Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 89

Volume 1 Chapter 89 Overturn

The highway they are threading was curved into a slope, overlooking upfront was the enormous mountain surrounding the city. The taxi that they had rented followed a certain car. They had already passed through the heavy traffic of the city's most busiest hour and now threading an unfamiliar road. The number of cars and four-wheel vehicles are innumerable, cars are on liberty to run at top speed on this spacious street.

Su Ci Yi can fully see on their left side, was already the high rising mountain where a few house-let stood with a strong foundation. On their right side was a narrow cliff and below can be heard the strong splashes of the blueish ocean with migrating birds collided with the vibrant soundwaves of the sea.

It could be a good reference and a source of inspiration for poets and writers. A good ambiance to settle one's disturbed emotion, a feel-good sightseeing scene and an excellent escapade endeavor for travel get goers but that was the least of her concern.

Though the ground can be pleasantly felt when driving, the street was forged in a severe zigzag. Going along on the side of the mountainous mountain up to another one making it more difficult for them to uphold the average distance from the other car.

Su Ci Yi had no other choice but to open the window. The pressured wind blow hastily on her face as it made her hair disheveled and with the taxi's maximum speed, the strong air leaked inside blowing the paperlike objects.

Su Ming's eyes open wide. Si Ci Yi's half body already slip outside via window and her lower part was on the process to follow. Seeing this course of action, made her panic-stricken and exclaimed, "Sis! Sis! What do you think you are doing?! This is hella dangerous. Let's just chase them for a while."

She said this while one part of her hand was clutching tightly on Su Ci Yi's one foot while turning her head urging the driver to honk the car's horn in order to get the other party's attention.

The front car, though fully heard the loud noise behind didn't make any stop. It's pacing were calm and still.

That was when Su Ci Yi thought that something was amiss. Su Ci Yi unintentionally kicked away the hand that was grasping her behind as she successfully climb over the top of the taxi's roof. The strong wind pressure was slapping her face loudly. While her foot founded themselves firmly, her hand fished out her phone over her inside pocket and dialed a familiar number.

"Yi?" Upon picking up, Qin Yu didn't hesitantly let any seconds to waste and answered immediately.

"Please stop your car, there's a bomb planted at the back."

Qin Yu's answer was silence. Then when he had recovered and digested her warning, he tried to step on the brake but no matter how he tried, it won't stop.

Uh-oh. Qin Yu thought that he was in a pretty dangerous position again. But, even though, amidst the threatening situation, his composure and stoic appearance prevailed and it was something Su Ci Yi applaud of.

Qin Yu spoke to her in a monotone, "Yi, I think I can't stop the car now."

Qin Yu was not afraid of this predicament. He had undergone situations which are more dire than this. Between life and death circ.u.mstances, he had already get used to it. If worst comes to worst, he'll jump together with the child to escape.

Su Ci Yi was right. Aside from the bomb threat, the car's front had also tampered. Just how much grudge this person had, that he'd wanted to obliterate the father and son duo completely?

Seeing that the situation escalated, Su Ci Yi half kneeled while setting her right foot ready for her plight, in last warning she uttered to him her final resolved and commanded, "I'm going in. Open your window."

Qin Yu, "" WaitWhat?

Before Qin Yu could react, there was already a loud thumping sound just up on his roof. Then he hastily opened the window on the passenger's seat.

Before jumping in, Su Ci Yi secured her landing on the other side. Finding her correct timing on a motioning object was a difficult feat. However, if one could get the gist on it, then it's just easy-peasy akin to playing jumping rope.

Su Ming caught this action of Su Ci Yi's suicidal-saving-act and was even flabbergasted. Her face crumpled, twisted into an undefined expression and later turn into a sour mood. Thinking if it would be a good idea to let her go home in this unstable mind of hers.

Su Ci Yi landed.

The car window opened. Popping out the child's face.

"Master, will you play with me now?" She leaned forward to take a closer look at the child. Good, he seemed to be unaware of the situation.

Su Ci Yi's next movement was to yank away the car window pane that was in the way between them. Then she tightly clung to one of the pillars and securely slid inside.

The metal part of the car that had been cast away fall to the ground.

'a waste of hundred thousand was gone' Su Ci Yi thought.

When she had already entered, what welcome her was the shining, shimmering & splendid big doe-like eyes of the kid.

Qin Yu only kept silent, his attention was fully focused at the front.

"Master that was an awesome jump! Can we play that?!"

"En. We're going to play now."

Qin Tao huffed in joy. Without any reluctance, he immediately went over to his master side and clung to Su Ci Yi's back without Su Ci Yi's succinct instruction.

"Can I trouble you for Qin Tao, Yi?" Qin Yu's voice broke Su Ci Yi's attention from the child.

"Are you fine on your own?" She asked back to him.

Qin Yu's answer was to firmly clutch the steering wheel and beam in confidence, "Never been invigorated than ever before."

Su Ci Yi's plan was to take Qin Tao first off the vehicle and secure him to the sideline. Then get back to the man since the brake doesn't work and any moment the bomb inside will explode, this is the only possible course of action that she can think of.

Qin Yu saw the woman's reckless action over the rearview mirror. As soon as she takes off, with Qin Tao firmly clutching her back and giggling nonstop, his thought landed on the unfathomable depth of his core. Thinking this womanhis YiYi differs from any other woman he had met before. His level of admiration towards her surge up again. He felt that he will not find anyone like her in this entire world.

Su Ci Yi even offered him to be chauffeured out of this perilous predicament. Where would Qin Yu's dignity as a man go, if he let this frail young woman bear the burden of saving them? She was not half of his pound and her seemingly thin flesh couldn't lift a pale yet was able to carry his child?

Anyway, as long as Qin Tao's unharmed then I'd be good. Jumping won't be a problem. Qin Yu's physique and agility were cut off above the rest. There's nothing needed to be worried about.

Su Ci Yi on the other hand doesn't really care. So long as 'all is well' then she could only breathe a sigh of relief. Carrying Qin Yu was not a matter to dwell upon. Back then, when she's still a martial cultivator she often carried burly men and sissy boys within her arms without throwing any complaints. She had no other choice on it because it's her mission.

Going back, when Su Ci Yi secured Qin Tao, she went back and run after the car. Then in a swift leap landed inside.

"Are you going to jump now?" She said looking at the man with a blank expression.

If he's going to do it, now was a good chance. Upfront there's a curve slope and below was a deep ocean.

Qin Yu automatically set the car's function in a way it would run on a straight-line basis. Then after finding the right timing, he made his calculative leap.

'Guess there's no need for her help then' Su Ci Yi thought then followed him.

She only looked back to the car as it made its last farewell into the deep cliff followed by a loud booming sound of the bomb exploding and thought, 'another million-dollar wasted'

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