Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 69

Volume 1 Chapter 69 Thorn Between

Qin Tao's cheek bulge refusing to yield.

Qin Yu, "What did I say earlier before we went here?"

Qin Tao didn't answer. Still sulking.

"I'll count on three, if I can't hear any word from you then consider going straight home at this moment" Qin Yu's stern voice.

Qin Tao in a muffled tone speak, "Qin Tao will obediently follow whatever daddy would say"

"Then did I approve a sleepover here?"

Qin Tao, "But daddy is unfair, you said you will let me come but you didn't say you'll come with me!"

Su Ci Yi peak at the man. Thinking totally.

He's really got an ample time on his hands aren't he?

Su Ci Yi could understand the child insisting to come here but there's no need for Qin Yu to come. She already knew that there's always a shadow following these kid hiding not far away. On her new level of cultivation, her 5 senses even more keen that she could sense the exact position of the man.

This time around, his presence is missing. It's coherent because the man himself is here.

Qin Yu stood firmly without any form of slouching. His pointed finger rested on top of the table silently tapping the hard glass.

"We'll I can't let my son wonder alone right? Qin Tao's head is worth a million dollar lump sum. It would be a risk him going alone." Qin Yu told in straight face.

Qin Tao [Daddy is a liar!] He wanted master by himself!

Qin Yu stare at the accusing look his son is giving him and came into negotiation, "How about thiswhy don't you invite your master out for a while instead of a sleepover?"

Upon hearing, Qin Tao's spirit felt being lifted into the sky. His attractive points to his daddy skyrocketed by almost 250%. His eyes jingle in merriment, rashly with his small little steps went down the high bed and leapt into his own father's arm and give him a loooong smooch on the cheeks.

Su Ci Yi eyes wander between the two. Does that mean that they already made up?

Now Qin Yu, with the child in his arms took a curious look at Su Ci Yi.

Right she had just been ask a question. Su Ci Yi hesitated, it would be obvious that she's like not to come. However, the pleading eyes of Qin Tao was striking into the depths of her core!

Qin Yu saw that there is still no reply, and possible the woman is thinking how to decline him, "Yi, it's not advisable to coup up on your own room every day." His words were straight to the point and oozes with a vibe 'you should come hang out with us'.

Thorn between her inner conflicts and the hype positivism of Qin Tao's glittering eyes. If she would ever pursue her planned activity then will only felt betraying the kid.

Seeing her still reluctantly sighing, Qin Yu pushes his last trump card. " The owner of those oil-based perfume had been identified" No doubt, with Qin Yu's intelligence network finding a peace of tiny bug like these is not even considered a sweat to him. Also, the manufacturing company of that scented accessories is one of their contracted subsidiaries. Snuffing the data's of confidential buyers and gaining full information takes only a few hours. A piece of cake on Qin Yu's connection, but of course she won't let it slip on his tongue.

An oil scented perfume is one of their major evidence to sniff those tomb digger recently. Since Qin Yu's high abridge nose is like a hellhound's that could detect the scen't unique content.He could distinguish it base of its formulas and attributes.

Su Ci Yi had been deadpan on hunting that person.

Qin Yu saw that this is his last resort.

Su Ci Yi, "Are you negotiating on this? Very well I accept it" she said without contemplating, thinking and verifying his conjecture about the lists of possible culprit is true. She knew the credibility behind Qin Yu's word. This man is akin to a 100 year old diamond. Rare and one of a kind.

Qin Yu, "Can you give your contact info, I'll send the files with you including findings and top listed people as their profile"

Su Ci Yi didn't see anything wrong with giving it to him, so she handed over her phone to the man. Qin Yu get her contact and secretly added her to his favorite.

The last time this woman texted to Qin Tao, her saved number on his phone magically disappear out of his own contact information. Qin Yu thought that he must have accidentally deleted it.

Qin Yu tried to call the number he had just save and surely it rings on her phone. Su Ci Yi saw the call and look strange, "You seem to have a lot of numbers lately, is it the one you're using frequently?"

Qin Yu's mind processed, thought and analyze what she had just said. In the end he came on a whole new level of realization. Now he knew the reason why her number got instantly erased!

The culprit, was lurking with comfort on his arms.

Now the puzzled he had been brainstorming recently had also resolve. He's not surprised anymore if he wasn't able to receive international call from relatives and friends. Turns out, Qin Tao pulled his sim and change into something new!

Qin Yu just calmly nodded towards Su Ci Yi, eyes flashing on the child.

Qin Tao kept silent for a while since the topic is about a.d.u.l.t stuffs. Qin Tao doesn't have anything to do with it. He come down and step away from his father. Going into the sofa while playing puzzle on his phone.

Qin Yu dialed his old phone number through the current one he's using. Sure enough, Qin Tao's phone vibrated in sweet lullaby.

Qin Tao saw the unknown number and decided to ignore it.

Qin Yu, "Ah Tao your phone's ringing?"

Qin Tao, "Daddy said not to talk to strangers. So I'm not talking to it"

Qin Yu snicker, "oh, that's stranger is your daddy child"


Qin Tao's grip on the phone loosen and it fell.

'Did his daddy found out he secretly took the sim where his Master's number had been saved?'

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