair and would like to do anything just to kick him up. Qin Yu's way is brutal and aggressive when someone had a depth to them. But his the type to settle in cleanly and quietly.

His shadow, conducted a partial investigation on this event, since the Qin's ancestor had been a victim on this. However, this seems to have some strange things attached even his shadow is capable of fulfilling his task.

In the end, this woman's visit on this site gave birth to his curiosity to even more investigate personally. The motive was not clear but he had already strong hunch about it.

Su Ci Yi another incident again and pulled her sandalwood incense which she brought along with her. She pick a stick and lit it, place beneath casket and offer some rituals. The resting place of the dead had been destroyed, all she could do for now is to offer some compensation to the unknown ancestor.

Seeing her, and deep into the night

The morning night is cold. The breeze was still freezing and cold. A thin robe won't suffice the temperature.

Qin Yu dr.a.p.e his clothes to her thin shoulders. Seeing her stern and serious expression, his heart itch to mess on those pouting lips. As he dr.a.p.e her coat on her, his hand remain on her waist and the other on his pocket.

"What are you doing?" Su Ci Yi's unsmiling tone fire back.

"Securing my coat, so it won't fall on the ground"

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