Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 68

Volume 1 Chapter 68 Faraway Thoughts

Su Ci Yi came in trance. Her spirit had gone away for a moment. Though came back after a few seconds. The first thing she saw was two similar faces. One small and one big glancing at her.

"Master" Seeing her master like that Qin Tao's eyes rimmed with beads of tears. His master had just been from a nightmare.

Qin Tao doesn't like nightmares.

Qin Tao hates nightmares.

Seeing the child's teary face Su Ci Yi tried to get back her usual stoic face. As if that things earlier didn't happen.

Qin Yu on the other hand, saw the woman's fluctuating expression and somewhat felt unease. He's nearly thinking to call up a nurse afraid that her sickness would come back. Thinking about that, he became a little unsure, this woman had become much interesting lately and it would be a waste being defeated by a deceased.

His head while sighing, "Yi do you feel unwell? Can you tell me if your sickness is getting back again? You still remember us right?"

Su Ci Yi stared blankly at the man. She doesn't know if it's pure concern or something. Getting her sickness back means being crazy. Did he thought she would going to throw a rampage without concern?

"Master" Qin Tao called her attention once again. Now the child has made his way into her lap without her knowing.

"Master. Hug. Hug" Qin Tao spread his arms open wide while gesturing for her to receive him.

These brat, he's been pretty clingy lately huh?

But even so, leaving that child on that posture is a failure to her as an a.d.u.l.t.

Su Ci Yi openly receive the child on her bosom as she pat him on his back. "It's just a dream. Nothing to worry about"

Qin Tao, "When Qin Tao is in a bad dream, daddy chase it away. He will hold Qin Tao until falling asleep"

Qin Yu displayed a wide grin by his child quick wittedness. Who knows what he is thinking right now. However, as soon as Su Ci Yi turn her head into him all she could see was the blank gaze of the man.

"Ah Tao is right, the best way to expel lingering fear is through the warmth of living person. This is no doubt an approved ther.a.p.eutic natural medicine and a great depression reliever" with that Qin Yu acted and drew himself closer. Su Ci Yi knew this move as she displayed her fierce wide eye that could shake a tiger and scare a lion, warning him, [I let your child have his way. Don't add you weight anymore]

Qin Yu chuckle to a whole new sensation of being stared. It's like being bath to a pure bliss of hostility, pure and innocent. Somehow, he just can't get used to it.

Su Ci Yi reiterate again, "Ah Tao, your master is not weak. I can chase those bad dreams away, alright?" Su Ci Yi said in a tone a little softer than her usually brisk and inelegant tone, coaxing a child.

Qin Tao broke away and smile widely.

When Su Ci Yi saw him, as if a bright sun had casted his ray purposely on her. So warm and light. Kind and adorable.

Without a taint of hidden hypocrisy.

Seeing these fake master and stupid disciple bond, Qin Yu decided to become one with the invisible pillar. Walking to the near sofa and seated with his legs across the other one and imbedding an aura of a king. He look aimlessly at the two.

Just as Qin Yu was about to do his stuff Qin Tao broke a sentence that would had make him irked on his seat,

"Master, can Qin Tao spend the night here?" While saying that, he didn't made any eye contact with his father.

"Heh, Ah Tao I wonder if you even consulted staying on this night with father? Why did I only hear it this time?"

Qin Tao: If I ask your permission you wouldn't allow me!

Qin Tao pouted and looked at Su Ci Yi pleading.

Su Ci Yi felt being a mother thorn between a dispute from a father and son. But this feeling, Su Ci Yi didn't want to get involve with this!

She doesn't want to get this child disappointed while taking the side of Qin Yu. But if she let him stay, then she would be going against the father. How could these two always brought her two much things to think. S Ci Yi is not a smarty-brainy girl who loves to dawdle and use her brain cell. If she could use brute force, then she's be willing to administer that kind of action rather that engaging in an unpleasant and unproductive dispute. In either way, he can't use that method on this situation.

Qin Tao didn't answer his father's call but rather continue to sulk while clutching the hem of his Mickey Mouse pants. One of his hand secretly reach towards Su Ci Yi garments.

"YiI'm sorry about this. I guess we'll just get back next time"

"NO!" Qin Tao firmly refuse. With his little feet he even cling to Su Ci Yi's back. Even fighting a glare against his father. Not surrendering from his thunderous intent.

One was stern without blinking, while the other one kept secretly glancing at her.

Su Ci Yi unconsciously look out on the window, deep insideshe felt that her dream was representing something. Did she missed anything from her death?

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