Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 9

Volume 1 Chapter 9 Back To The Hospital

Su Ci Yi was now back to her own bed and room. Just as she was about to take a nap for a while, she felt that someone was staring at her. Then the next moment, an apple was thrown on her side. Though she closes her eyes, her senses was still sharp and she caught it just before it landed on her face.

"Awesome!" A loud voice of a child was heard.

"Are you really a crazy woman?" Qin Tao went to her bedside and stare at the apple on her hands that has crushed on the woman's hand.

Qin Tao backed a few steps away from her.

Su Ci Yi intended to crushed it in order to give a scare on this child. Who would have taught that he would just gonna back a few steps away.

Su Ci Yi don't want to deal with this child anymore and was about to ignore him.

But the child was persistent and if she won't give in, she's pretty sure that she'll suffer in the end.

"What do you want with me?" In the end she give in to the child.

"Make me your disciple! Master, Qin Tao will promise to stop pestering you if you will accept me. I, Qin Tao will do my best to follow your instructions in hardsh.i.p.s and difficulty"

"Request rejected"


"Master! Qin Tao will be a good child! You will not regret it"

Su Ci Yi regretted having to ask this question. Now she was even caught with her own actions.

Touching her temple, Su Ci Yi think well.

"Fine, I'll accept you. But you will do whatever instructions I will give? I don't want a slack off person. The moment I saw you neglecting your duties, I will kick you out. Got that!"


"Now then..." she taught for a while thinking what would be her first step to do with this kid. "...I will start my cultivation now, I need a peaceful environment so I want you to guard that door. Don't let anyone disturb me"

Qin Tao was beaming with energy and said "Yes Master!...uhm, so master is a daoist?"

"I only surpassed the qi condensation stage and turning to soul formation foundation. You'll know these when you grow up..."

"...Also, in order not to get bored, clean those pile of things that scattered on the floor. I don't want to see any things lying down there when I woke up"

Qin Tao then look at the pile of papers and things on the ground, it was obvious that he is reluctant to do this.

Su Ci Yi saw his reluctance and teases " Oh, if you don't want, I don't really mind"

"Qin Tao will clean it! Master only needed to focus on cultivating!"

Su Ci Yi's lips ark into a smile as she lay to bed and doze off into the darkness.

She just only want to have a peaceful night and who knows that what she did works. It's like catching two birds with one stone.


As soon as Qin Yu got down, he immediately storm off to that same room again. His was full of black lines and he is exuding dark aura. Every medics he could pass would immediately run away 10 meters from his space. No one really wants to bump into him.

But that was not his concern, when he saw that kid, he will immediately tie him up and would ground him for almost a year. No matter how many times he wail or cry, he will not give in.

However, all those thoughts back down when he saw Qin Tao.

He was the one who open the door. Upon seeing him, he showed a surprise reaction. Though it was only a few seconds.

Qin Yu entered the room, he wants to see that woman and to settles scores to her. However, what he saw was a peacefully laden woman sleeping on her bed. Qin Yu didn't care about her and just about to storm and woke her up however Qin Tao grab him decisively. Qin Yu was towering Qin Tao and when he saw that his kid was signaling to keep silent with his sincere face. He couldn't help but to follow him.

Qin Tao guided his father on the sofa nearby with his movement being careful and silent. Qin Yu pondered what happened to this child of his? Did he caught the sickness of this woman? If that's the case then he needs to talk to her...


Qin Tao pulled him again down the sofa when he saw him aiming to wake his master.

"Master is sleeping Dad! I'll just tell her what you want to say" When Qin Tao was saying that, on his right hand he was holding a light broom. While trying to clean the mess on the floor, going to and fro to pick up the things on the floor and getting it back to its proper place .Together with Qin Tao's childish seriousness Qin Yu's anger subsided.

He even offer his father a glass of water.

After cleaning the floor and making sure that everything is clear. No mess and rubbish on the ground, Qin Tao sigh a relief.

Qin Yu pondered what happened to this child.

Did he possess by an evil spirits?

The Qin Tao who has been spoiled from his childhood and would never dare to listen to anyone is acting like a good boy in front of him?

"That is enough, did you do something wrong again?" Qin Yu can't help but to voiced it out.

"Shhhhh!" That was the answer he could get to the child. "Dad, don't let my master woke up with your voice"

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