Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 82

Volume 1 Chapter 82 Wild Dreams

The night breeze rose.

The mist obscuring the black robe person started to diminished including the surrounding area. Little by little, a flawless face can be seen.

The well-defined face, familiar to her showed up.

How could she let this thing pass by her? When the one she had been searching for is one of her acquaintances.

The person's face appears right in front of her. The none other than Lin Shushu. Who would have thought that the seemingly scared person like her is the prime culprit? In the end, she's only showing her facade. Hiding who she truly is. Pretending to be harmless.

Su Ci Yi tried to connect the details. Back then, she knew she had exorcist Xiang Mo Mo as well as her hospital room. Her techniques are solid and there could have been no way that she'll fail. Though when she saw the woman now. mist enveloped her whole body. Reverberating and even sourcing it out to the almost dead grandfather of hers. That time, it is Lin ShuShu who visited right after she went out.

By the first time she took care of Lin ShuShu and from the moment she saw her exorcising the mist, she already knew her identity. Only she was on the off of leveling up to be just on par with her. Dark cultivators could easily upgrade their level however there is a huge toll it'll contribute to the one's body.


Well...what can she say on this birdbrain head of hers. This original owner's thinking is full of romance this and romance that! If she didn't dedicate to increase her cultivation, she must have been swayed by her emotions and desires.

Getting back to the corpse that splattered right in front of her, she pulled the dagger that went through its head. Blood splatter all around and it squirts some droplets on her face. She only brushes it off by her hand.

Thinking how could she bring it back to her family but them remembering that this person may have manipulated some human just to get her into the family registry. This person's place is far away with no bet of going back.

Her only close friend that she can still use is Xiang MoMo.

Su Ci Yi could hardly step, the fatigue is now eating her up. Even her body that's been bleeding stop only to felt the harsh pain and festering wound from not taking care of it immediately.

She walks towards them and releases her bound qi.

In doing so, she didn't forget to state her request violently. In half kneeling on the ground, eyes gleaming in a pure ranging fire, she threatened " Take care of the corpse and I'll let you hook this time. Betray me, you will know the consequence" dark, cold glare unrelenting.

Xiang MoMo consecutively nodded her head in showing her confirmation of the task.

Su Ci Yi didn't spare any glance towards Huan Ro whom she knows in the middle of constructing his resolution and resolves. She also took out his grandfather who had already stabilized and needed some medical attention to get fully healed out of the place where she hides him for a while.

Not taking into account her current appearance, she went on her way. On the dark and bumpy road. Her eyesight is extremely clear than any other human. Her body, rigid and sour with deep wound and scratches. A small amount of blood dripping.

She took her time walking and contemplating.

Drawn on her inner thoughts, she failed to recognize another luxurious car parked within the shadows 20 meters away from her. On the dim light, post a tall figure.

Under the tall and lanky tree, his arms crossed while leaning against the hard metal. His mood is complicated and there's a turbulent wave of emotion of his chest. Watching over the back of a certain figure, he heave in a long sigh and trailed the same step she makes.

The fully immerse Su Ci Yi didn't recoginize another aura, due to her inactivity caused by tremendous fatigue and the person doesn't possess any killing intent she failed to do so.

Her mind wanders and flatters all over. Hovering within the depths of her consciousness.

A big warm hand shook her shoulders shattering her trail of thoughts.

Without thinking, Su Ci Yi grabs the impudent hand that reaches on her and would have performed an overhead throw but her strength sagged off and she failed. The man is stunned at first, fixed his composure and grab her waist. Mischievously twist her body that she'll face him.

"Mr. Qin?" Su Ci Yi is flabbergasted. This man came out of nowhere. Did she follow her? This place she's threading, there's no way a person would bravely go out here in the middle of the might. This place is away from civilization and ban from entering. People won't go in here for a sinister purpose.

Qin Yu answered her in a wide grin plastered on his face, breathtaking and well defined. "Hmmm? Why do I feel that you still call me like a stranger? Aren't we close enough already" Though it's dark the man's mischievous visage can't be hidden from his face.

It's still dark, therefore Qin Yu wasn't able to fully grasp the deepness of Su Ci Yi's wounds. he can only conclude that it's quite terrible but when he took a closer look, the usual easeful tone reverberated in a massive overturned of coldness.

Qin Yu's supporting her waist not to fall.

Su Ci Yi's hand hides behind her back. Tiptoeing between her toes as her h.i.p.s flexibly adjusted to her touch.

"You're injured" Qin Yu's tone seems to had just come from the grave.

Su Ci Yi steps back, adjusted her posture "This is nothing..."

"Come with me"

This is not an order but a command.

"Miss Su, this night is dark and this place oozes of danger. Civilization is still far ahead. You don't think to walk until you reach in there, aren't you? If that's the case your blood will all drain the moment you reach your destination"

Qin Yu called her like the first time they had met. The intimacy is nowhere and Su Ci Yi felt that this man felt a little off. Probably a bit angry at the moment. If not, he won't call her on her first name basis but the usual playful pitch of her name.

"Follow me" Qin Yu turn away, leading him to his transport.

Su Ci Yi trailed off behind the big strides of the man. Right now, she doesn't have the energy to argue with him might as well follow him.

Qin Yu stops in front of an inconspicuous grew BWM and before turning the window open, his voice reverberated, "I might be a little rude poking into your background but you seem to be one of a kind and mysterious, Ms. Su...just who are you?"

Su Ci Yi's halt abruptly stops. Her apathetic face stares intently at this man's broad shoulders as it slowly turns towards her.

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