Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 63

Volume 1 Chapter 63 There's No Need To Rush

Su Ci Yi puffed in disbelief with this man as she is about to teach the imbecile hand that reach out to her waist when the man towering her spoke "Aren't you curious how I knew it's a she?"

Su Ci Yi stopped her current movement, her mind was already been triggered by curiosity, forgetting her predicament. Asking the truth would need to be prioritized first.

Qin Yu in his lazy tone, " The moment I trail that path, there was a faint scent of sweet rose velvet perfume and it's oil based and particularly dominant"

Su Ci Yi kept listening. However, hearing that it was all he reported she felt disappointed. This man always boost with 'I know it all' vibe. So she taught maybe he had stumbled with some clues and processed on his own. But seems not the case.

All things all, she didn't dwindle on that taught and tackle the important subject matter.

Earlier, fighting on that person she didn't pick up any particular smell. Qin Yu stipulated that scent is oil based. Given that fact, it could have still left an aroma that she could smell while dueling. But, there is not particular smell lingering that person.

There is absolutely nothing.

Su Ci Yi was so sure of it.

Going on ransacking her mind and thinking, Su Ci Yi didn't realize the tight hand that had even clung to her. Now it made itself more comfortable on her thin waist. The tall built man beside has a face of pure aura of contentment. Grinning quietly.

Su Ci Yi came on this trip with a new realization.

There had to be two of them. There was another accomplice that person had.

There was no need to get and ask the person whom had first witness these kind of events.

It's good thing that she had come on this place.

Aside from the New Melbourne, there are other burial tombs that was purge similar to this case. The 'Riverscout' on the west, Memory Homes on the south and Tianchi Cemetery on the north. The Newmelbourne is located on the east. These places, where only a victim of that tomb diggers.

This case wasn't listed on set of priorities of the police department, since there are no reported died victim, besides from the fact that the targets where all corpses.

The only visible damage it could bring was the grievances from those family that had been humiliated.

Things became clear now. Within the sun rising on the clear sky above, a strong emotion surge on her heart. The enemy has beginning to establish her own little friends.

She needs to exceed and pass the soul formation stage.

However, in this world which lack of elemental qi. Finding a source is a big challenge need to ponder.

Qin Yu and Su Ci Yi went back to the car, where the little Qin Tao is waiting. This time, the energetic and bubbly child had been defeated by the great god of slumber. He was peacefully lying down on the passenger's seat talking all the spaces to himself.

Looking at it, this child should had not followed them if he's just going to sleep here.

The car was securely lock before Qin Yu went to follow her. There was also the guardhouse which is not far from the car. The security on duty this night is keeping a close eye on the not far away Black BMW. He had just receive a call that a big boss will be conducting a night visit and it is also on the right timing that they were infiltrated by grave robber.

Seeing that the big boss is on his way inside and didn't have any intention to complain of the thing happening, he heave in relief. Who knows if this man will, he will surely loss his job based on the pattern of happenings here.


It was already in the morning when the car arrive on the mansion. Qin Yu took the sleeping child within his arms while focusing her attention to the woman. He didn't know if this trip is a success for her. But knowing a simple details is already a big advantage into finding the root cause of this event.

Deep inside, he could sense that this woman knew something in relation of these past events. But he's not rushing her to tell him.

She's still feeling a little reserve in front of him.

Qin Yu could wait, when the time she could tell him everything and even the tiny stupidest thing.

A woman's heart is fragile. Knowing she had just came from a large scandal and break up. Rushing things will not turn good.

Su Ci Yi's mood is better. Though having little less sleep, it doesn't show on her countenance.

"Thank you for taking me there." Said she while bowing her head and sincerely conveying her gratitude.

Qin Yu nodded while clutching Qin Tao. He had already offer her for a ride to the hospital but the latter refuse.

Standing there, he look at the back of the woman going farther and farther away. Until the thin back gradually disappear and lost on his sight.

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