Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 90

Volume 1 Chapter 90 Blunt Maneuvering

It didn't take long before the patrol car arrived and Qin Yu needed to undergo an intensive interrogation. Though Qin Yu didn't take seriously the questions being asked, deep down he had already in mind regarding the prime culprit. It just only irritated him that this time, that person almost got him, worst he was with the child.

"Well then, we would like to invite your presence Sire to our office for doc.u.mentation." a certain police officer went over him and asked.

It doesn't really matter, Qin Yu was on his way over his long vacation, a little diversion was not even worth to mention.

He only threw a glimpse at his child who was still clinging on Su Ci Yi's neck without breaking even a mere second.

Qin Tao was showing a ghastly face. Lips like had been dip into pale carnation and one can entirely see that he had been scared by the current situation. Su Ci Yi thought that no matter how mature and ignorant this child was, in the end, he's still a child. Scared and horrors were part of his nightmares.

Qin Yu's gazed landed on her, "Yi, can you looked out for him for a while?"

Su Ci Yi was reluctant. They are heading to her hometown now and since things over there hadn't been settled, going with a child might not be a good decision.

Qin Yu, seeing her reluctance, smiled. Showing his almost perfect frontal teeth and speak in a conciliary tone, "You don't need to worry. Qin Tao will behave himself there. I promised I'll get him back." As if his flashing smile and his radiant vibe was not enough, he even ruffled the top of Su Ci Yi's hair.

Su Ming who had been watching all this time on the sideline couldn't take off her glued eyes from the two as she unconsciously gnawed a part of her blossom handkerchief. Silently at the sideline, brood over this scene.

'Grrr. This man again.'

She had just recuperated from her earlier trauma of Su Ci Yi's thrilling, stomach-churning gymnastic performance. Who knows how many times she had almost fainted and almost her breath would go along every time Su Ci Yi would jump and leap on the mid-air! She didn't know anymore if she's already been cured or if her sickness was resurfacing again!

Su Ci Yi's predicament to bring Qin Tao with her was needed to settle. She really felt it's not a good idea to bring the child. She was hesitant given the ambiance that the child could get might attract negatism to the kid.

"Won't it be bad to let the child go with you?"

"YiYi" Qin Yu's tone was gentle and her chin was lifted by the man. "...I'll be back in no time. I'll make sure of it."

The police officer couldn't take the delay anymore and butted in between, "Miss, please take your son with you. I need to borrow your husband for the meantime." And with just that Qin Yu followed the man back to the police car but before going inside, Su Ci Yi noticed the mischievous grin of the man plastering wide on his face.

Su Ci Yi hadn't had time to set things straight and before she knows it, the patrol was out of their sight! Well anyway, that was the least of her concern.

She doesn't want to make this situation a big deal and would have already marched to the cab waiting, if only Su Ming hadn't jump right off in front of her and shook her shoulders like a madwoman. She forgot this woman's presence entirely!

"I knew it!" Su Ming pouted. "How could you hide this things from me? I thought that we're like a jade cut out from a single piece? Am I wrong? Why don't you concede your secrets to me? Are you afraid I'll get in between the two of you?" Su Ming's non-stop useless blabbering.

Here she goes again. Another headache appeared on Su Ci Yi's head.

"You've got the wrong idea here." Su Ci Yi said nonchalantly.

"Still pretending. Hmph. Even if that child got all his father's features you can't fool me with that expression of him. Look! Look! Look! The way the child forms his clueless face, your face and him are way too similar to coincide!"

Su Ci Yi tilted her head upward and observed the child's expressionless appearance at the moment. Is defining one's genetics through expressions become a scientific basis for now?

Meanwhile. The driver who had only been dragged into the situation cannot forget the recent ridiculous flow of events. These people are nuts! Did they just forgot that they had just been subjected to bomb attack!

Where's the tragedy-like-ambiance! The moping persons and terrified people! The hysterical cries of a scared child? Where are they!?

When Su Ci Yi was inside the taxi already, that was when it dawned on her. The one thing she forgot to processed because of the hectic things. remembering it now, she cast a doubtful look at the child beside him and asked, "Where will father pick you up again?"

Qin Tao broke into a small laugh. "Daddy knows where you live master."


After going to the police department, Qin Yu went straight to his new phantom edition rolce royce parked just outside. The police didn't interrogate him regarding the incident, just a few formal questions of his identity and the possible culprit. Of course, the matter was confidential that he didn't need to hide his real name and on the possible motive, he stated 'family feud'. Just simple and concise like that.

His black shadow delivered his car as he stepped down to offer it while reporting and showing an indescribable piece of data that he had been puzzled for a while.

Qin Yu looked at the CCTV footage being handed to him.

His black shadow piece by piece enumerated his intuition.

"There was no one who was caught up on the video, Sire. That was why the bomb and the tampering of the car were overlooked. Strange, there was no sign that this footage has been altered also."

Qin Yu scrutinized detail by detail every happening, and he couldn't also discern this elusive event. The time when the act should be done, should be fully recorded here but nothing was showing off on the camera?

He find it strange that no one felt the presence of someone on their mansion where his car was parked. The whole house was built in both inside and out with high-definition nano-cameras as well as numbers of his shadows lurking on the sideline. None of them felt that strange presence.

Qin Yu's lips quivered into a malicious scoff and said, "Have you done what I instructed earlier?"

The shadow stepped backward while bowing his head. "Already done Sire."

Qin Yu waved his hand dismissing him. Deep down on his pocket, he dugged his phone.

Under the warm rays of the sun, leaning just beside his car he dialed someone on it. When it was redirected immediately, he beamed in sarcasm.

"Oh, Old Man Yulin. You took that in just three seconds, you're quite free aren't you?"

The other man popped up blue veins on his head and replied "Don't be so full of yourself. I'm only in the hospital now."

Qin Yulin, who had been lying on the hospital bed thought that he was successful this time. This stupid Qin-dog. He really possessed the devil's luck wherever he goes. He even escaped the demon's trick and made it alive together with his child.

Qin Yu, on the other hand, pretended to be of concern to him, "What happen? Did someone poison your food? Old Yulin, you should always meticulously select the foods you will be eating in the future. Who knows someone might put an insta-kill substance on your plate? And send you to the never ending depth's of hell."

Qin Yulin gritted his teeth. Indeed, there had been something mixed on his lunch earlier. Good thing the chemical was only mild and he only digested a spoonful of it. "Why, I thank you for your concern. Next time, I'll make sure that I won't get it."

Qin Yu's black aura flitted across his face but still converses to him. "Oh well. You better take care of yourself. Who knows when the Shinigami might fetch you soon."

Qin Yulin retorted to his nephew, "I should be saying the same thing to you. Well in any way, let's just find out who will be the first. Though, I got this feeling that it won't definitely be me."

Qin Yu exchanged the hand that was holding the phone and transferred to his other ear. "I am already waiting over there but it seems that they had been delayed to fetch us. Or should I say that they might be only lurking behind you? By the way, I can't seem to comprehend how did you do it. Really flawless. Not even a trace of his presence. You're hiding a trump card behind your back aren't you?" Qin Yu stated and his mind flashed to the video footage. "... but don't get ahead of yourself. I'll see to it that this person's life won't get anywhere."

Qin Yulin: "How can you say that? You even didn't met him. I'll let him visit you these days. Would you mind during the night when you fall into a deep sleep?"

Qin Yu giggle: "Try then, if you can locate me?" With that Qin Yu off his phone. Retrieved his sim and chuck the object over the garbage bin like thrashing a piece of toilet paper. Devoid of any reluctance of materialism demand.

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