Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 73

Volume 1 Chapter 73 Faith And Fate

A young maid came over the side of Huan Ro and pulled a clean wiping cloth for the dripping blood. Vividly, he was in state daze, touch his swelling lump on his face. D-did she just punch him on the face? Daring to do that to him with force exerted that he even don't know where did she get?!

Huan Ro's organizing his thoughts, stood up and walk towards her.

In Su Ci Yi's quick agility, she reach the front entrant of the room.

Huan Ro dash quick race her up before she violently blow again. Grabbing her hand and roughly turn her facing him. His adrenaline rush activated the moment he saw her springing her foot over the door.

"Su Ci Yi, you mad woman! What are you trying to do!? Grandfather is in worst situation there, if you go in the doctor might get disturbed. Don't you dare to make any commotion here! I'll really inform your family this time. They should have a strict ground for a wild beast like you are."

The awful and pungent feel of the atmosphere inside made Su Ci Yi to puke. The mist is much thicker and darker. In most cases like these, when she had his mission way back then, most specially a person would emit this negative energy on the brink of his death. The corporeal body started to rot and go back to dust.

She just heard that his grandfather is inside the room.

It must have been connected there, the case where massive black smog are circulating the air. Ordinary people won't be able to notice it. Only those with cultivation level human beings can ascertain those things.

Things had been unfolded and now the real person is here.

Hearing the man clatter in utter nonsense, spouting things that she didn't comprehend because the mind was floating somewhere, stare at him in an undercurrent full of apathy. Like her spirit had flown to far away universe.

With mind full in wander and her impression towards him are now turning bothersome. In his Sect, there are a lot of sissy men she had seen. So chattery and weak that whenever she felt annoyed, she would just brawl in with them. Those men are such lowly that would fight women. Su Ci Yi's only advantage is her cultivation level. Therefore, the fight always side on her luck.

With her senior brother, she rises ahead of them in a fast speed.

Leaving behind those cultivators whom enrolled and got passed the same day she had.

Su Ci Yi raise her arm to scratch the back of her hear. Surely this prevailing principle "the strong is always the king" is not applicable here.

The moment she took action, Huan Ro felt alarm upon she raise her arms and step back from the very end of the hall. His instinct told him, prevention is better that cure. He can't let again be beaten by this woman!

Su Ci Yi got distracted by his conscious scaredness. Right, where was she?

Thinking it back again, it seems that the mist is deep rooted inside and without any hesitation flung the door open in one swift kick.

Huan Ro's inner is fighting with each other whether to confront the woman or not. But even so, if a single disturbance would cause his grandfather's life push into a grave, then he won't be afraid to get ahead of her. Grab her two hands, that she won't be able to draw her strong fist. He miscalculated. Su Ci Yi only arch her left eyebrow, curious of what he is intending to do.

Aren't she blind?

Su Ci Yi's eyes flash in excitement. When earlier, there was no emotion on her face, now there was a trace of thrill. Looking at her bounded hand. Su Ci Yi's eyes glimmer, the foot that kick open the door earlier raise into curl. Toes flexing and getting into action. In one horizontal swift lunged her foot in front, sweeping the person in a half-force which flew a few meters away.

IDIOT. She thought.

Su Ci Yi turn around to see the suppose body of the old man is not on sight! The doctor in-charge of medical activities lie on the ground. His staff and little nurses didn't escape and their bodies scatter like a white paper rubbish on the ground.

Taking their breath into check, she felt relieve that they are still breathing.

Huan Ro sluggishly stoop up holding his stomach.

The punch, he could still accept it. Since he had been caught off guard. But this time, this time, he was kick in a manner that a woman was only exercising using a sandbag. Accurately landed on him and with much force now.

He bitted his lips for the humiliation but peeking over the inside room of the old manhis eyes would almost burst out of their pocket.

Then in between to the woman and the bed, he asked in stammering, "W-where is my grandfather?!"


New Star Entertainment

A silhouette of a man, sitting on a lounge set the mood of every passerby staff in excitement. Seeing the new box office hit historical actor in full view makes them to stop on their track and rush an autograph on him.

The man sitting had no idea that his fans are fighting their inner demons in order not 'cause havoc on their own territory.

Helpless they only look at the star, from far away, feeling similar to a beautiful bud of a flower in full bloom that cannot be touch.

Liang Mo has been waiting for his manager for almost an hour outside the president's office. The guy was a blabber-mouth and he didn't want to deal with him so he decided to stay outside. However, his thighs are now numbing from sitting, only scrolling his phone could relieve his boredom.

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling

A certain video caught his attention.

A fashion model caught in an embarrassing occurrence in the middle of rehearsal. He was faze by the news itself. He fully know Shui Zi. He knows that only time until she will be caught on act regarding her scandals. He was looking forward, a news about fighting her staffs or brawling with other models but who would have thought that she'd be the one being bullied.

He knows that it was coincidence, and the heavens might be punishing her action...Ling Mo zoom in his phone. Caught his attention by a certain someone. Then upon playing it a few times, his eyebrows crumpled.

It's as if, she was the one in control of the whole situation.

People might not recognized it until you zoom on her.

Since he felt familiar, he unconsciously observe her on the sideline. The lights are dim on that part incorporating her invisible aura but still can be seen when one focus and he can't just believe!

Ling Mo's lips perk upside.

Shui Zi had caught her perfect match after all!

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