Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 85

Volume 1 Chapter 85 Encounter

Returning, the buzzing civilization twinkled its glittering lights of the dark road. As Su Ci Yi arrived in front of the hospital on Qin Yu's car, she walks through around the pacing people, rounding from patients to employees.

There's a spare navy blue jacket at the back of the man's car. Su Ci Yi borrowed it for a while to dr.a.p.e over her bloody clothes. The smeared blood had already been dried to a crisp and only the pungent smell of it could be made evident that the red liquid is blood. Its outer appearance can be seen as a washed-up red paint on her body.

Just as the right moment, Su Ming jumps over to her in her usual frantic gesture and excessive worrywart manner exclaiming,

"Sister! Where have you been again?" Then she took a peek at the man on her sister's back.

Seeing that his ambiance didn't align with the normal people or should we say that the man's intimidating physique keeps him different among the odd groups of people here cast a meaningful glance at Su Ci Yi.

Su Ci Yi only shrugged her shoulders. Express politely her gratitude towards the man at the same time shooed him to go home.

If it's not mentioning Qin Tao's name she really felt he will leave for quite some time. Not until she lied on her bed, closing her eyes and let slumber take her away.

When Su Ci Yi and Su Ming were left alone, Su Ming throws a hell out of questions to her. Her nose fuming in heavy smoke and cheeks puffed up in deep red.

Su Ci Yi defended herself, "Su Ming, I had just gone out and settle some things. I also leave a note stating my plight so there's no way that I deserve that look, don't you think?"

Su Ming pouted and slowly hooked her arms around hers. The two 'Su' sisters walk on the aisle side by side and chattering incessantly along the echoing corridor.

"What matters to settle? You came back late today, the notes invalid! Also, just who do you think your kidding, I bet you went out for a secret rendezvous with that man? You even let him get away, else I would have interviewed him."

Su Ci Yi arched her eyebrows, 'Aren't you also chickening out an earlier girl? How could you talk to him on that state of yours?'

She stated, "You don't need to think about him and some unnecessary thoughts" Saying this she flicked her sister's forehead "Enough about that, tell me about home?"

Su Ming stops on her tracks. Her usual beaming appearance slid down to zero points as she unhooked her arms away from her. There's no doubt her parents don't even care about her. Even a mere call nor filial worry was out of the question.

For a parent, they failed to uphold their filial duties, mainly focusing their attention on the beyond saving company.

Currently, his father found a suitable investor willing to invest in him. He had also been going around all over the place and re-organizing the management hierarchy. He even took the lousy appearance of the company renovated.

Su Ming started to open her mouth but don't know how to make a good introduction. She doesn't want her sister to think badly of her home and create negative emotions and passive outlook on them and said, "Father is still coping and saving our company. I'm sure he's doing his best for us not to lose our footing on the industry. They will take their time when not in a hectic schedule."

"I see" Su Ci Yi replied. She had been getting tired for the day, good thing her ward is only steps away.

Su Ming mistook her dejected look, and interjected, "Sister! If they won't come, I'M HERE ALSO! I'LL BE THE FAMILY'S REPRESENTATIVE TO VISIT YOU EACH AND EVERYDAY! AND EVEN WILL WATCH YOU EVERY NIGHT Ha-Ha-Ha!"

Su Ming puffed and actively patted her sister on the back, showing her loyalty and perseverance. Thinking that her sister would praise her upbeat action, her confidence boosted. The hell if those parents of hers don't visit, her sister has her.

On the contrary

Su Ci Yi unintentionally bit her lips, went blank for a while. She would have like to praise Su Ming at this moment, really! But, she should not forget the deep wounds on her back in which Su Ming patted without regard!

Su Ci Yi was nailed on place, trying not to let herself loose into some pain. However, all of her energy had drained earlier and her overflowing adrenaline rush depleted as she slowly kneeled on the ground. Her hands barely touching the tiled ground balancing her body not to completely fall on the floor.

"Ci Yi!" Su Ming's eyes almost protruded out of their socket seeing her slow pace fall and runs towards her side.

However, before she can, a shadow past through her and before she knows Su Ci Yi has already been leaning towards the woman who has just gotten there. "Where to?" askes the person who came out of nowhere.

Su Ming looks at the person in tight black jeans and high boots with a brunet hair flowing down on her shoulders.

Her overflowing white coat which is definitely a glamorous contrast to her inside dress gives off an elegant and devilish aura of a woman.

Su Ming leads the way. Their room is only a few meters and the woman didn't have a hard time taking her to her bed.

As soon as Su Ci Yi laid down, the woman let her lie on her back. Took off her jacket and without mercy tear off her clothes.


The sound of clothes fabric sounded as Su Ming gasp seeing the deep wound behind her sisters back.

Gasping in utter disbelief, Su Ming's face turned pale seeing the dried blood all over her body. She could not help herself but squeeze her body in the middle of Su Ci Yi and the tall woman. Her eyes would have tear any moment and clutch her sister's hand, now she notices the most critical injury on her chest which seems to punctured by something big going to her heart! Seeing her dire situation she cried in alarm,

"Sister! My poor sister!" Su Ming's tears already falling down on her cheeks. In between sobs, she continued, "Please I beg you, don't you dare die on me!"

Su Ci Yi thought, 'Su Ming, I will really die if you won't stop touching my wound!'


As soon as the woman finished stitching Su Ci Yi's wound all over, she felt a great sense of accomplishment already. She had just come back from the country and she already performed her duty.

This woman loves her job more than anything else.

Her career was far off more important than any materialistic attachment on the earth.

In truth, she even studied far off the distant land and tried their own medical treatment styles, in order to gain broader knowledge and expertise over it. The woman was raised in a silver spoon, but she knows the agonizing sentiments of the weak and the poor.

She was so focused on her blossoming career that she had been distancing herself from her family. Now, she decided to play her role to them.

Though, upon returning she visited first their family's hospital and in which she can't attain to look at those poor patients agonizing on their pains.

"Is anyone available there!? Could you help me bring this man over his ward?" As soon as she steps out of the room she heard that voice. Immediately she rushed to that person, assisting him with his request.

Upon going out, she then saw an old lady who hardly walks by herself. Without any notification, she deliberately carried that old woman to her back and delivered her to her own room.

Requests came after the other.

She was only able to come out late in the night after greeting her long-time acquaintances and doing a round of voluntary assistance to the patients.

Memories of this hospital flooded on her mind as she walks through her car and rushes out in the middle of the night.

Inside her luxurious transport, the woman fished out her phone as she turns the steering wheel and messaged,

[To, XiaoYu: I'm back! Is little TaoTao still awake? I've brought something over. I'll head there now.]

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