Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 66

Volume 1 Chapter 66 Secretly Brutal

Qin HuZao wasn't able to participate on the first half of the meeting, for that half of the time was used cleaning himself on the rest room just over the edge.

By the time he came in, Qin Yu was in the middle of debate.

The one on the hot seat is the stout man who had approach Qin HuZao earlier. "The RADCLIFF International group is not just a so-so company. With regard to our reputation being the most outstanding among the list of corporation on this country how could we just let the business dealing happens here while in fact there are far most outstanding venue that could far awe their people? As a host we should treat them with greater care and utmost hospitality!"

Qin Yu took a look at the stout man, "On what basis are you insinuating that we should go all out on just a mere representative huh? Mr. Zuan?

Zuan is the surname of that man. The Qin bloodline of him comes from her biological mother. That was how he was able to get a position on this strictly forbidden for stranger business entity.

Zuan, "I-I say that, we should impress them and made them awe in our place that when he came back he will report his glorious trip here. We should establish goodwill and harbor good impression towards them"

Qin Yu snicker, "Mr Zuan, they are not here to tour for different places. They are here for business purpose. You are deviating from the main topic on this situation. Also, we will not go all out on 50-50 chance of success. It is not worth taking the risk."

Zuan, "We would not know but it's worth a try."

Qin Yu, "I won't bet my money on risky things. As a business man you should always see to it that your dealing will go on smooth 100% successful. Mr. Zuan, that's how small minded person think."

Zuan, "The $25 million collaboration with the Misaki group from country b, we almost took 10 folds of profit less the operating expenses and the capital. We made a lot of fortune on that because we did try it!"

Qin Yu sighs, "Before we settle a business dealing with them, we already estimated our returning profit within a year. A successful venture because we earn more than what we expected. This case is different, we have a lot of factors that still to be monitored. That's what I had been discussing earlier."

Zuan didn't back out. "If we took into consideration that conference venue,costs a lot these day, why don't we try to do it on the Lumina Luxurious Hotel! It's not costly to conduct there!"

He leaves Qin Yu with one choice, "In order not to prolong this unfruitful debate why don't we take votes. Majority will decide whether to transfer or not"

Zuan took the challenge.

The voting ended smoothly by 15:4 in favor of Qin Yu.

Qin HuZao didn't need to ponder deeply that those 14 people who voted Qin Yu might probably afraid of going against them. But he really admire the 4 who took the chance to oppose him.

Seeing Zuan lost, he huffed on his seat while muttering, "What good can you offer here? The business deal should boost our countries morale and goodwill to the other party. Are you trying to find a magician or a person flying on his sword in order to entertain their representative?"

Zuan said that in a small tone. But that was heard fully by all.

"Mr. Zuan, if you'd like to see a person flying on his sword, then I'd be glad to scout that person here" When Qin Yu spoke that tone, there was a chilling aura reverberated on the air. Then the temperature suddenly drop out of nowhere. There was no harsh words thrown into him, but his simple tone yet full of malice was felt by almost everyone on the whole room!


Out of the corner on a vacant alleyway, a man in black and blue in buttered face was slumping on the ground while the 2 men in black suit was beating him incessantly.

"I-I'm sorryIt was my malicious mind and greed. I won't do it again! Please spare me!" This person who is begging is Zuan. The blood from his head is dripping down. His two hands where both cuffed in iron metal. Only his feet where both free, but with his situation now, it seems it's still useless even being unbounded.

Not far away, a man sitting on his tinted blue BMW went down in an elegant manner. Not too rush and not too slow. He's just walking casually towards Zuan but his killing intent is massive and vulgar towards him.

On reaching, the man bent down enough on the level of Zuan's head. "Where's your haughty and proud appearance earlier? Was that for a show only?"

Zuan even trembled. "Save this poor soul Milord!" Zuan tried cling to his thigh but since his hands where bound he could only bow down his head and lean.

Qin Yu laugh sarcastically, "oh, I remember. Aren't you threatening my cousin earlier? What did you say? You will report me to my elders? The question, will they believe and give you what you want?"

Zuan, "Mi-Milord! It's not true"

Qin Yu saw him still denying and pulled some doc.u.ments from his coat. "Secretly collaborating and selling bits of information to the Lumina Luxurious Group. That must how you'd eager to transfer our client there because you will get commission once they decided to shift their targeted partnered group."


"Let's see, I still have here. Mr. Zuan, you are also a secret agent posted by the Duan Corporation to sneak evidences of my corporations illegal dealing, But you failed since you didn't find anything. "

Zuan paled even more.

Qin Yu sigh. "Truthfully, where really is your loyalty."

"Mi-lordPlease give me another chance. I'll definitely not do it again, and I can be your dual agent on spying on those corporations! Just don't kill today"

Qin Yu only stoop up without giving thought to his pledge. "I'll let you remorse your sin"

Hearing this Zuan saw a glimpse of light and his shoulders relax.

Qin Yu has just walk away. Entered the front of his car, opening the window on the driver's seat. Then he raise his hand and gesture something on his guard.

Fully received orders.

Next thing there was a three loud gunshot. Followed by the sound of engine turning on. Qin Yu navigated his car and whisper in low tone,

"I'll let you remorse of your sin...on your next life"

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