Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 76

Volume 1 Chapter 76 The Chase

The whole room quieted.

Su Ci Yi then walks towards Huan Ro, the man was clutching her mother who had just fallen to the ground unconscious. Her face like neither hurried nor rash, just like her usual pace. The maids earlier had long vacated the area leaving the only two of them alone.

Upon reaching the man, Su Ci Yi yanks him on his collar rummaging his clothes and finding his phone. Huan Ro only shivers while being felt. Soon Su Ci Yi fishes out what she had been looking for. Su Ci Yi knew some of the key features and advantages of using it. The one called GPS can track any person owning in any specific location as long as they want.

Turning on his phone, Su Ci Yi went to a certain app. Tap the surface of his keypad and woala! The screen shows the exact location of that person. Upon successful processing and taking into consideration the matters that needed to ponder, without mercy she drag Huan Ro to his own car and forcibly ram him on the driver's seat.

Huan Ro from the very beginning didn't utter any disagreement with her whims. Though the purpose she's been dragging him won't be just to kill him on a secluded area right? On a place where there would be no witnesses and he'll just disappear suddenly one day!

The road they were threading oozes of an unrefined ground and mud holes. Rains have just fallen, clearing the dust that should suppose to greet them. The verdant pigment of plants on the side road would hit him on the face. Huan Ro evidently let his car window open, if this woman beside him decided to slit his throat out of her mood then someone would need to see the act of her crime. He can't just let himself die on this woman's hand!

While driving, his mind didn't wander around. Aside from driving, he made a side glance at Su Ci Yi. Her face is exactly the same as her YiYi...the body is the same...that same mole on her neck can still vividly seen...so why the heck he felt that it's not her? When did she become even stronger than him!

"Can't help looking at this beautiful face?"

Su Ci Yi can't get enough of the attention she is having and decided to reveal this pipping tom gaze.

"Why do you need me to come with you? You won't get anything if you kill me. My mother knew that you are with me the last time if I came disappearing one day."

The further they go, Huan Ro felt his inner thoughts are correct. They are headed in a secluded mountain part at the back of the city. This place has already declared as off-limits to travel addicts and adventure enthusiasts kind of people since the last year, there are a lot of bodies discovered piled like mountain trash. Reports stated that this place is no longer a safe zone.

Su Ci Yi leaning over the window and her eyes actively searching and analyzing the area, spoke without turning, "Guess"

Huan Ro, "To secretly kill me and get rid of my body"

Su Ci Yi didn't answer. He only brought him over to be his driver. Yes, right! Su Ci Yi is not from this world, therefore some technical-know-hows and manipulating cars are not her forte. Leeching off on top of a car is much easier to do than learning to drive. She could have used this owner's memory of discovering the art of driving but the heck! Even this woman didn't know how to.

She's pretty useless after all. Only a pretty face and a not-so well off family, a woman who's memory are flooded with this man, this man, and this man! Crap that love, now she's even insane! Su Ci Yi can't find any decent and reliable skill 'this original owner has! Good thing those emotions are not obscuring her path to take, she had already took over control over things along time ago.

The best course of action is to bring along this man. Either way, he's also looking for his grandfather.

In the middle of their tracks and the sun has not yet to fall, along with the loud chirping of maya from the forest...

Their car suddenly stopped.

The left tire that is perfectly functioning earlier, depleted like something has hit and made a hole on it.

Sooner, a black gas started to emit from the outside. Su Ci Yi alerted and made her senses keen. They didn't yet move down from the inside of the car, still discerning their current scenario.

Huan Ro's that had already been restored to its natural color went back to being pale. He was somewhat familiar with that kind of mist. The blackness and thickness were the same. He looks up to Su Ci Yi to confirm if they were seeing the same thing.

The woman's eyes are glued to the front."Where here" She declared.

In a flash of an instant, Su Ci Yi went down. Looking at the place filled with vile energy. Su Ci Yi applauded that person for finding this kind of place. This place that lurks within the city but detached from the current society is a perfect place to conduct a massive dark ritual.

Her senses told her that person must have known her arrival, there is a swift movement as she dashes forward unto the deepest part of the thick forest where wild beasts are on their fiercest and plants are on their horrendous appearance.


Huan Ro's voice disturbed the usual eerie of the thick masses of trees. Su Ci Yi forgot that she was with him, the moment she dashes off. If not for his high pitch shrill she could have forgot him completely here.

"What now?"

"T-there a-are pile of bones over there..."

Su Ci Yi turns to look. Sure thing, she also saw it.

That's it? Did she just come back for that trifle reason? Bones are not something men can be afraid of!

"Where are you going...are you going to leave me here? You are dashing inside, I'm right, you are definitely going to kill me here!"

Su Ci Yi got impatient, time is ticking. She had alotted a lot of extra dealing with this man's parents. Now, would he deal with her time with him? "Listen, just stay here. That person won't kill you." Of course, Xiang Mo Mo won't. She might be under a circ.u.mstance, but she knew how to distinguish a friend or a foe.

"She won't kill you...--"


A 5 inches utility knife landed right before Huan Ro's foot.

Su Ci Yi though that person was only bluffing. She still didn't get rid of her belief and muttered,

"She would not kill you--"


Another sharp blade went to Huan Ro's direction. This time, the cleaver grazes on the skin of his chin. Horrified he slumps on the ground totally petrified.

Su Ci Yi's heart almost skips out from the hit. But still didn't abandon her principle between her and him.

Peering on the scarred man, she convinces, " You don't need to be afraid, that person will not really kill you. At least I know..."

Su Ci Yi's eyes widen when out of nowhere her senses have vividly felt an incoming object, swiftly coming right towards their direction! No, it wasn't towards her, the blade is directed to Huan Ro's skull!


Like a thunder lighting with speed in milliseconds, Su Ci Yi's footsteps vanish and appear far away from their current position. Grabbing Huan Ro on her left hand.


A certain 8 inches, metal carving fork hit the trunk of a tree where Huan Ro's current position was. The fork got impaled to the wooden trunk 3 inches deep down.

She would have been late to act, Huan Ro had become a human dartboard!

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