Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 77

Volume 1 Chapter 77 Su Ci Yi And Xiang Mo Mo

Su Ci Yi's agile footstep and abrupt dash creating a momentum akin to disappearing illusion. But the catch is, an accelerated force is concentrated to her feet. Imputing air force to it. She landed with both feet on the ground clasping Huan Ro on her arms a few meters away from the blade.

In an abrupt instance where he wasn't able to buckle up, he has swept away in a total flow in which he acted like he would going to throw up any moment and didn't hesitate. Sure enough, he felt the sour acidic liquid taste on his mouth.

Seeing this Su Ci Yi grimace in disapproving look and chuck the man near the crammed plain grasses.

Huan Ro throws up a pretty loaded amount, he had felt earlier that his intestines turn upside down and disorganize from the movement. After finishing his business, wipe away the sticky fluid of spittle on his collar and turn to look at the woman.

Though his pale but his eyes were relentless with a hint of troubled look and uncertainty. Shoulders droop as his strength diminishes the moment he emptied his stomach.

Pondering things he came into confusion. He should have asked her this earlier but the word kept stumbling only from the tip of her tongue. If things go this way, he will surely lose his mind from this situation. Less, this happened in the city he will immediately call in the police department and report an attempted murder case in which he is the victim.

"Who are you?" Huan Ro voice out in a muddled facial expression.

Su Ci Yi looks at him in full of curiosity "Of course I am me. Who can I be?"

"YiYiYi could never have a supercilious attitude like yours. She always had a kindred soul and a spirit favored by all. She is not like at all like you"

'You figure that just now?'

Su Ci Yi sneered. At least this man is not dumb after all?

Huan Ro in deep desperation clutches her arms, "I am going to die anyway. Why don't you tell me the truth? Are you Ci Yi's long lost twin sister? Was there some secrecy behind your birth that I am not aware of? Is she the one in the hospital? Did you pretended to be her just to enact her revenge?"

"Didn't I already say, I am SU CI YI. You have got some wild imagination there aren't you?"

No matter how he asks him, Su Ci Yi will not admit it. Nothing's wrong about it anyway, she possesses the original owner's body, only the soul had been replaced.

While listening to utter nonsense and overdue lamentation, Su Ci Yi had been surveying the place. Walk towards a tree impaled with the blade knives and glimpse to the direction where the motion came while pulling the three object embedded on the tree's core.

Huan Ro trailing behind Su Ci Yi's light footsteps but also attentive to his steps. He is afraid of accidentally stepping into this woman's feet only to inquire her retribution.

From his sideline, he caught something move under the verdant lines crawling the thick plants. He saw someone standing under the shade of a tree in a fully dark cloth wrap from head to toe.

Su Ci Yi had found what she is looking for and her face beam in delight.

Seeing her in a gleaming and vibrant mood, Huan Ro doubts the intent of this woman. If she wouldn't like to kill him then she won't save him earlier, leaving his corpse body to pierce on the trunk.

Su Ci Yi's dynamic astatic woken up and said, "Yo! Fancy meeting you here. I haven't know your lurking on these parts of the mountain these days. Casually strolling around and saw you here!"

Huan Ro gape. Looking at her in a comical way. 'Liar'

Surely, if this is a coincidence, he won't get dragged on this place. Almost scared and lost half of his life through this terrifying woman.

Won't get drive a car trembling and shivering? The scene of his head dropping on the main road and a bid dump truck pass by crashing his brain into a minced paste! Huan Ro shook his head not to remember that scene again.

Over the end, the black robe person didn't acknowledge Su Ci Yi.

It even reaches out for a few spare metals on its knees and then pulled it out-Holy Cow! Another set of kitchen knife aims at their position.

Su Ci Yi bent forward, lifted her right foot, jump up a little in-order to dodge the incoming sharp object while kicking Huan Ro over the side for precautions.

Huan Ro was horrified to see a set of blades coming to him but upon seeing Su Ci Yi made an easy-peasy move dodging it, he still felt flabbergasted. Soon afterward after been kicked away, was again yank his color clothes while the woman spoke in a mischievous tone "It looks we are not welcome, why don't I show you some present. I am wondering if I could make a little negotiation about it. His life for the old man"

When Su Ci Yi mentions his grandfather's name, his interest piqued.

The black robe person speaks for the first time, "GrandfatherAhhh my grandpa. His inside me already, accomplishing his last mission until he finally left. Anyway, that old man is good as a goner now"

Huan Ro is horrified. Both from the revelation within the statement and the person that just had spoken. He can't believe that a sweet voice like that could propel disturbing words to him.

He can not believe it until Su Ci Yi spoke, "Xiang Mo Mo, you dare to kill your grandfather in law?"

Xiang Mo Mo, "It wasn't me who literally kill him." Then she pointed fingers to Huan Ro.

Huan Ro's eyes widen from. How can he kill his own family! What is this nonsense she's talking about?

Xiang Mo Mo burst into laughter. "Haha! Didn't you saw a black shadow beside your old man's bed? What did you do, you kept being skeptical and loyal to your justice, not making any doubts. You basically let your old man gobbled up by me! You just leave him to get killed!"

His mind wonders every weird night he had experienced back then. Thinking it must be some of his brain trick or an illusion out of his fatigue. He never really thought of stupid things.

What does it have to do with the mist?

Why is it that she needed from a dying man enough to kidnapped him?

Why does it need to be this place?

"NO! I-I don't believe it! Those thingsIt's just the part of my hallucination"

Xiang Mo Mo snorted, then ignore him. No point talking to a short-sighted man.

'Grandpa's still alive, I can feel him breathing.' Su Ci Yi informed him through the little whispers traveled within the air. The tone is soothing to the deepest core of his chest that he felt at ease for a while.

Su Ci Yi shifted to Xiang Mo Mo: "Hey, ugly woman. Are you not really going to cooperate with us?"

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