Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 86

Volume 1 Chapter 86 Lin Fei

Lin Fei Fei, the woman who had just come from the hospital treaded the heavy traffic along the main road of the night. It didn't take her an hour before she reached her destination. Going down her prestigious bright red Mazda3 and standing in front of the mansion, she becomes excited bringing with her lots of child's presents and souvenirs.

Buzzing the doorbell and be opened by the gatekeeper she was familiar with.

"Madam." An old man greeted. This worker had already been on his post working for the Qin for almost a decade and was familiar with the woman in front of him who often drops by for the master and little master.

"How are you these past months, Mr. Kim?" Lin Fei Fei greeted back with a smile. It hadn't been 6 months since she went out abroad to get her medicine license certificate.

Back before, she often visited this place and play with the little master. Lin Fei Fei is very familiar to this place since she was a kid it's the place where she and Qin Yu often plays together.

Mr. Kim, though sleepy on the inside don't dare to show it but rather plastered his most welcoming vibe to the woman.

"I'm good Madam. Thank you for your concern. The master had just got home. You can find him in the dining room." said he while looking in the direction of the dining hall.

"Thank you." Lin Fei Fei didn't forget to hand a parcel of some goodies to him. "It's for you, Mr. Kim. I'll head then."


The morning came.

When Qin Yu got out early and prepared to head off to the company, he was stunned to see that the table was full of lightweight and nutritious breakfast. The table was meticulously set into three and the plates and dishes were already put into their proper places in accordance with the table etiquette.

He took a look inside of the kitchen and there he saw the familiar back.

Yawning, he went to the table and seated like it's the usual thing in the morning.

Lin Fei Fei went to him bringing the last dish she had made.

"When did you arrive?"

Lin Fei Fei took down her apron and replied, "Yesterday night. You were already fallen asleep in your room."

Qin Yu and Lin Fei were like a jade cut into two since childhood. They were also raised in the same house by his uncle. The elders saw potential to the two of them and therefore decided to observe and hone their growth. In the end, during the competition for the next successor, Qin Yu won over her.

The latter after failing the battle she decided to pursue her long-time career which is medicine and just a few months had gotten her certificate.

"Did you went over to your father's place? He definitely looks forward to your return?"

"Nah, I just feel like going home first." Lin Fei Fei said while sitting down also.

Yes, Lin Fei Fei decided that this place is her home. His father being one of the elders wasn't the typical kind of father she had been looking for. The time when she was still a kid, It's Qin Yu and his uncle who look out for her.

Though it saddens her about the disappearance of his uncle Qin Zayao, she can't do anything but to hope the best of the situation.

It was also the time of his disappearance where the heated battle takes place and Qin Yu's undergoing tremendous psychological trauma because of him. Qin doesn't still a child back then, therefore he had really no motivation to go on in life. It came to the point where his qualification being the heir is questioned seeing his instability.

Though no one really knows what happened on that day he vanished.

The case has also co-operated with the national police department as well as some private investigation team regarding the old man, but nevertheless as of this moment, no one knew where he was. The man just suddenly disappeared one way without leaving any trace.

"You should visit him often. The old man's getting older and older, he must be looking forward to seeing you."

Lin Fei Fei nodded and soon started to eat her meal, after a spoon she brought to her mouth she talked again, "I haven't seen Qin Tao this early in the morning? Did your child knew I was going home and hide on me?"

Qin Yu didn't find it strange if Qin Tao would suddenly hide from Lin Fei. The kid seems to have a radar that every time Lin Fen is approximate with the area, the kid would suddenly go running or hiding away from her.

It's not like Lin Fe was hated nor cursed, some children really like her. Only Qin Tao hated the guts of her. There was one time when Qin Yu was pretty busy with his schedule and left the kid alone together with Lin Fei. The very morning that he came back, the kid's eyes are full of puffs made from crying all night. Lin Fei's face had a dark tint of eye bags too.

It seems that the two had an energetic and awesome play of hide-in-seek inside the big mansion.

It's not only this woman that Qin Tao hates, in fact, every woman who inches towards him, Qin Tao hated them.

Qin Yu had no idea what was the cause of it and it really came to the point he thinks that when his kids grow up hed be a lonely child. Without anyone whom he bound to click with.

"Ah Tao might be somewhere off, he'll just show himself up when he's hungry." Qin Yu said as he readied himself to go to work but turn his head upon remembering to confirm something, " Lilies or Roses?"

Lin Fei was caught out of nowhere but without thinking what he meant she answered, "Lilies for me."

"Purple or Pink?"


Lin Fei still answered him. "Purple."

Lin Fei then remembered that yesterday's the death anniversary of their grandfather. If Qin Yu didn't ask her, she would have completely forgotten it.

Didn't she knew, Ling Fei was totally wrong. Qin Yu's mind was onto different matters.


Su Ci Yi had been given dozens of who-knows-what kind of medicines and injections. Her wounds had been pretty bad especially at the back and her chest part. That doctor earlier only performed the first aid of her wounds. In the end, she was still brought to the surgery room for stitching.

Su Ci Yi was in a mess. His doctor was also curious about the woman who had this kind of injury. Her chest part was the most dangerous of all. Only an inch of the wound and it would almost pierce the vital energy on her heart.

Su Ming was keeping a guard on her when her phone rings besides. Su Ci Yi was still sleeping so therefore, she made herself a little away from her bed.

"Mom? You called?"

"Ming 'Er, can you go home for a while. There's something we needed to discuss with you."

Su Ming unintentionally looked at the sleeping Su Ci Yi, "I'm still keeping a watch on Ci Yi, so I can't." Su Ming refuted.

Su Gi, Su Ming's mother replied, "I'll just send someone to keep a watch on her. You don't need to always be by her side. You have your own life to take care of. We're having a big discussion on your part."

Seriously, Su Ming snickered. Is this woman still her mother? "I can't."

Su Gi, "Ming 'er, just come home okay?"

Su Ming's patient gone bad and retaliated, " If you want me to go home. Then I'll bring my sister back then too. It's time now to get her home." Su Ming didn't know if they'll allow it.

There was a long pause on the other end before answering, "Fine then. Just don't let your sister run amok here."

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