Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 75

Volume 1 Chapter 75 Take Time

Huan Gum Jongflared up "You impudent wench!"

Su Ci Yi huffed, though she respected the elders and care for the weak but to sum her age at all she may have live two folds of this man's age. Cultivator on a high stage tends to have a long lifespan compared to ordinary humans while maintaining the original youthfulness and appearance by the time one embark on the road of cultivation. They live in a realm that no mundane can transcend and weak could touch. Only those who are gifted with spiritual roots have the inner strength and capacity to enter that sacred sky-high mountain.

Su Ci Yi looks at the face of two people who made this woman's memory hazy in pain and suffering. While thinking, she rubs her chin 'if she broke one or two on this man would her sentence in jail be lessened because of her unstable mental handicap?

Should she try leeching off on prison? Staying in the hospital is costly for someone who's broke like her.

Or should she just run away and leave her trail?

Huan Ro saw the dangerous flash across her eyes and stop the track of his father before it's too late. he doesn't know when the woman gets her strength but this surpasses the normal being! It's hella crazy just to think how did he fly so far in an effortless kick of hers.

"Dad! Grandfather...he's gone, it's true Ci Yi didn't know where he was..." Huan Ro interrupted. He even taps him over the shoulder and shows his concern look. However, Huan Gum Jong only saw a pitiful son of him hinting to stop harassing a woman.

This is just only a woman, why is he afraid of?

Huan's father gazes pierce through his wounds and swollen face. Later he can't help but voice his dissapointment " Who did this wound?! Why are you like this?" Then he saw his son gazes at the opposite end hinting he broke into sarcastic critic "Are you serious? You were beaten by just a woman?!"

Huan Gum Jong's mood even went sour and his entire worldview of his son shattered into tiny bits. Seeing his son is afraid of him, he steps in grabbing the woman's hair in a whim. Anything that he could touch will receive their retribution. Even this impudent woman!

Su Ci Yi's hair flow like the darkest night and shines more than the color of a raven. Long and slick like even making it convenient for Huan Gum Jong to pull down!

Huan Ro paled up seeing his father.

The man wasn't even satisfied and brought his rough hands towards her slender neck. The large hand tightens as it continues to hold her midair.

"I will ask you again, I don't believe my son that you have nothing to do against my father's disappearance. You better come clean now while my fury's on the middle level or else you will not like what will I do to you"

"What then, if I still will not admit it? Will you kill me then? I'm just a typical weak woman and crazy, why bother your attention on a small fry like me? Aren't you curious who took your father?"

"Stop talking and make sense!"

Hmph! Su Ci Yi turns sideways, meeting the horrible loo of Huan Ro. She didn't forget to cast her alluring smile to him. Huan Ro shivered from the sinister smile that holds thousands of thorns and blades hiding within it.

Huan Gum Jong saw the crazy even flirting with his son!

"HUAN RO! Get the hell out here already"

Su Ci Yi warning him, "Turn a single step and I swear you'll regret it" She directed it to Huan Ro. She still has something to discuss with him after she took care of the wild animal in front of her.

Huan Gum Jong, "Huan Ro! What are you doing? Get out!"

Su Ci Yi kept silent.

Huan Ro kept exchanging looks between the two.

"Are you trying to disobey your father! Or are you still hang up with this woman! Why are you not going?"

No, it's not like that. Huan Ro felt that if he moves one step his head would separate from his body and this woman will not hesitate to do it to him.

He didn't know this woman anymore, she had the face of Ci Yi but somehow she's not. She's Ci Yi but not Su Ci Yi? He don't even know if he's making sense. His instinct told him that she was dangerous, wild and unrestraint.

In the end, he turns to face his father" Dad...that is enough. She didn't really know where grandpa --"


Huan Ro's words were not heard when Huan Gum Jong flew high on the air. His body was thrown like a pillow bag atop the ceiling, without any obstacle just going further and further in one swift.

His eyes didn't leave his father's momentum as the man's casual clothes caught in one of the chandelier's arm!

Huan She Mei shouted in horror, seeing her husband turn like a daggling Christmas decoration on the ceiling of the diamond chandelier. She shouted.

Su Ci Yi glared at the noisy woman.

Huan She Mei covered her mouth instantly, not letting any muffled voice came out.

Seeing her being obiedient Su Ci Yi walk towards her, but she hadn't even reached her position when the woman trembled and shook incessantly.

Then later fainted.

Su Ci Yi: "..."

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