Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1 Chapter 8 A Bad Omen Ii

Su Ci Yi found the source of the vile energy. It was a man that she was following right now. Su Ci Yi runs after him and she was able to corner him on a dark alley. The man's eyes we're brimming red. His appearance was already a mess and he was already running out of breath.

"Damn girl! Why are you following me?!"

Su Ci Yi tried to distance herself from him, the black energy that was enveloping him is enough to influence her internal qi.

It was so obvious that the man in front of her was been already consume by the darkness. His state of his mind now is not something that could think for reason.

The angry man who's state of mind was totally mess advances right in front of her. Su Ci Yi readied her stance, gathers all her spiritual qi and grasp through her sword. However, she was stunned when she couldn't find it. Shit! She don't have any spiritual sword from the beginning! She forgot that she wasn't in her world now.

The man was getting nearer, all she could do was to dodge at the side in order not to be hit by him. So now she was defenseless.Without her sword, she will be having a hard time dealing with it.

The man stumbled on the ground upon not reaching his target.

His mood even became worst the moment his head touch the ground. As he look up, he can see a lot of bystander looking at him with fear and anxiety.

This is great! He can take any of them and took hostage in order to succ.u.mb this woman.


He saw a timid looking lady among the crowd, as he tried to reach and grab the bystander, someone at his back took a blow on his head.

"Looking away when in battle? You must have a lot of confidence in yourself" Su Ci Yi found a rusty 5 meter pipe on the ground and it was the thing that she hit on the man's neck. Did he thought that she won't know what he's thinking?

And by the way, aren't these crowd all idiot people! This is a very dangerous situation. Why the heck are they still here!

"Get away on this place if you don't want to get involve!" Su Ci Yi warned them as she took the man and bind him with a rope on the ground. The man was unconscious.

Now, what should she do with it.

"Let me through... Let me through! I am an officer! " A petite young man wearing a police officer badge came in among the ground.

"Miss, it's okay now. You can leave him to the authorities. You've done your best now it's time for you to back out."

"Do you think that you could handle him?" Su Ci Yi looks suspiciously at the man.

"You may not know Miss but this man is dangerous, he has an escape prisoner with multiple counts of murder. You are lucky nothing happens to you -"


The man who had been tied begun to wail and act abnormal. His eyes where totally red now and saliva were dripping on his mouth. He has already loosen the rope through his concealed knife and right now he was charging against the two of them.

Su Ci Yi saw the man beside him paled but he soon pulled his gun and aim at the man's left legs. But he missed! The man disappeared in thin air, the next moment he was in front of him with the knife aim at his chest!

The young police officer was surprise by his agility and wasn't able to react.

Su Ci Yi kicked away the petrified man. The young police officer stumble on the side as he hit his head on the ground. But nothing serious came and only a few scratches that didn't even bleed.

The man with a knife focus his attention to her, just as she expected, he rush to her side aiming on her chest. But before he could hit her, Su Ci Yi's hand immedietly grab the weapon and broke his wrist holding it. There was a loud creak sound of bones breaking but the man didn't even feel the pain and immedietly pounce again at her.

"You don't know how to learn your lesson aren't you"

Su Ci Yi focus her internal strength on her right hand. Clench her fist as the man is approaching. As soon as she saw her timing, with a little force of her right fist, she threw a punch directly on the man's face. The movement was so fast that the man was thrown 5 meters away on the ground.

It was still not enough, she went near the unconscious man and extracted the black mist that was occupying him.

She lets her internal qi flow inside the man's body and extracted the black qi inside.


City A, Police Department

Qin Yu didn't question any further by the police. He only give to them his business card and they let him go.

Just as Qin Yu was about to leave, a certain officer came rushing to report in to his superior. Qin Yu over heard what they are talking about.

"You said that the runaway murderer has been caught? Where is he now? Who caught him?"

"It was Police Officer Zu Sir. They are outside now and escorting here the criminal"

"Very good. Tell to report to me immediately after you secured the criminal"

Qin Yu saw outside the patrol car an unconscious person with handcuffs. This must be criminal they were talking about.

The man who caught the perpetrator where being surrounded by his coworker.

"I told you, I didn't caught him! It was the lady in hospital gown bare footed! But she was gone the moment she secure the criminal. Listen to me. I'm saying the truth!"

Qin Yu halt paused. Remembering the woman whom he saw earlier and the reason why he is here on this department.

Maybe they we're just coincidence. Qin Yu was about to forget that matter but then Mr. Mu, his driver went to him panting.

"Sir, the young master is missing again!"

Qin Yu's face went dark.

Then with a huff he said " Return to that hospital again!"

Damn it! In just one day, just how many times did he need to go back there!

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