Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 64

Volume 1 Chapter 64 Su Ming's Childhood Days

During these days, when Su Ming was procrastinating and had nothing to but to ponder, ransacking her brain cells and thinking points to points

Her conciousness wanders behind the ticking of the clocks and the days when she is still an ugly duckling.

Su Ming is the second daughter of a just so-so company ownerThe second daughter and therefore, should be free from their company's struggle of inheritance but within the unpredictable turn of events the only potential inheritor might be passed on her.

Su Ming's mind flashback during her school days when she and Su Ci Yi are still on bad blood.

Su Ming's head was a little slow compared to other children at that time. She even blame her mother for allowing her to be born only seven months old causing her cognitive ability imbalance.

Why was the infant her so eager to see the whole new world anyway!

Su Ming was slow in mental capability and she was always bullied the way she talk. Children at those time where like the followers of satan. She hated them very much to the core of her bones! Whenever they tease them, the poor her would only kept quiet and grow mushroom on the sideline.

Only pretending that those bullies where a bunch of ugly monkeys.

How could they blame her, anyways human ancestors were from gorillas , there's nothing different much in reality!

Contrary to her slow mental ability, her sister was the complete opposite of her. Being given recognition through different awards and certificates. Even standing at the top of her class. Has a lot of friends hanging around her always.

Su Ming hated the always outstanding sister of hers and she would always threat her like a piece of shit. Feeling disgusted whenever nearing her.

And she has the guts to feel disgusted on her. What a gutpower she have!

She was snotty brat back then that when Su Ci Yi tried to approach, she would try to wipe her sticky-with-snot little hands towards her face. Who can blame her? She envied her!

From then on Su Ci Yi didn't approach her.

Maybe she was disgusted. Yes, of course. That would be the most reasonable reason.

That was how twisted her tiny brains when she was young. Being jealous at that age, she deeply regret it.

She even question the food her mother eats upon conceiving her, that why would she always have a runny nose. Su Ming could tolerate it during winter, but how come she stil have it on summer!? This is ridiculously unscientific! As if the heavens where also ganging against her to bully.

Then it came to her middle school.

One time when she was going home feeling sick because of the freezing winter. A group of school bullies exploited her. Su Ming is not in good mood plus her body's so heavy that when she saw the freckly face, her face twisted into an unimaginable alien as she releases her recently secret move!

Pinching the other hole of her nose, while blowing the other, the slimy snot which clog on it flew on the person's face nearing her.

The big bully touch her slimy face and confirm what kind of liquid she made into contact.

"Eewww" she heard those lackeys of her in a disgusting face as each step back away from her.

Su Ming decided to run and save the grace of her pathetic life. If not, death awaits on her door the moment they caught her.

Though this statement is exaggerated but who knows what they will do when they caught her.


Beside from being slow witted snotty brat, Su Ming's a den of bad luck! Now she had really believe that she might betray her country and kill her emperor of her last life for the tragedies she's sufferings.

In her sight even the stup*d rock was mocking her. Trip her as she stumble on the ground.

What she didn't want to happen happened. As soon as she fall, those girls caught up to her, beating her from left to right. From tan to blue and violet to black her face color changes like the seven brimming colors of the rainbow!

Su Ming thought she will not make it.

Then if she cannot make it, she needed those brats to be caught.

While being beaten one sidedly, she didn't know which foot kick her as she desperately tried to leave evidence of her murderers! Yes! When she became a ghost, she will never leave these bullies of her until they poop and piss their pants in scaredness.

But before that happen Su Ming secretly took out a small key in heart shape. This thing contains the last remnants and her lingering- her last will and testament. She wrote it on her leisure time, practicing and homing a good composition that when her parent read it they'd be in awe of how talented she was! But that talent had aleady gone!

Their loss.

On her testament, she wrote:

A brand new pink shoes, should be given to Su Ci Yi

A small piggy bank in size of her fist full of cents for her mother to inherit.

A worn out handkerchief, which she treasure since it's the first cloth that manage to stay on her belongings for almost 5 years. He'll leave it to his father to make into their family heirloom.

After a few strokes of crook letters on the ground, Su Ming leaves her faith to the hands of the powerful and was redied to close her eyes. Ah her life is truly a piss offjust as she was about to close her eyes, Su Ci Yi's full view looking desperate was calling her.

Su Ci Yi rush out and saw these circ.u.mstance right now. She didn't even need to think and went into fury and tossle into the fight they are having without care for her outstanding reputation!

Su Ming can't believe it! The ever outstanding sister of her would even break into this mess? She could only imagine her snickering at her while looking triumphant and cool headed while Su Ming was being beat up.

Like to two goody shoes in a drama.

She forgot, she's not some heroin of melodramatic scenes and her sister might be cold and aloof and outstanding and beautifuloops that was a little over the edge. But either way, when Su Ming saw her sister fingting, tossing and brawling those ugly midgets she felt warm inside. Su Ci Yi now was cornered by the lacky's on the ground and was punch direct on her face.

Shit! Her beautiful sister's face! The punch took two frontal teech of hers which fell on the ground. Blood drips on it.

As soon the those brats saw the glimpse of blood, they were hella scared and run with tails between their legs.

Those scardy cats!The heck with them!

But anyway one thing she realizes.

Her sister lover her!!!!


Her beautiful and high achiever sister didn't abandoned her!

Su Ci Yi and Su Ming where pretty battered on the way home. But along the path, there was the sound of loud giggling and laughing that was non stop. The two sisters had made peace afterall those years.

And it turns out, Su Ming's the only one harbouring bitterness towards her.

Of course after their mother found out the happenings, they caught a huge earful loathing.

But anyway, nothing can measure anything at the time regarding her happiness.

Up until now, tha memory was still engrave on her a.d.u.l.t heart.

As of the moment, Su Ci Yi might be mental and people are turning their backs on her. Even that stup*d bastard hmph! Let's not mention that man.

No matter what they think about her, no matter how they loath and critic a woman who became mental because of her lover

She will always stood on her side. In sickness and in death.

Even if the world turn upside down, Su Ci Yi is her only blood related sister on this earth.

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