Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 78

Volume 1 Chapter 78 Su Ci Yi And Xiang Momo Ii

Huan Ro is getting a little perturbed of their situation, Su Ci Yi's tone had become prevalent and pretty bold. How could she provoke a person who flips a knife at a person randomly!

"What do I need from him? He's pretty useless" Xiang Mo Mo's spoke without lingering attachment to him. He felt a little disappointed the way she is acting towards him.

Su Ci Yi: "Hehhhh, Xiang Mo Mo are you dumping him now that he's all snotty and slimy ugly? He's still the one you knew after all."

Xiang Mo Mo: "You can have him. I'm giving him all back yours"

Su Ci Yi: "Oh, I don't pick up trash from the recycle bin."

Xiang Mo Mo sneered: "His only redeeming feature is his money. The looks, the manner, the aesthetic all are pretty average."

Huan Ro looks at the woman who is still clad in a black robe. He still can't comprehend if this is his real Mo Mo or not. The woman that he had been with and planning to take and stood in front of the altar. The person he decided to be with all his life. Where had he gone wrong in treating her?

Su Ci Yi adjusted her attention to Xiang Mo Mo. The woman, knowing her identity exposed, open the hood obscuring her face. A woman's familiar face showed up.

Her thick lips coated in a blush shade of rosy pink stretches up as she pulled her lips upward.

Su Ci Yi's main purpose is to reveal the person's whereabouts but when she knew that her grandfather had taken away, a part of herself is getting annoyed.

"Return grandfather now," She said in a serious tone.

Xiang Mo Mo arch her eyebrow. "That old man? Why so hung up looking for him, he's just an old man. Since his useless, I'm giving the honor to serve his purpose in his last life"

"By feeding you through the energy he's expelling. No wonder he can't be cured and totally bedridden. You stole his vital energy and life force. "Su Ci Yi, as clear as the eagle eye knew the chaos mist had something to do with the man's massive health deterioration. Only she perceive this piece of data at this moment.

"Directly purging on an enemy's territory is a big gamble you ever take. You shouldn't have pursue this place and live in that mental hospital. I'm sure you're going to gain your forever here" Xiang Mo Mo change the direction of their conversation and continued,

"I am suffocated on that family either way. I have collected enough jewelry and money on my vault. Even if I disappear they wouldn't track me down. Now, I have all the time to pay and settle all my affairs"

Saying that Xiang Mo Mo flash against the wind, her long robe flutters and flung along with her movement.

Su Ci Yi also lunged forward, dust leaving behind. Her hand instantly perform the first layer of heaven's seal. A technique where the small dry leaf on the ground raises on the air in a swish along with her.

Su Ci Yi doesn't have a sword, she only took her hand to grab the woman's wrist but failed to do so. Seeing she wasn't able to catch her, she raises her left leg pulling the force to her toe and land a massive hit.

Xiang Mo Mo saw the incoming attack. Dodge in a fast-paced. Su Ci Yi's foot caught nothing. Clicking her tongue, she steps backward just to buckle herself up.

However, the moment she think of falling backward, Xiang Mo Mo saw her distracted stance and pulled her whip. Aiming a direct hit on her back.

Su Ci Yi didn't saw it coming and she was literally hit on her back. Flatly landed on the ground.

The wound cut across the deep flesh. The whip has been embedded with a curse enough to wound a cultivator and experience 10th fold pain.

Su Ci Yi went falling to the ground as the pain her back kept throbbing and resonate in terrible pain.

From the ground, Su Ci Yi crawled upwards and look up just to see Huan Ro peeking at him.

Her eyes lit up in an instance.

Grabbing the man in one arm, she flew up in the air again facing Xiang Mo Mo without minding her numbing back.


Xiang Mo Mo glared at her. It's as if the wound on her back didn't ache. Her movements is still swift and accurate. "I'll say this again, if you're going to use him as a hostage then you failed. I have power now. I don't need him anymore"

Su Ci Yi: "Wrong! I already knew the moment you attack him but since you came under the influence of a dark mist you might be feeling devoid of any feelings inside. A little warmer would do the trick."

Xiang Mo Mo stood, listening.

Su Ci Yi: Do you watch Inuyasha? That's a pretty popular anime. Let me tell you some amazing facts. Whenever, Inuyasha went berserk because of the surge of power within him, Kagome will always come to his aid. Can you guess Kagome's technique?"

Out of nowhere.

What does that have to do with her.

Huan Ro

Xiang Mo Mo

Su Ci Yi's next move is to throw Huan Ro within Xiang Mo Mo's embrace like dumping of smelly trash. Efficient and effective. However, before doing she enchanted him a protective talisman on the back of his clothes.

The moment Huan Ro's body reaches within a few meters away from her, a qi elastic band bind him together as it continuously draw their distance closer. As soon as Xiang Mo Mo tried to lift her hand holding the whip the bind became too tight together.

It seems it is defined to get more tighten in the phase of movement.

"B*tch! Unleash us" Xiang Mo Mo raged between her teeth. She can't even use her whip, what a useless piece trash.

Su Ci Yi immediately come to her side. Pick a hanging pouch bag on her waist side. She squatted on the ground within the thick greenery grass and leisurely peer the inside.

A bright set of diamonds and jewelries

A butcher knife. A pitchfork. A rusty kitchen knife. A cleaver. Holy Moly, she even had dozen of eggs. Was this supposed to throw at her?


Su Ci Yi's hands traveled down. There are still a lot of unverified objects inside but she somehow knew it's either glittering gold, bulk of money, treasures and perhaps kitchen utensils?

Not long after a few seconds of rummaging, out of nowhere, she grasps pale hands, in full fingers. Cold and wrinkly.

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