Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 67

Volume 1 Chapter 67 Transcending On The Other Realm

The sun is still up yet there is no trace of any light. Cool breeze of western air had been evident of the thick forest. Small and tiny animals, each went to their own space and homes afraid of get wet. Strong droplets of water flowed incessantly on the treetops, flowing from the leaves downhill.

There was no sound, one could only hear the dropping of water.

Si Cu Yi had been running nonstop. This body of hers is limited and incapable to go along with her level of cultivation. Clad in situation where she is stock in the middle and only stopping under a prime tree. Climb the slippery trunk and stood on one of its branches.

It's raining hard.

Her clothes drench, bringing more weight to herself. Her wet hair slid down to her face going on its way.

The robe she had been wearing had turn like an old rag dirty from the muddy soil.

Her breath was even louder than the rustling rain, on the eerie and dark night she stood vigilant of her surroundings. A cultivator dressed in robe with golden seam and design with migrating birds was running after her. In doubt, she is face in uncertain familiarity.

Out of nowhere, a sudden fact of realization strike her. She had just found that she's in a terrestrial rainforest. The place where river meets the fall.

This place is familiar to her. Fresh from her mind, this area was where she drew her last breath. Looking around from different points, there's no changes at all. It's still exactly the same. The position of the trees, the deep river and the tall fall.

It was also raining at that time.

She was running.

Though no recollection why?

The cultivator chasing after her appear 2 trees away from her post. His face is obscure with some unknown particle.

So, without turning she leapt on another branch of slippery trunk.


Su Ci Yi caught up on that branch that had just broke. Falling hardly on the dirty muddled soil.

That cultivator unsheathe the scabbard of his sword. Perform a familiar heaven's seal over the edge and releases it. Su Ci Yi was even more flabbergasted, the familiar technique the man uses conveys thousands of litter thoughts on her mind.

Suffocating and wild.

The sword rushes in.

Su Ci Yi step back.

The jingling sword would have been pierce through her but she instantly summon her soaring eagle immortal sword. This was her beloved and trusted aid back then. Unsheathing and swinging it out. It's raw beauty seen with its gleaming edges, breathtaking and captivating.

Releasing her qi and embedding her seal technique, the sword dances and vibrated on the air rushing boldly along with the incoming sword towards her.

The two went on par.

The man didn't hold himself back, also came rushing straight forward to her, his hands in a straight-up slicing position. Su Ci Yi knew that lethality therefore equipped her defensive hand with her qi. The two collide having the same impact of their own attack. Along with their collision, the two sword that had been sparing on midair, also attack each other bringing a sound akin to a high pitch crystal breaking.

Su Ci Yi cover her ears from the distraction and summon to her, but the man was so fast that it races her from getting his sword first and attacking her without mercy. Su Ci Yi flew while being drag on the ground. Thorns and bruises came contact on her skin, as the man was about to smash her on a tree trunk.

His smash was imbued with his tenth fold strength and if Su Ci Yi didn't coat herself with her internal qi, she would have been minced into paste. Even coated in spiritual energy, she still grumble in pain. Her qi only reduces the impact leaving small residue of the injury.

Being smash on a tree is not something trivial. Her head bleed from the throw and her wounds on her body came throbbing.

Holding her breath, and slowly standing up leaning on the tree, she saw the man coming towards her again! "What the heck!" The man's move was slick and abrupt so before she could summon her sword, she felt an enormous pain from her stomach. Kick by the man, she winces in pain and thrown into the ground. Now her appearance was a mess.

Looking like a beggar begging for money on streets. Hers was worst.

Su Ci Yi didn't hesitate to drop her little things towards him. She should had tone it from the beginning. But her movement is useless. The man easily dodges her blades and abruptly stood in front of her. Lifting his neck with his own hand with much force.

Su Ci Yi gasp for air.

Her feet dangling on the ground and aimlessly tried to find something to push. But only air was below.


Will she gonna die now?


The heavens seems to notice her suffering.

All she just felt was that some blood spurt into her chest. When she look down the man in front was impaled by thick arrow head on his body. Su Ci Yi could even see the metal weapon down on her sight and the gush of blood came flowing down.

The man look at her in surprise. As if he didn't expect this turn of events.

From afar, 2 assassins with tightly fitted black clothes, one was holding a bow directed to her. All she thought that next arrow would landed to her, but to her dismay it was all directed to the man in front of her. While struggling to break free from his hand, the man flop down his grip beginning to loosen.

Su Ci Yi saw the white light that had been obscuring the man's face, intrigue she didn't leave until all his face can be clearly seen.

However, just like being strike by her own thunder on the spot, Su Ci Yi's heartbeat begun to erratically beat. Her hands trembled as it made its way to his pale white face. The familiar sense she had felt earlier was not wrong. Why has she not saw it coming!



This can't be happening!

"B-brother Lu Feng!" Su Ci Yi's voice was trembling. Her tears begun to pass on her face. Her shrill cry echoed within the deepest part of the forest.

He was killed!.

Just like that!

He should have killed her earlier! If she knew...if she knew... Why do she needs to run away?

If only she knew it was him

Her Senior Brother...

Shaking, Su Ci Yi took the body near her and embraces it within her arms. Thinking that the warmth on her body could sustain the coldness within him. She stayed like that for a while. Never breaking form the corpse.

"Give us the bead now. Our you will turn into like that person."

Su Ci Yi didn't lift his head nor peek who was seeking. But the tone of a voice was deep that could only belong to a man.

Su Ci Yi didn't care. If they want to kill her then kill her!

She had been dead once?

Like a puzzle being solved, the scenario in front of her crumble. Like it was part of an illusion, all of it disappear within her touch.


Including the cold corpse of his Senior Brother.

"S-Senior brotherrrrr!" That was Su Ci Yi last cry out until, she woke up.

The familiar white garments of her. The fluffy soft bed. The same cas.e.m.e.nt window. And the same room. Su Ci Yi was wrap in sweat all over when she woke up.

"What's the matter?" A man's deep voice coated in alluring tone whisper in her ears.

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