Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 83

Volume 1 Chapter 83 The Curtain Falls

It's not a coincidence that Qin Yu follows Su Ci Yi's trail. It's his shadow who had made a report of the current predicament of this woman. He is even dumbfounded by the place where she had been and wonder what she's doing in an unabandoned place like this.

He saw Su Ci Yi almost limping towards the two-person and somewhat negotiating.

Then turn to leave the two on her own.

This woman! She's not even afraid of anything, aren't she?

"Who are you?" He can't help but wonder.

Su Ci Yi is not fond of dragging people into her own business and a mere mortal at that. No matter what, the world this man belongs and her world has a great disparity, moreover her resolve to go back is strong now that she knows the other side exists.

Nevertheless, she knows the weight this man put into his words and his tone right now couldn't be taken lightly. He even address her in utmost unfamiliar strangeness which makes the situation heavy.

Su Ci Yi, "The west and the south at a certain point cannot meet..."walking near the car she passed by him and continued, "Like this world cannot overlap with other worlds. If the two would meet, calamity would befall. What should remain here be here, I am of this world, therefore, I'm only a mere human"

Under the moonlit rays, Qin Yu's unfathomable look grazes at the mysterious woman in front of him. Seeing that she is about to enter the car, he trapped him within his arms with no chance of escaping.

"Are you insinuating that there exists another realm? Ms. Su, do you know that place? There had been scientific theories from the archeologist around 3000 b.c. but the notion wasn't taken seriously when the claimer of dispute disappears of thin air."

Su Ci Yi's shoulders flop, "I also do not know where... I don't know how to come back there"

Qin Yu didn't find it hard to believe that such mystical exist after all, humans also believe in the existence of both heaven and hell. In which a separate world set aside from the human realm.

Su Ci Yi said she can't go back. That phrase didn't slip through his memory.

Where would she go? Aside from his family?

Qin Yu fully knows she doesn't have any relatives overseas. Her records are clean, his family came from the white-collar society.

The Su Clan is nowhere among the top of the crops in the business industry though their partnership with the Huan Clan these few decades maintains their status quo over the long run of years. It had been actually the Huan Clan who's the brain and backbone of the company and when they decided to cut away from them, the Su Clan is plaque with misfortune and failure.

He had also heard the rumor that their long lineage couldn't produce a male heir only females.

The woman's life, starting from her engagement broke down. Even her family that should have supported her on those time forsook her. She is left on a mental to fully recuperate and stabilize her state of mind. Only her blood-related sister comes to visit every day.

This is some of the data he had gathered from his source. It was then that he decided...

Sparks of the fireflies scatter at most. The dim moonlight shone under the two people's shadow.

Under Qin Yu's connective gaze he said, "Come under my wing. I'll protect you. I have undercover agents and spies everywhere, whoever touches you will need to undergo to me first. I'll make sure you will not suffer like this anymore."

He spoke in high resolve and his qualms are of no joke. If a Qin promises the protection of someone, that person's life would be impossible to infiltrate.

However, Su Ci Yi is a person who's mind is into cultivation and doesn't any romantic inclination. She only thought that the man is purely offering his goodwill. In which she is free to choose or not. Looking up, without hesitation opens her mouth, "Your good kindness is well appreciated, my good fellow man but this...things I better deal with it on my own."

Qin Yu has this strong believe that this woman didn't know what he's hinting nor know the word pursuing her and she just unconsciously flat out rejected him.

After saying her sentence Su Ci Yi's head turn around but the man lifted her chin turning her over again. His eyes in indescribable passion.

"It seems that I didn't fully transmit myself, however, there is still a lot of time. I think I need to take seriously this matter since the other party is in oblivion."

The cold wind blow.

The word falls from the mouth of a gentleman should send tingling emotions to every admirer, like words that should move a beautiful lover and swayed her heart into submission.

However, the response he gets from her is a few blinking of her eyes.

Su Ci Yi's eyes trapped some specks of dust that went off when the cold air is blown, her attention didn't fully grasp the meaning between the lines and was confined on her blissful naivety.

Of course this is this woman's nature.

In the end, Qin Yu didn't pursue, right now Su Ci Yi is still not putting him in front of her eyes.

While inside the car, Qin Yu took the liberty to clean her wounds. This woman has no real self-consciousness of infections and would have just left it in the open.

Good thing there is a spare medical kit just behind the driver's seat.

He uses it to put some ointment and wrap it in temporarily bandage. His gaze landed on her fully soaked cloth and most importantly, her chest part is swollen and a deep nail mark embedded. Aside from that, there is also a long wound on her back!

Just how much did she fight to gain these injures?

He admires her immunity and pain tolerance that she can even walk on this state.

How could a small body take this deep wound?

Qin Yu sigh, every time he rescues her, she's covered in deep wounds!

On the other hand...

Su Ci Yi's attention is somewhere, along the main road. Her mind wanders on the thick and the vast prairie of her homeland. The raw civilization compared to this modernized society is a big difference to behold.

Along with the person who killed Lin Shushu, she can't help but felt disappointed.

The curtain draws from the death of that dark cultivator but the performance does not end there. The play still continues with the curiosity to behold the bead and those people looking after it.

Without knowing it's the location, but if it is related to her transmigration and her key going home then she needed to look into it.

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