Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 79

Volume 1 Chapter 79 Enlightenment

Su Ci Yi digs her hands inside the pouch, from there she was able to grasp the full length of an arm. Followed by limbs, traveled to a thin shoulder then the head. She immediately pulled a whole body from the inside.

Xiang Mo Mo diverts her gaze. Feeling guilty of her crime that she had just been busted. This woman is truly something else. Even her first time seeing this kind of object awe her in inspiring. The object looks so small but the secret compartment inside much wider that can fit a single refrigerator is a mystery to behold!

Who would going to believe her if she told people stories like this! Only Su Ci Yi. The woman somewhat knew this object the moment she laid her eyes into it!

Of course, Su Ci Yi would not forget this is the cultivator's item. It is not even one of the rarest that could be seen on her sect but every disciple on her Qing Ling Sect brought along with them.

A special bag as the name complies is a spatial bag with an enormous length inside. It is noted that anyone can store objects on it. Living things like animals are not recommended to be placed inside. The oxygen diameter lacks and there is not really enough space to wander inside.

This bag could easily be acquired on the market and price based on the inside space diameter.

Pulling the body from the inside Su Ci Yi became frantic. The body she had retrieve is none other than Huan Ro's grandfather. She immediately took the old man's wrist and observe his pulse that is gradually weakening. Being inserted on a space bag is not a trivial matter, it is already a miracle that this old master wasn't still fetched by the underworld king.

"Granpa!"Huan Ro shouted from the sideline. Xiang Mo Mo irked up since her face is a little bit closer to him. She almost thought her eardrum bleed from his loud voice.

Very slow, heartrate. Abnormal. The man is already beyond death. Almost half of his foot buried on the ground. But with this little time she had, Su Ci Yi could still take him back to the living.

Su Ci Yi immediately channels her qi and supply the old man with his lost vitality. The mist had almost taken out all her energy, however, the timing was good as she was able to hurriedly restore him chasing off the bad spiritual energy out of his body.

She is in the middle of channeling when she felt a surge of incoming massive aura. It is the same one she had a fight on the cemetery a while ago. Su Ci Yi immediately stood up and hide away the man and spring forward.

There came another robe person and Su Ci Yi observe that this person gain another level than the last time she saw. The first thing it does is pulled a box underneath it's fluttering clothes and open it on the air. Su Ci Yi could see the mist coming from it.

In hurried, she protected with her qi the old man and the couple clinging with each other on the sideline. The amount is not little that it almost took half of her qi.

Before the mist spread and corrupting the person on the sideline, she lunged forward and tried to grasp it. Though too fast the black robe pulled back. Something on his face is obscuring so there is no way that she could see it.

"Long time no see! How come you only visited this time huh? I've been looking for you" Su Ci Yi casually opening a conversion to drag this person's true intention. There's no way that she'll let her slip out of her palm this time, given that there won't be any disturbances now.

"Been busy these days. How about you?" Who would have thought that the person took her bait, answered her normally?

"These days, I've been looking at you, why'd you showed up this time?" Su Ci Yi attack with her improvised blades made of tiny pebbles.

The robed person answered, "I'm here now, what's the rush, I made a lot of preparation on this day"

Su Ci Yi stop put her finger on her chin and contemplate. "Aside from your cultivation, is there something worthwhile to consider? Why don't you take away that thing obscuring your face, I can't see your real face like that?"

"I can't show you. But I can give you presents" upon saying, that person releases fierce mad bees coming her way.

Su Ci Yi flash in a swift run, looking back there must be something wrong with those bees of her, the heck! Their eyes are glowing in red! Even the pointed part at their bottom, she could clearly perceive that sharp edge. Much worst they are far bigger than the normal ones!

There is no way those are just the typical bees one can see in the forest.

Su Ci Yi declared her inner thoughts "You have a quiet a vicious pet but they look ugly aren't they?"

That person even smiled to her "Thank you for the compliment, in fact, they are my fewer favorite ones. They are envelope with vicious poison, once sting the poison will directly travel through your veins and heart corrupting the inside organs. Since you like it, I'll give you another of my pets again."

The heck with complementing! Who likes presents like that?! Now she felt being trapped in her own schemes. This person seems to have lost her marble talking to her.

Yet, another horde of mosquitos flop and rushes towards her. The mosquitoes it releases we're quite normal than she thought. They are no different from the usual one that bites her on the night whenever she took a raid on the skewer or post under the dim streetlights on the edge of the road.

There's only one catch, these mosquitoes are quite normalwell, that what you will think, a normal conclusion based on what she had seen but what the hell! There is too much of it! Too much enough she can see its black shadows so clear hanging on the air! Their numbers can't be counted, there are millions, maybeor perhaps billions of them showing their own little smug face towards her.

If these petsrather pests fall into its prey, it won't take seconds until that poor little thing reduces to brittle bones but knowingly with their viciousness she can't help but think that these hungry felines can even suck the tiny embers within the bones of bones!

Hey! Hey! Hey! This is too much to be just a present! She regrets talking to this person first!

Su Ci Yi howl in disagreement "Yo! Can you please return them I don't need one of those things"

Xiang Mo Mo and Huan Ro are both baffled by the type of their conversation are going. Instead of profane and vulgar words, swearing and pointing outs their own obstinate justice, here they are playing friends who had met for the first time in a kinder garden school.

They only needed to shake hands, exchange names and before you know it they are already best of friends in the whole universe.

Su Ci Yi coated herself with a protective barrier in order not to get bitten by those insects, however, her concern is that if she became tired and used up all her qi nothing will protect her to it.

Unlike her who draws her qi on the natural and exotic vibrant wind pressure on the air, this cultivator drew his from the body of the deceased one or in a place where strong resentment drew in.

Xiang Mo Mo's meridian forcedly opens up through the reverse qi from a dying person. The process is much easier to achieve given the fact that a person between his deathbeds is rare to find.

This place that they had been, oozes of people's bones and considered an improper burial site. Lots of bodies we secretly dump here.

Lots of people die with massive resentment

Soon just like being struck with thunder, Su Ci Yi unveil the case. Right, it's just simple, the flow of events, the digging of corpses, the frequent occurrence of mist cases and the entrance of dark cultivator.

Those resentments of the dead, it had been collecting it from time to time. Keeping in behind his spatial bag, releasing to cause a mass disturbance.

In the case of Xiang Mo Mo, this person was the one who encourages her to embrace this act.

This person knew Xiang Mo Mo enough to let her resentment get into revenge.

Getting into the epicenter of the case, now piece by piece the data are being linked through. However, she still can't comprehend this person's motive? The real objective of this person is causing needed to be straightened and look into. The driving force that led to this flow of scenarios and messed up case

The turbulent wind pressure of the brewing storm will find it's peace sooner.

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