Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 65

Volume 1 Chapter 65 Just How It Goes..

Qin's Corporation

Inside the spacious conference hall was a large oval shape table clad with high class glass, surrounded by 20 executive chairs. At the center is a large screen monitor being projected from the back. There wasn't a single person on sight at this very moment because of the postponement of the current meeting 2 hours prior to the designated time.

The meeting should run at sharp 9AM in the morning. However, there was some things that didn't taken into consideration and causing the meeting to be delayed. It was such the first thing to happen into the history of previous designated CEO'S who stood as the cream of the crop for his subordinates.

A few seconds, a person step inside from the wooden door. A man in the same built as Qin Yu but had a different temperament walk in.

He sat on one of the empty chair as he dialed his phone.

The other line pick up and a husky tone fresh from being woken up spoke. Qin HuZao's blue veins popped up but he didn't show it and still observe a professional tone, "Boss! Where are you? Did you just woke up? You know we had our meeting today? The chiefs of our different branches are already here but still your shadow is missing. Are we still going to continue?"

Qin Yu spoke lazily, "Of course"

Qin HuZao, "When will you come boss? The whole team here had been grinding me of your whereabouts. I've already postponed it 2 hours. After that, I'll take over you"

Qin Yu, "Hmm. I'll be there"

'Hmm. I'll be there. 'Qin HuZao had spoken with so much enthusiast while the other end didn't even made a single effort of energy! Okay fine. It's because he's the boss. He has the very right to be like that.

But what the heck! It's already 10 in the morning. Did he really stay up all night reviewing doc.u.ments?

Qin HuZao didn't believe that the boss would stay up all night doing that. He's a lot of health enthusiast. He's gossiping heart had been triggered forgetting his own predicament realizing that simple detail.

However, as he strike the first word of his sentence the other end got disconnected.


He can't help but curse him.

Now he went to slump again, remembering when exactly Qin Yu would come. He said he'll be here. But when's that specifically? He didn't even stated his alibi why he will be late.

It could probably only Qin HuZao who could treat and think like that over Qin Yu. Growing together, he was so familiar with him.

People who never knew him or those people considers him as a stranger where all afraid to even approach and touch him. Haist, if this cousin of him would smile genuinely, then the number of his fans would even surpass the stardom of Soong Joong Ki and Ji Chang Wook.

But the man always wear a frown or show his sadistic grin.

The time kept ticking, and people who were involve on the conference came one by one. Qin HuZao felt panicky looking at the buzzing shadows greeting him. If Qin Yu's be late, then he'll just start the conference on his own-and that is a big problem to him. Qin HuZao didn't possess the same charisma Qin Yu have nor the dominant aura he had that is pretty useful in discussing business deals. People get easily intimidated and would go along with him.

It was one of his quality why he was able to get that position.


There's not much time left, only 15 minutes but still Qin Yu's not picking his phone now. It's not good, if something like this would reach the elders. Though Qin Yu could confidently handle those old geezers but holy crap, Qin HuZao is not like him!

He's scared piss on them.

Their like a leopard lurking on the shadows of the cave.

No one would like to go against them.

If Qin Yu is determined to be the emperor, then those elders are considered as the prime ministers passing judgement through the emperor.

Qin HuZao was contemplating when a stout man appear in front of his eye. This man kept looking at his clock with face full of satisfaction.

"So when will the CEO appear? Can we have guaranty that he will not ditch us? This is the first time this thing happen. What a competent CEO you have. If the person above know these"

Qin HuZao's face darken, "The BOSS will come okay? We still have 10 minutes left" The stout man huff in arrogance.

The person above he was talking about where the elders who performs on the shadows this business.

To those people who is eyeing the CEO's position where a suck up to this name. Trying to bribe the elders in order to get what they want. However, those greedy person aside from not getting what they were strip even of their position.

Those people are not someone who wanted money because they are already at the top.

Those people had these kind of power on this industry. In just one click, it could turn any person's life into happiness or misery.

5 minutes. Qin Yu was still nowhere to be found. Qin HuZao was agitated that he even mistook his freezing cola into hot coffee in which he hardly blew. Unknown, the person sitting right next to him felt ridiculous to him.

5 minutes, if in those 5 minutes Qin Yu won't come, then say goodbye to his career! Setting aside his concern of getting the majority voting if he will lead the investment proposal, he was the one being in-charge of setting things in order for the company. Including Qin Yu's time frame and his whereabouts. He's like a secretary but he's not. He had his own fair share of duties and responsibilities.

If the elder would find out that Qin Yu slack off, Qin HuZao knew that he would be the one suffer severe. Qin Yu didn't know these things.

He will not be surprise if by the morning a letter of termination for insubordination and breaching of contract will be handed to him.

4 minutes and he'll gonna say bye-bye to his bachelor life!

3 Minutes left and Qin HuZao's sweating on a fully air-conditioned room.

2 minutes, he can't take the pressure and gulp the whole cup of Ice Tea

1 minute and he choke on those ice cubes that had come when he gulp the whole liquid!

BTW. Qin Yu arrive on the last minute.

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