Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 80

Volume 1 Chapter 80 Dawn Of The Night

Getting rid of pests is one of Su Ci Yi's topmost concern. With her agility decelerated along with the movement of her current body, her attention keeps splitting into three. Attacking her opponent while fending this person's pests and from time to time took a glimpse of the persons from the sideline.

She can't let them get killed in the middle of an intense fight.

On this off chance that she had taken, she took a fleeting look at a certain object.

Her lips quiver into a smile upon finding out a way to deal with one of her concerns. Once again, she fully coated herself with her massive spiritual qi, but this time securing that every inch of her body is fully covered. Not a single skin can easily be touch.

Equipped with the right timing and spiritual energy, letting herself pulls by gravity and leaped in a flash to a certain area and pick up the cultivator's item she had been eyeing.

The vicious pests that had been eyeing her, follows through in which direction she threaded. She formulates her notion based on this behavior of theirs.

Su Ci Yi raises her hand holding the item and tossed it into midair while taking a last look at the incoming insects. She pulled open wide the bag, inhaling in one last breath before plugging her nose not to breath for a few seconds.

Sliding into the inside bag and off she disappeared on the midair.

Following in, the bees and mosquitoes slid through the path that she took a while.

The space dimension of this spatial bag's features is kind of different from what she had seen way back on her sect. The inside is quite spacious. Her idea that it would be similar to a wardrobe on the inside completely shattered. She is wrong. It had a diameter inside enough to walk 50 steps back and forth.

As soon as the pests followed her, Su Ci Yi who had been lurking her presence secured that all had entered and at the same time dash out. Sealing the outside the moment she steps out.

Keeping the pouch that contains the fierce insects on under her clothes.

That person, seeing her babies get trapped, stomp its feet and for the first-ever time gotten serious. Anger full it's face and rushes out to get them revenge. Its affection is couldn't measure and it valued pets friends rather than a human being.

As a matter of evidence, that robe person pulled out the unsheathe sword out of the scabbard and unreluctantly pointed and aim at her.

Su Ci Yi draws a thick branch which she pulled out of nowhere and begun to wave it towards it. Defending herself until it renders its full usefulness.


The two objects collide as it made an eerie reverberating sound on the air while exchanging blows and attacks.

One attacks, the other defended or vice versa.

However, the lever between two cultivators plays a primordial role in determining the victor of such battles. Feats and fate of one's are pre-determined already. Her opponent oozes with a higher level of cultivation higher than just of her soul stage foundation. It might even be on the third leveling of qi formation.

With a crash, her rod that only equipped with her spiritual qi broke into congruent pieces.

Su Ci Yi had no other choice but to chuck on the sideline the useless piece while making out of the other one on the other hand of hers and it still went on par towards the sword.

No matter how hard she tried, she is beginning to feel fatigued and the numbing sore on her back. It is still aching tremendously. Her expression might not show any signs of painful wounds, but the complexion she had is betraying her. Her lips if one will look, go in palish pink. Her breathes are heavy and there is a slight pain over her head.

However, the battle hasn't been over yet, a left-hand flash from the corner of her eye. On her instinct, those hands are merciless, one grab and she didn't know what will happen next. The hand she uses, hold the piece of trunk rod on and unconsciously withhold it from her grip.

Now her two hands are rendered free though it's a bad thing on her part!

Without a weapon, how could she go against its immortal sword of the enemy!

Su Ci Yi sees how the immortal sword dashes and aim right through her neck. Without further ado, Su Ci Yi bent down abruptly but in doing so, she loose her balance. She was able to escape the nearly crushing of her throat but wasn't able to grasp the other hand that made its way into her neck.

It's like running from a mountain boar only to be captured by a leopard!

Oh sweet life~


Su Ci Yi grasps the hand holding her neck gasping for breath.

"Where is the bead of the highest Immortal?" That person, straight to the point and its eyes gleam in ferociousness. The ease feeling earlier she had with her had totally gone the moment she kidnapped her pestspardon, that is taking her pests. If she didn't do it, how the heck will she be alive now? She'll turn into brittle bones in an instant for that!

She had died once, the underworld king will get displeasure seeing the same spirit for the second time around!

Turning back, Su Ci Yi tried to reminiscing the time she had heard this bead. This is her second time hearing it, the first from her nightmare. A sense of dj vu struck into her and the familiarity of events swept into her mind.

Doubt started to raise to the face in front of her.

This person had no way to be his Senior Brother, just like in her dreams. They had almost the same height. She can conclude this person's gender the way it holds a sword.

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