Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 88

Volume 1 Chapter 88 Coincidents And Accidents

Qin Huzao went out of the office with a lot of resentment and irritation towards his cousin. With his long strides going to his own desk, he intentionally showed on his crumpled face that he's not in a good mood.

Why the heck does he need to be the one who took the blame on Qin Yu's tantrum?

Blame his bad luck for this! Stupid reports. Why did it need to be settled now and thenHoly Cow!

Qin HuZao forgot the root cause of his calamity. Thinking here and there- Goodness! He wasn't able to submit his doc.u.ments... the sole purpose why he entered there.

Another migraine popped upon his head. Oh no! He needed to go back again.

Qin HuZao wasn't able to drop his butt onto the office's swivel chair and immediately drag his body going over to the office again.

He was like a nimble cat pacing back and forth before going in. Then he slowly tiptoed to the serious man.

Once he walked closer to him, Qin HuZao can fully hear the loud banging of the fingers over the keyboard. It should not be so loud like this. The computers and machines inside the building was of high quality and purchase on the best market out there. The keyboard should have a soft touch, not loud and would clatter when typed. But Qin Yu's intentionally doing it.

He knew it. He's in a bad mood!

And who was the goddess that set his mood like this!

Qin HuZao tried to ransack his brain. Swept all the informative data that he had restored in his 27 years of existence and prayed that there must be something that should help him.

It as if helped by the gracious Buddha, he saw the light and immediately sent unto his cousin's email the golden book of sutras! " a swept away to a woman's heart"


The extra baggage that was hiding on the compartment slowly spread out his limbs. Feeling the car stop motioning anymore, he first pushed the metal lid by his hand. Then slowly raised his body, followed by his two feet. By the time he was out on the car, he grabbed a fresh air.

The inside was really awful! He thought.

However, even though he was on this predicament, that notion was sent back to his head. Shoving from the far away id of his brains.

Qin Tao's mind was full of grit and curses to his father.

His daddy's sucking to his master against his back!


Su Ci Yi took a vacation this time. The matter regarding her, going back to her home is settled. As soon as they packed up some of her belongings, Su Ming and Su Ci Yi set on the go.

Of course, Su Cu Yi doesn't have any intention to prolong her stay there. She still doesn't know what will be her position given the fact of her illness. From this owner's original memory, it seems that the whole mansion respected her. Well, as the aspiring and outstanding daughter, she was their crme of the crop. Though she could already see that her father at that time was aloof though not to this extent where he is showing his severe dissatisfaction to her.

Her mother, on the other hand, doesn't have anything to say about it. She would be the one who supported her and gain reputation through her merits and achievements. Seeing that she wasn't able to visit her for the entire time she stayed there, it's all clear as the sky that the woman only was after to her glorious days.

Not that she really cared. Su Ci Yi thought.

Su Ci Yi and Su Ming rented a taxi. Their family might have a business but the car they are using was under their father's control. In fact, the two of them didn't born with a golden spoon like any businessman's kids had. Their situation was different.

They didn't live in luxuries as any nouveau rich generations had.

When Su Ming got her car she was already a full-fledged a.d.u.l.t and her car was still in the repair shop.

The scorching sun's rays illuminated in the daytime. Yet, the heat was of no concern to every single passer-by on the road. The national highway of the city was buzzing with fashioned cars. Only the rugged and simple appearance of the taxis made the entire street dull.

The time they had picked to return was the time at the peak of traffics. Cars, motorcycles, and busses crowded in a single lane. The movement, so slow, like a turtle participating in a marathon race. The car which they had for would have a need to take it slow and wait for their turn on the line to proceed.

Su Ci Yi couldn't help but raise her head over the crystal clear window.

Overlooking the black tinted BMW which is only 3 cars away from them. The car opened its window and appeared the super energetic and the never-tiring disciple of his! Waving his small little hands while leaning the window seal.

Qin Tao's eyes beam in excitement spotting his master right away amidst the crowded cars.

This time, his master already noticed him.

Earlier, when he spotted his master first, excitement engulfed him. He immediately waved his hand inside upon seeing his master look his way. However, there was no reaction to the other party. Qin Tao pouted, thinking his master was ignoring him again. His cheeks bulge in an undeniable bun-like shape as his thick lips condensed among each other.

Qin Yu saw this child's idiocy and without ado pulled open the car's window. His eyes focused on the front but his attention to Qin Tao, " How can she see you that way earlier, were inside a black tinted car aren't we?"

Qin Tao didn't mind his father's sarcastic remark but still shouted his master's name. Shaking and waving back and forth, it came to the point where his voice raced up to the vibration machines of the busses and classic vehicles.

"Master! Master! Qin Tao is here!"

Su Ci Yi can fully hear the child's clamor. Her high-frequency ears even made it sting on her eardrums.

"Master, Qin Tao is here!"

"En" Su Ci Yi's voice traveled through a hidden path and which directed only to Qin Tao.

Qin Yu decided to closed off the window, the pacing's already moving forward and they are off to their destination. Though the woman is there, it'll be inconvenient to go down just to meet her. There'll be a good time and timing for everything.

Su Ci Yi sighs a relief seeing that their vehicle was already moving.

Su Ming, on the other hand, was unto her phone and fully immerse playing games on one of her recently installed app.

Su Ci Yi, can't help but asked the woman who had gone off to her own world and was never bothered by the heavy traffic outside.

There had been something that bugging her earlier and taking into action would be a decisive decision to take. In an apathetic tone, she gazed towards her side, "Say" She tried to get Su Ming's attention first before pointing her thoughts. " Do you usually put a loud clock on your car in the middle of the day?"

Su Ming stopped what she was doing and looked towards her attention, " Was that the "in" today? Why don't I know that?"

Su Ci Yi thought that was also weird. She clearly heard a sound akin to the ticking of the clock's hand over the father and son's car earlier.

Su Ming can't help ponder it, "Is something the matter?"

Su Ci Yi, voicing her inner thoughts and observation, " Why would someone put the clock on a closed vector metallic bag behind? Any reasoning on that?

Su Ming who was playing war military games on her phone said nonchalantly, "Well isn't that what you called modern bombs nowadays. Just secretly installed one on your enemy's lair and boom, they'd be gone in an instant." She said it without thinking but when she saw the timed bombs and grenades killing her on her every move, she can't help but be irritated.

" I see" Su Ci Yi scrunched her eyebrows and think deeper.

"Why? Is there something wrong" Su Ming's eyes widen upon realizing Su Ci Yi's hint. "Did you happen to see something like that!? We should report it immediately while it can still be handled! Where is it? Where did you see that thing?!"

Su Ci Yi's eyes stopped in front, just on the spot where Qin Yu's car is situated. Pointing her fingers upfront, she spoke in a voice stern and commanding towards the driver "Let's reroute for now, follow that car."

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