Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 84

Volume 1 Chapter 84 Thus Begin.

Topmost floor of the Qin's Imperial Corporation Building

Inside the spacious room, on the round table seated 5 old people, of each on their different styles and auras.

Qin Leila, a tall and lanky woman who is rumored to be on her late 50's, seated on the executive chair and legs crossing over. Her exotic beauty doesn't define her age and the long slender legs still didn't lack they're youthful vibrant as it glowed on the shadows. She is also rumored to have a boyfriend whose age difference is almost half of her age.

Qin Yulin, the one seated in the middle is in the center of a heavy debate with the other three bald men in front of him. Out of the 4, he is the only one who retains the natural silky blonde thread of his hair. The others are left with a few strands that no matter what the treatment would be, the strand never grows.

Qin Shin, Qin Long Xing, and Qin Huying are the other participants at the round table meeting. Aside from the regular conference which is held every Monday, there are also special circ.u.mstances that they couldn't leave to discuss on the latter date and are immediately called into attention.

Therefore, an immediate meeting is hear-by commended.

The conference was called to matter in regards to the newly appointed leading business partners. Aside from the usual ordinary business they had been handling, Qin Corporation also undertook the guns & ammunition industry, and even holds the leading dogs in the underground black market. However, that is previously the case. Right now, the hidden organization is undergoing a massive overturn at the management level.

Qin Shin, a bald man, with a bloated belly slam the crystal table causing a small crack to form into it. "The influence of the new underground leader is growing day by day. If it's the previous one, then we will have no problem with it but this new generation is headstrong! I can see that he will definitely become a hindrance to our future prospects, we should eliminate him immediately."

Qin Long Xing snickered, "The kid is still new, he got to adapt to our group's policy first before you judge him. He didn't raise under the previous leader's wing but since he won the lead, then his skill and luck are incomparable."

Qin Shin defended, "While bacteria is still small it's better to prevent it at the earlier cause."

Qin Long Xing, "Why are you against this kid! If worst comes to worst, Qin Yu will definitely do something about it. He'll not be on this position if not for his quick critical ability and analytical skills. It's definitely not an issue for him."

Qin Huying who had been listening butted in hearing Qin Yu's name, "We should not interfere on this matter, he can deal with him alone. We just need to monitor the hidden transactions he'll be making behind our backs and for the possible undercover agent he will be disposing of."

Qin Shin the aggressive of the three couldn't stop his own violation and argued, "That kid of Qin Zayao, Hmph! Too arrogant and willful. Don't even know how to respect our power. Who does he think he is! He's just a brat that was supported by the previous one. If we don't hold him of his neck, we will be the one who'll submit to him."

Qin Zayao is the previous CEO of the Qin's Imperial Group who led and hone Qin Yu on his position now. He's Qin Yu's uncle that went missing on the years that he was still a zygote on this industry. If his Uncle is still alive, then the position would still be on his hands.

Qin Long Xing, "I agree with this bald man. Haven't you heard that he killed one of our spy? See, not even showing any mercy. The body of that person literally disappeared on the thin air. As if his existence being erased. In that regard, I am scared that he might have a secret agent planted in this room also!"

Qin Leila chortle, a bald man calling a bald man. Seriously, this stupid conference should have come to an end already?! Why's so long?

Meanwhile, the three simultaneously look to the person who sits like a queen and acted supercilious towards them and thought 'Qin Leila, you dare to mock us!' said in between of gnashing their teeth.

Qin Shin, "S.l.u.tty b*tch! Why don't you show some enthusiasm at this conference? The underworld influence is getting stronger if you don't want to get down on your title better help on brainstorming what to do with the arrogant kid.

Qin Leila, "What can I say, I'll just pass this responsibility to the only heir of Qin Zayao. After all, his capabilities are above all. If not, he won't get his position."

Qin Shin turns around, this woman is useless to talk with. Looked towards the person who sits at the center of the table which had been quiet for the whole time, "Yulin, what are you thinking?"

The old man in traditional clothing taps his finger on the table, "If the heir will not be able to handle him, then well eliminate. Simple as that, why the long discussion."

The trio kept silent.

Qin Leila also nodded. Right. Right. A waste of time.

Qin Shin whose personal motto is, adored the mighty and trash the weak. Suck himself to the old man Qin Yulin hearing some juicy gossips that he had scouted, "Yulin, your daughter is going back today aren't you going to fetch her? After all, she's the 'crme of the top' granddaughter of yours. ? I might as we'll call my idiot son of mine to fetch her."

"You think my daughter needs someone to fetch? She can go by herself. She's even fiercer than any other man. Much to your son."

Qin Shin felt embarrassed. Mentioning his son really degrade his reputation. That HuZao's personality didn't come from the Qin bloodline after all. He inherits the genes of that stupid woman.

Qin Leila also butted at the conversation "Aiyah, the girl is all fully grown now? Why don't you let Qin Yu fetch her? That two are so close more than a married couple would in childhood. Fei Fei is also an accomplished woman, she will be a good match for him."

Qin Yulin's lips hide a smirk. "That child I believe she knows who she will be compatible with. I don't want to interfere with her decision. If that two would end up together then I'll be the happiest grandfather out there."

Qin Huling, "Well everything should be fine but let's not forget that there's a child. I heard some rumors the kid hates that woman's guts. The child would be her greatest obstacle to deal with if ever the two bonded."

Qin Yulin smile fades looking at the antagonistic man, "The matter between the twous elders should not interfere with."

Qin Huling, "Ai, you are right. I do really hope thatAh, I just remembered! You see young people these days, their heart can easily be swept. I almost overheard some rumors that Qin Yu has been smitten by some unknown woman nowadays. Even the child likes this woman very much."

Qin Leila's ears perked up out of curiosity. This is worth another rumor to be with, "Who's this woman? What kind of extraordinary background she had that Qin Yu would like her? "

Qin Shin, "Huling don't makeup things in order to gain attention. If you're not antagonizing us, you'll deliver bomb threatening news that doesn't have any credibility."

Qin Huling, "Who says I'm lying. I have my source. The woman had already been invited to the Qin's mansion twice. If you ask the Qin's family servants, they'll really spill all the beans to you."

Qing Long Xing and Qin Shin can't believe this piece of news. Liking and being invited are two different things!

Qin Yulin was also dumbfounded but didn't ask any further questions.

As soon as the meeting commended and almost all the people left the room, a single man was left alone. His face stared over the magnificent glass overlooking the vast image of the entire city below. Beside him flew a hazy silhouette. No one could determine its physical appearance, for it didn't let anyone wants to see it.

Qin Yulin, feeling the presence of the other, only open his mouth and spoke: "Do you kill a person?"

Soon there was an indescribable muffle sound coming from his back. Qin Yulin spoke again, "Good, I'll leave the child with you then."

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