Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 74

Volume 1 Chapter 74 Own Thoughts

Su Ci Yi also wanted to know where the old man went disappearing. Like he can go far from his current position? But since he's bedridden someone must have come and done the deed.

In this case, she only clicks her tongue. She's late again! Too late!

The current scenario implicates that the old man was taken away. That thing must have felt her aura when she entered. Su Ci Yi had doubted that the dense mass of dark smog earlier is a little strange when the flowing qi outside was fighting with her qi inside. This mist is not ordinary and this case it was different from the inside room. If she fully observes and meticulously feels the air, there is a trace of a hidden spell.

Hiding a tracing technique unto the fog, Su Ci Yi underestimates this person. It's no wonder the dense mass look thicker. Turns out that some things were being kept to it.

The person might have been secretly watching her now.

The old man must have been with it. Though, she doesn't sure if the life force he had had already been sucked.

Su Ci Yi went down into deep contemplation. Stood on the old man's bed placing the back of her palm on top of it. Exorcising the remaining mist that lingers inside. Su Ci Yi had been deeply focused on her on qualms and wasn't able to hear a middle-aged woman's raspy voice.

From the high second floor stairs, going down a man and woman came down. Step on each level of stairs frantic and boisterous. Seeing his child badly beaten up, Huan She Mei exclaimed "Xiao Ro! My Poor Xiao Ro! What happened to you!?"

With his son's current disposition, anger well up from the bottom of her chest. Whoever dares to beat up her son into like that will receive this clan's lashing and whipping!

This is their territory!

Huan Ro's Father Huan Gum Jong looks at his son in ridicule. How can anyone dare him to get himself into trouble on their own base? This is truly degrading as a man and on their ancestors!

Huan Ro answered his mother's burst with eerie silence and stare at the opposite end.

The couple turn to look at the direction his eyes set off.

Their surprise can't be measured seeing a familiar face. "Ci Yi?" Huan She Mei blurted out. Isn't this woman admitted into a mental hospital? How could that woman be here? And besides...

"Where is your grandfather Xiao Ro?" Huan Gum Jong's voice thundered beside him.

At this moment, Su Ci Yi return to her senses at the same time meeting the couples accusing look.

They hadn't seen this woman until the last year when the engagement was canceled and it's still fresh from their minds how this woman looks pathetic begging for their son's attention. It was just only the cancellation of marriage, yet this woman acted as if her whole life just ended and there's no hope. This Su Family's first daughter can find any partner subject for her marriage. She's young and beautiful with full of charismatic attitude. She could rise from her status and even her family if she could marry a tycoon.

On the contrary, she hung up on his son, even ruining her state of mind. Now, how can she even be compare to their son?!

A woman who always thinks of love, such pathetic and not compatible with him.

Then, who would have thought that Huan Ro had a plan for himself. He already found himself a lover! Though the woman is not on high status but this girl, they saw her potential and ambitions. The two click with each other and there was a harmonious atmosphere in between. Cut the story short, the Huan couple pick her as their daughter-in-law.

Days come by and they had found out, that Su's First Daughter really got worsen! To the point of being violent and insane to people nearing her.

They didn't felt good at first. However, things should go on their way. What can a crazy woman could do? Also the Su Clan is only a 3rd rate business company, still struggling to compete on the real business world.

As long as that woman would stay inside that mental, no one would be able to lay a hand on their son.

But how come she was here?!

Huan She Mei came near her son and carefully scrutinize his wound. A swollen face, black eye and rugged lips. Much more he was pale and wincing while touching his stomach! Oh, her poor son! Who dares to do it!

"Su Clan's First daughter! Why are you here? And where did you put my father?" Huan Gum Jong echoed.

He named her through her title. Implicating that this event is not only going to be directed to her, but to the whole clan who let their daughter run in other people's territory.

Su Ci Yi slowly turn her head "How would I know, I just came here?"

Insolent! How dare this woman talk to him like she was just casually chatting at a lowly person! Even her tone is provoking. Her voice implicates that she was only answering a humming bug on the side cost.

"I tell you woman, this is trespassing, kidnapping and attempted homicide! Did you escape to the mental just to see my son! You pathetic woman who only care about love love love!"

Su Ci Yi arch her sharp eyebrows.

From crossing her arms while leaning beside the bed she said impassively, "Yeah, I'm crazy now. Seeing your son my blood boils down from bottom, from the morning the wind bells churn in and the siren started to sing, this woman won't go back until I fulfill my desires. Now, as a respect to your seniority, should I go first with you? I only did some warm up exercises to him and the fun is still yet to come"

Huan Ro gulp 'was that only for a warm-up? Sweats turning into an ice-cold liquid from his body. He trembled uncontrollably daring to think of running away. However, he felt that no matter how far he could get, the insane woman will never let him go...

Until her grudge could subside and the enmity settled.

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