Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 81

Volume 1 Chapter 81 Dawn Of The Night Ii

The sequence of events is similar to what she had dreamed about, though there are a few discrepancies. The person who asks for the bead is not this person, rather the one who killed his Senior Brother within her dreams.

"B-bead of the hi-high Immortalwhat is that?" she said in between of her breath.

"Thief who stole from our Sect, I had a hard time knowing and distinguishing your whereabouts. With the fatal flaw, you possessed another body, aren't you? And you are saying you don't know it? You don't believe in a miracle right!? Hah, what a fool. Only mortals believe in those things. As a cultivator who lives past beyond their years, the string of life is connected within a single point. There is no coincidence and miracles. The end justifies the means and the fate of our life depends on our doings. You live, yet you didn't think what could have the reason why did you wake up? And on a different body at it?"

It's not Su Ci Yi who didn't think about it. It's just her mind is solely focused on returning home and finding out his Senior Brother's whereabouts.

Talks about this supernatural phenomenon are out of the question for her.

Also, these sequences of events point out to this single bead? She doesn't even know what it looks like from the outside yet people are looking it from her? How could she admit something that she didn't steal from the very beginning?

"I didn't knowwhat you are talking about"

"Hah! As if I would believe that if I haven't confirmed that you are still alive!"

Su Ci Yi can't keep banter to a close-minded person.

"Your answer is keeping silent? If you will not admit, I won't hesitate to find it on your body. Even if I need to cut out your intestine and scoop out your heart open, I will do it"

This person is not kidding. It really meant what it had said as it quickly took action.

It only proves how quick with its words.

It's other freehand grab the middle of her chest. Embedding its pointed finger to the center of her heart. Slowly, the thick sharp nails of it deeply rooted to the core of her skin.

Su Ci Yi felt the sharp pang of her inside being clutch and the pain even surpasses from the one on her back.

She clenches her teeth, as the hot blood gushes down on her body dripping rendering her clothes in bloody red color.

She already felt the nails making its way to her deepest flesh, digging down and any moment will reach her heart.

Yet there is no sound that came from her mouth. However, no matter how she acted as if it's only a trivial matter, her face is betraying her.

"Still not a single whimper. You are worthy of your title as the Fierce Lady of the Qing Ling Sect" That person even ridicule her, nails even rooted deeper. Just a small push of it and it'll inevitably hit her heart.

Su Ci Yi can't help to wince in confusion, "W-hy, a-re y-yyou obsessed with that thing"

The black robe person spoke apathetically, not minding her severe situation, "You don't need to know, even if you died in my hand right now, and if I cannot find what I'm looking over your body I still had someone to search for. That Lu Feng bastard knows how to hide between his tails. Not even a single sight of him. But no matter how skillful he hides"

Su Ci Yi paused narrowing her eyes. Her pale hand grasps the hand holding her and exclaimed, "SENIOR BROTHER is alive! He's alive, isn't he? He didn't die back then?"

Memories flashed across her mind on that dark and rainy night of her death.

The person in front snickered at her obviously frantic expression, "That man disappeared that night. We only retrieve your body alone"

HIS ALIVE! Su Ci Yi's heartfelt tears flow incessantly. The eyes that are gradually dimming retrieve its lost ember of hope.

She had already been losing her hope that thinks he died back then. Her qi might not be able to support him without knowing any details about it. Right now, she had news about him! He escapes his death!

But her celebration is only short-lived, out of the corner of her eyes somethings drawing in! And it's in a fast-paced.

Su Ci Yi immediately remembers the details of that nightmare she had and therefore acted quickly. She can't let another tragedy happen. She had just caught glimpse of her Senior Brothers information and she'll interrogate this person in crook and in a hook.

Su Ci Yi forcibly grips the hand over her chest, while extending her other hand defending the back of the person in front of her. Just the exact time, when the blade would land on it's back she grasps it within its blade. Her grip is strong that she felt the sharp blade of the dagger cut across the palm of her hand in slow motion.

As long as she could stop this person's death, then maybe she can ask her the way to go back to her own place.

Though she may not guarantee that the sect will openly receive her as the Su Ci Yi before, somehow she could always crawl way back again to her former glory.

His Senior Brother in no doubt will recognize that its her somehow.

The hand that grips the blade even tighten. Now the red liquid that had been gushing abundantly earlier stop.

She had just heaved a long sigh when of their current scenario...


Another dagger went through the person's back that it pierces through it. Su Ci Yi eyes widen in horror and astonishment. She has not recovered yet from the astonishment


Another dagger went straight into the person's head. In direct hit, it rendered the person in front of her flop to the ground lifeless.


This can't be happening?!

Su Ci Yi's alarmed tone echoed the dark forest. Her hands trembled uncontrollably grip the dead person's face.

'You should have told me first how to get back! You should have told me what happened to my Senior Brother after I died? You should have told me how did you get here?'

Yet the breathless person remains cold and rigid.

Her plea of lamentation is useless under the bright starry night in the brewing cold darkness. Only the dim spark of fireflies illuminated and scatters in front of her. There is only the voice of a dog's hailing from afar and the sinister breeze of the air started to blow down her small face as the somber night started to blanket its cold shadows down the plain.

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