Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 91

Volume 1 Chapter 91 The Villa

The Su Family Villa

Situated not far away from the city but beneath the extensive mountain range.

When they reached their destination, what Su Ci Yi saw was an enormous customary-styled house. The gate was coated in a fiery red iron bar. Beside the pathway was a beautiful laden flowery bush that was extremely taken-cared of the villa's gardener. The two-story house was not too large and painted in light blue and dirty white. Though it's called a villa yet it seemed to be ancient and was founded almost a decade ago. Aside from the exterior that from time to time being renovated, the inside setting remained the same for the entire years.

On the second floor, there was an expansive porch that wasn't being used and left to be a waste of space. The thin wall that connected that place to the main house was tightly sealed rendering everyone off-limits to the place.

Su Ming was the first to go down the cab. Su Ci Yi followed along with Qin Tao on her arms and in a much more intriguing face. Turning left and right, she concluded that this place was still the same. Everything was within their position before she left. Su Ming was carrying Su Ci Yi's belongings while the latter was holding the child and a wrapped souvenir of goods brought to the people inside.

Compared to the Qin's mansion, this house was just the typical type. Servants were not flooded and she could only see two or three of them. There was also no one who welcome them when they got inside. Su Ming was acting like she was already used to it. They walk the usual pace on the first floor and proceeded to the second climbing the steep stairs.

Soon the two entered the room at the end of the short hall.

The room was fully coated with magazine posters and celebrity wallpapers with a fluffy pink bed in the middle. Over the edge was a reading table equipped with basic necessities for reading like pencil holders, an indigo lampshade and stockpiles of books on the side. Beside it stood the vermillion style cabinet that holds books of different genres and designs.

Su Ci Yi collapses on the inner bed, eyes staring vividly on the well-lit ceiling. The typical-girly and sweet adolescent vibe was exuding the room. Seriously, just when will Su Ming act on her age? The overall appearance made her gawk.

Good thing this isn't her room. She can still remember that hers was situated near just opposite on the other end.

"Sis, what do you think of this?" Su Ming brought over the bag on the table as she seated with her legs crossed on the chair facing Su Ci Yi.

"Hmmm. Not bad. Everyone has their own unique styles with regard to decorations though this seems a little bit childish. Though you have an inkling on this." Deep inside Su Ci Yi thought that she definitely can't sleep in this kind of room. The flowery ceiling high up was making her uncomfortable.

"Great!!! Then from now on, this will be your own room!" Su Ming declared. Feeling hype for her new discovery of her inner talent, she abruptly stood up and huff proudly. Then in just a span of a second, she was already standing beside the door! Waving and giggling her spirit full. Before she goes out completely, she peeked behind, "I'll take a bath for a while. I felt sticky. If you need anything, I'm just next door!"

Su Ci Yi was speechless.

She nodded.

Then she heard the loud banging of the door.

After a few seconds of unknown tranquility and deafening silence, her mind processed slow:

What? Su Ming, this was definitely your room, not mine!

It's useless now. Even if she reacted, Su Ming was out of her sight already. Sitting up, her eyes landed on the child whom he forgot his existence. So, she really brought him here to the mansion! And it was not some kind of illusion at all!

The child beside him had a stoic glare that exudes an unfathomable gloominess in pallid skin. Seeing him, she became worried,

"Ah Tao, are you alright?"

Thinking that the child had undergone an immense situation earlier, she can't help but be worried about his state. Though she was sure his mood can easily be lifted like a drop of a hat and such.

"Un." Qin Tao nodded heavily.

Su Ci Yi wrinkled her eyebrow. There was definitely wrong with him. Qin Tao was acting strange!

"What is it? Your master will listen." Su Ci Yi leaned forward and perk her ears. But the answer she received was not from his mouth but on the loud grumbling of the child's stomach!

Qin Tao even felt embarrassed that his master heard it. His soft lips crumpled as he clutched his noisy tummy and turned his back from Su Ci Yi.

Su Ci Yi couldn't help but tremble slightly. Some un-kept laugh leaves her mouth in the form of unpleasant chortles. Was that the reason for his unprecedented silence?

The usual Qin Tao won't let his presence be subdued and the Qin Tao right now was the complete opposite.

Qin Tao felt humiliated seeing his master was making fun of him! He felt like hiding on the inner depths of the earth.

"Ah Tao let's go down and eat okay?"

Qin Tao puffed his cheeks, "I am not hungry."

He had never been subjected to such humiliation before. Stupid stomach!

He admitted that he felt afraid earlier, seeing their car exploded below. The stimulation carried his strength and suck up all his energy. All the food he had eaten had been digested in an instant!

Su Ci Yi was even amused. What's the thing he was embarrassed of? Was it really a big deal to be heard?

"Ah Tao, are you shy? If you're hungry, you should eat~"

Qin Tao insisted, "No, I am not."

Su Ci Yi teased, "How come I heard an earth-shattering thunder rumbling earlier? Are you sure it's not from you?"

Qin Tao gulped. His little lips mussing over.

Su Ci Yi felt a big bully and stop teasing him, "Okay, okay. You are not hungry. I'm hungry so let's grab something to eat first?"

It was only then that the child went down the bed and reached for her hand urging her to go down the bed.

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