Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 87

Volume 1 Chapter 87 Backfired

After finishing breakfast, as if it's the usual routine inside the house, Lin Fei decided to come back to the XS Hospital. That morning passed by without taking the liberty of looking at the child's face.

Qin Yu didn't go straight to the company, his car took a 360-degree turn on the direction totally opposite of his company's building.

Fully focused, he didn't realize that there's a piece of extra baggage behind his car's compartment at the back, struggling and wriggling on the small space allotted.

The certain extra baggage thought to himself: "There's a witch at home and daddy is up to something again. I can't let myself get behind with this."


Su Ci Yi had just woken up, though the numbing effect of medicine shot her mood a little lazy today. Stitches on her hand and a whole bunch of bandages on her wounds. Added to the severe melancholy mood are a set of bouquet and basket of verdant purple lilies. The lasting fragrant and active pollen sends heavy air to her stifled nose. The aisle, on her own bed and even on the sofas and tables were all cramped with the blossoming petals of the purple flower.

Su Ci Yi didn't doubt if the outside we're also packed and crammed of lilies. Even the passing nurses nearby couldn't help themselves but block their nose from the suffocating aromatic smell.

Lilies...and a purple at that, is the symbol flower for a departed soul. Not only in this world but back then, every Daoist who died in the pursuit of their mission and burdened responsibilities, lilies are always the primordial flower blossom that was being offered on the dead. While their body was flowing on the 'ephemeral soul tributary' river. A place where the prominent cultivator's corporeal body dwells until it was swallowed by the huge muggy cave.

Su Ci Yi scoff. What was this man thinking? Sending these flowers. She's still alive and kicking!

Anyway, all these lilies brought equate to much more indescribable money!

The blue card which had a few words embedded to it, and it's only the initial of the magnanimous giver of his. The bold letters were highlighted in the capitalization of 'QXY;'

What a difficult encryption to decode! He should have written his full name if it is the case then?


Lin Fei came back to the XS Hospital. She's not use idling inside the house and to fully practice her profession, she decided to go back and perform some philanthropic conduct.

Upon arrival, what had greeted her is the familiar scent of lilies which she saw clamping over the aisle lining up on the way going through a certain direction.

Lin Fei can't help herself but to throw a curious look at the staffs.

One of them said in an amusing tone, "You won't believe us Doc, but one of our patient had a big-time admirer. Look at the quantity of flowers he delivered to her. It's insanely and too costly to think!"

The one beside that person also chimed in the conversation, "You got that, and it's the patient you treated the moment you returned Doc! What a coincidence!"

Su Ci Yi's face flashed on Lin Fei's mind, then afterward, her feet brought her up to that specific room.

"Miss Su." Lin Fei went to Su Ci Yi's room and the latter knocked unto the semi-open door before fully entering. Her lingering doubt earlier is true. There are far more lilies on her own bed and over the floor. Someone would need to tiptoe getting near her in order not to step on those little things.

Su Ci Yi's unfathomable look cast outside the faraway land unto the vast and blue skies. Sensing another present unto the room, she put away the phone she was holding.

Out of nowhere, Su Ci Yi spoke: "Doctor, you have a lot of money right?"

Lin Fei's face full of questions, "I think just enough to provide my luxuries, why's you asked?"

Su Ci Yi, "You have your own car and a home right? I heard you just came from the state too?"

Lin Fei said in a tone of not boasting, "Yes, I am. I have my own car and a condo back then."

Su Ci Yi thought inside, damn Nouveau Riche second generation!

Su Ci Yi grasped the petal of purple lilies and unflickering stared at it. Her hand playing the soft blossoms of its petals brought it over to her nose to fully smell its pollen grains while saying, "I'm going to sell it to you. I heard your grandfather's death anniversary last day. Don't go buying at anywhere. Buy this with me okay?" she thought it's better to dispose this mourning flower before it send unlucky charm to her. Mourning flowers should be given to the dead person, not to alive one.

Lin Fei can't believe it. "Miss Su, isn't it too much to sell it over to me?"

Su Ci Yi, "Doctor, I'm in dire need of money, not that I didn't need flowers of the dead. I'm still alive and kicking! That person must have looking forward to my death."

Lin Fei was dumbfounded by her trail of thinking. Sure, no wonder. Her mental sickness are beginning to resurface again! What can she expect from one of her patients!

"Alright, I'll buy it! How much do you want?" Scrutinizing the quality of the flower she added, "500, 000?"

"That's a big amount, "350,000."

"Isn't it too low for its quality. I can see that it might even be exported from the outside city? 550,000"

Su Ci Yi felt guilty charging something that didn't come from her and said, "300,000"

Lin Fei, "700,000?"

Su Ci Yi, "It's just flowers. Not a gemstone. "250,000"

Lin Fei then came to the conclusion that there must have been something wrong with their conversation. Though she didn't dig deep into it. In the end, Su Ci Yi and her negotiated into a pretty considerable amount that both parties won't think of their loss.

Su Ci Yi felt ecstatic as she looked at the remaining balance of her bank account in which had lots of zeros now.


Qin HuZao, walking into the CEO's office was stunned. If he could describe it, the air reverberated akin to a blossoming aura. As if there had been an invisible cherry blossom drizzle at his back end, flowing and over flowing the entire room.

His mouth couldn't help but to open their track and said, "Boss, had you been in cloud nine nowadays, what had happened?"

Though Qin Yu was not smiling, he could sense that the man is in a bright mood today. In his hands, he was playfully playing a petal of what it seemed Lilies?

Qin HuZao's mind instantly lit up upon remembering it! Right, why did he forgot it this time? He's a truly unfilial child forgetting his long time and never-been-met-ancestor of his! Goodness, gracious!

But something is off? Why is he in a good mood? Qin HuZao doesn't want to admit but he had a bad feeling about it.

Before he could ask a question, Qin Yu declared in his righteous tone, "Do you think a woman will like if someone delivered her a purple of lilies?"

Qin HuZao's jaw dropped.

Oh oohHis intuition is not wrong. This cousin of his, who he didn't know started liking someone, brought and delivered a purple lily that's pretty famous being the symbolism of 'flower of the dead', took initiative on his own and therefore, will see the result of his effort.

Not later than, Qin Yu's phone vibrated,

There were two messaged that appeared on his screen.

From, Fierce Darling: [I'm still alive yet! Thank you.]

What a blatant rejection!

Qin Yu's eyebrow crumpled seeing it. Qin HuZao tiptoed and sneak a peak. Looking over, he couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Pfft. Just as he thought hahaha

Another message popped up again,

From, FeiFei [I brought something over! I remember you asking for lilies right? It just so happened that one of my patients got loads of it. What a coincidence. I'll deliver it to your door then. Remember to bring me my reward~]

Qin Yu's strength would have crushed that phone seeing the message. But then later composes himself, seated straight, took his pen over the case and delete the messages except for Su Ci Yi's first-ever text to him. Then he hid the phone under his table as if nothing happened and the mere flowery scenery earlier was just an ephemeral illusion that had just passed by.

His once-blooming mood had gone in a swift instant then looked at Qin HuZao in sharp glint "What are you dillydallying. Get back to work."

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