Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1 Chapter 7 A Bad Omen

Su Ci Yi felt a tremendous aura of bad energies just a moment ago. Upon sensing it though her qi, she immediately rush out to the place where it comes. She has already surpassed the human level abilities therefore, there are various things that she could do without noticing the human eye.

Her speed and lightness is a hundred times more faster that any average human, that is why she wasn't able to be sense by the people who happens to enter the room. To them, it just felt like a strong wind came through.

Su Ci Yi came to the top roof of the building. At the very top she stood there overlooking things from below. The moment she look, she was mesmerize by how different this world looks. From the 84 storey building and one of the highest building in the area, she was stunned. Lights of different colors flickered the darkness. It wasn't as if it was night. But the entire area was filled with colorful brims of color! A magnificent city to behold.

The streets were busy as if there was no different than a day. In fact, it could be said that there are a lot of people at night compared on the morning.

Su Ci Yi saw the vast different from her world unto this one.

The difference was so big as the mountain high.

However, no matter how big the difference is, there is something that remains similar.

The black aura of darkness.

It was coming from a far distance, yet the energy it circulates is thick.

This is something that she could not turn into a blind eye. She was part of an outstanding sect for many years and turning a blind eye to the corruption is a huge violation on their guiding principles.

Su Ci Yi glance down at the leaving limousine and without any traces, she jump out at the top of it.

The person inside wouldn't felt anything since she control her landing with her internal q.


Qin Tao didn't made any sound and movement the moment they entered the car. Qin Xiao Yu and Qin Tao where just sitting beside each other but both sides were leaning the car's window. Both were occupied by their own thoughts.

The driver felt awkward looking at the two. He has been the Qin's family driver for almost a decade and he could tell that the master and young master didn't get along well.

He can't blame them. There was no woman who would took time to take care of these two. Before he came to their mansion, he didn't have any idea who is this child's mother.

Some people say she died after delivering the young master, some said that it is a product of a one night stand.But no one really knew where the woman has.

Qin Tao was still thinking, he was just speaking to that woman at the moment yet she disappear out of thin air. Qin Tao couldn't put it but he's interest can be aroused through this supernatural events. He typically loves horror movies and likes to hunt ghost. However, all these years he never came with supernatural events just like these.

Next time he got out again, he will come to that mental hospital.


"You are not allowed to go out for a month" Qin Yu's cold and affirmative voice echoed on the silent interior of the car.

Qin Tao wasn't able to finish his sentence yet his father grounded him. He can't accept that he will be grounded. His couldn't contain his excitement at this moment that he wants to go back there again, yet his father cut all those thoughts of his.

"One month! Dad that is not fair!" the child flip around trying to mess inside the car. However, Qin Yu's expression remains the same.

"Dad I will not run away again, can you let me go back to that hospital again?" Qin Tao pouted and show his sincere face.

Qin Yu didn't respond and focus his attention to the outside.




"QIN XIAO TAO! Be good or I will ground you for a year!" Qin Yu's mood flip over, he was so tired today and worried about this child. No one could blame him if he will flip his anger over him.

Qin Tao's eyes swelled, a tear would come out any moment. Qin Yu felt conscientious but if he take back what he said, Qin Tao will be spoiled.

Just as the two we're on the awkward environment, Qin Yu felt that something is wrong with their car. People they were passing by would take time to glance at them, children are also pointing at their direction.

Qin Yu immedietly told the driver to stop the car. Just as he went outside, he felt a loud thud on the roof of their car like someone was standing atop. The moment the car stop, it went down also causing some crunching noises.

What Qin Yu only saw when he got outside was the back of a woman running with bare feet.

The next moment, Qin Yu was approached by two fully dressed policemen. "Sir, please be cooperative and let us take you to our station" One of them speak in front then drag him inside the police car.

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