Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 72

Volume 1 Chapter 72 Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Su Ci Yi's next destination is a place she's fond and familiar with. The place that hones her innocence and first love. The home she thought she's be staying forever. But didn't think that was meant for someone.

The happy home she had been dreaming, the good and loyal husband she should have. The small children they would raise together by hook and by crook

The promises both that should be made and vows to be exchangeall gone for nothing.

Of course that was the previous original owner's body sentiments. The heck with marrying, having children and raising kids! Su Ci Yi's only goal is to reach her previous spirit stage! The Su Ci Yi now had nothing to do with it.

The profile Qin Yu give her included the Huan Clan. It was Huan Ro who bought that scented perfume. The receiver, everyone knew it.

Su Ci Yi hadn't seen the woman recently. Seems that she came low for a while after traumatizing from her injury and wounds. There were also rumors all over the mansion that the young Miss is a messenger from heaven. Her works prove her kindness and humble towards the servants and even the elders and provoke such goodwill to Huan Ro's parents. Such a happy portray of a well-functioning family structure.

Su Ci Yi stood in front of an iron gateway.

There was a security guard standing in front and seeing her unknown identity didn't hesitate and keep her away.

This guard must be new here since Su Ci Yi had been here since years ago and some of the servant can recognize her.

But the guard was astute to his decision and didn't waver of letting her pass.

Less time explaining, more action.

That was Su Ci Yi's motto. If a person can't be negotiated with few and polite words. Try to wring his neck, let us see if he's still not giving in!

Just kidding! Su Ci Yi can't do that in this world. If she would, she'll be put behind the bars rotting for many years, or either a runaway on the authorities since she's not type to let her self be arrested for killing a hypocrite.

Su Ci Yi is not a high regard cultivator in her other life if she doesn't have a trick or two on her sleeves. There are a lot of simple spell a nascent cultivator could polish. However, on her current state, the number of spell are limited to a certain kind. Those spell that evoke less spiritual energy are things that she could only do.

Like for now, a simply rhythmic hypnotism on this man is a good spell to conduct. It only requires little amount akin to her pinky finger.

Only the evoking spell is a little harder to conduct.

One needs a direct eye contact without destruction. Any error on the surrounding could break the spell. This is only exclusive upon casting. The moment the spell is successful, even in the middle of heavy noise, the victim won't woke up unless wished by the castor.

"Miss, this is not your territory. You better get away here. The inside is in chaos and there is a temporary siege of visitors who might come it"

Su Ci Yi didn't budge and even grew closer to the man, as made her eye contact within his eye. The woman's eye glowed in a bright blue color as a transparent particles started to emit inside the man's ear.

In a whisper tone Su Ci Yi directed him to open the gate.

The man, obediently open it and entered the mansion. Her spell casted on him would only be expel when she wishes to, right now Su Ci Yi didn't want anyone to enter and go out for a while.

On her field of vision, a blushful garden evoke her inner feelings, myriads of thoughts keep barging on her mind. Stupid original owner's memory came flooding and she could only reminiscing the past events. Under the shade of a prime tree, there should be a pond that homes for koi fishes, what only remains now was the old tree growing on its own.

The rose petal garden that should be crawling with beautiful blooms by now was exchange by a dazzling Camelia petals.

If she would walk straight the hard ground, the center mansion can be seen.

She made her way over there and when she step inside, everyone's eyes and faces are in tragically mourning behavior, as if someone had just died on their family.

Su Ci Yi grab one of the servants nearing her and spoke in a fluid tone, "what is happening here?"

The servant's eyes grew in astonishment but later was replace by curious and questioning glare. She must have been thinking how did she came here?

But first things first.

"The old master had just been hanging between his life and death. The doctor inside is giving their best to resuscitate the old master"

Su Ci Yi immediately knew it was the grandfather of this Huan Ro guy.

"Do you know where Xiang Mo Mo is?" Su Ci Yi far more concern is the woman more than him.

The servant look started her fellow colleagues. She already wanted to flee in front of this strong woman but she was still being grabbed on her collar.

"Why are you looking for her?!" A voice that seems had just came from the burial resounded. So gloomy and dark.

Su Ci Yi immediately knew the owner of these voice and release the girl she was holding.

When she look up to him, Su Ci Yi eyes widen!

"You only came now when grandpa is dying already!" Huan Ro didn't hold his ridicule to her. He had just came from the old man's room where the doctor is reviving him with electric shock waves from a hospital apparatus.

He was so downcast that he needed someone to redirect his anger.

Su Ci Yi felt frozen and looking at his direction. Her face twitches in different expression as she look in his way. Then like a person who had been woke up from the shock, Su Ci Yi's foot rush in his direction, her heart's beating so fast.

How stupid of her!

Huan Ro seeing her obvious reaction towards him snicker. Sure enough, this woman had just been silently keeping to herself. But he could still saw the amber of her emotion evident on her face. It was longing and disappointment.

But now that he came in front of her, that emotion begun to dash towards him and she couldn't held it in inside rushing to him.

Huan Ro stop her just before he could reach him. His grip was so strong that it almost mark her wrist.

"Su Ci Yi! I am begging you, stop loving me! I already like Xiang Mo Mo! Your expression of longing keeps me in anxious state and I'm telling you it's kind of annoying. Stop it already. Pay a little attention to grandpa!"

Su Ci Yi stop, looking at him like she had just swallowed a fly.

Huan Ro stood firm and reiterate again, "I don't love you anymore, I Love XIANG MO"


Soon there was a loud sound of someone falling on the ground.

Su Ci Yi snapped her inner core, before the man could finish his sentence threw a mighty punch right straight into his face. With her mighty fist, she delivers her irritation, disappointment and retribution.

Huan Ro's nose drip from blood as he tried to stop it from flowing down, looking unbelievable to the woman who just pounce him on the face without mercy.

Su Ci Yi eyes look cold looking at him on the ground like some kind of mafia boss with her fist clench, "Drop dead. Don't stand on my way."

Soon she turns around, desperate to enter a room just behind him!

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