Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 92

Volume 1 Chapter 92 Su Mo's Flare

Su Ci Yi together with the child went down the stairs and proceeded to the kitchen. As soon as he put the child on the metal chair, she rummaged the freezer. A bunch of vegetables and fruits were settled inside, some liquid beverages, canned foods, raw meat and fished that had been cleaned. She picked a carton of fresh milk inside, turn the gas stove open and heat the milk. Beside the table was a loaf bread. She opened it, squeezed a mayo and added a luscious lettuce leaf. She handed her own made sandwich to the child together with the warm milk.

She was just about to prepare her own when Su Ming's call vibrated within the first floor.

"Sis? Have you seen my top fitted dress? Huh? Where are they?"

Su Ci Yi stood up and went upstairs again. "I'm coming there." She paced the stairs while gesturing the child to continue his bread.

Little Qin Tao ate his sandwich and drink the warm milk that his master made for him with his heart full of blissful contentment.

After a while, there came a car engine roaring outside. The villa was just so small that a blatant noise can be fully heard inside. Soon a flurried footsteps and a loud voice of an old geezer instructing a servant echoed within the concrete walls.

"Did they already arrived?" Su Mo asked the head maid who had happened to pass by him. He knew his two daughters will arrive this time yet he had no time to welcome them for he was buried on his pile of papers and works. The same thing with Su Gi who had an abrupt conference with the other investors.

"The two madams were already upstairs Sir." The maid politely answered as she directly followed him to the kitchen while taking the suitcase from him. "Tell your madam that the kids are here. We're going to have a long talk during dinner." He was pertaining to Su Gi.

Su Mo had been thoroughly famished inside the company. Various proposals and project implementation have needed to be signed up immediately that he'd forgotten his hunger. The moment he went back, he has just remembered it.

"Yes, Sir." The servant received her request.

Su Mo entered the kitchen while still instructing something to the maid for the last time. By the time he turned around and paced straight, he saw a suspicious species lurking on the table. His round bleaking eyes are lithe in naivety. Su Mo's face flashed into a sharp glint as he glared at the person next to him which was the young servant.

Qin Tao saw the old man but still resume his eating posture as if nothing had come by. It doesn't matter. He was so hungry anyway. He wondered when will his father fetch him? Deep inside, he had hope that his father forgot him and would just fetch him in the latter days. He'd liked to stay at this house with the master.

The maid immediately stated the child was indeed brought over by her first madam. She doesn't know the history of the child, she just knew that her first madam carried him here on her arms and with such tender care.

Su Mo's brain was stimulated. Su Ci Yi? What had that brain damage daughter of his brought upon herself? Although he doesn't want to speculate his adumbrate skill was activated this time.

"Dad!" Su Ming's excessive compulsive tone reverberated from the second floor. Reaching them, she immediately got in between the child and his father. She was a little afraid of what might this child encounter with his dad, therefore acted as an immediate referee just in case.

Su Ci Yi was following behind in an unruffled composure.

Su Mo's nostrils flared up seeing this first daughter of his. He turned to Su Ci Yi and indignantly spoke to her, "So you brought your illegitimate child here? Just how many years were you able to hide him and just now decided to get him out of the public?" Su Mo blurted out his obstinate prejudice without weighing any evidence and solid proof.

Su Ci Yi's jaw dropped. Why does everyone think of that reasoning? First was Su Ming, now it was this old man?

Su Mo was just only speculating. Inside, he was eager to hear that her daughter will deny such accusation. The cancellation of her engagement was enough to tarnish their public relation.

On the other hand, Su Ming doesn't like the tone of his father. But she was also eager to hear about this child. She has already seen him stuck up on her sister like a gecko clinging to the wall. Always and almost every day at the hospital.

Su Ci Yi found the situation a little amusing. Su Mo's face was bright fiery red.

She paced slowly walking pass the man as she pulled the chair beside Qin Tao and seated with her legs crossed. Her hand on her chin as she mischievously played the child's curls and said provocatively, "I guess I need to reveal the truth now indeed he is my illegitimate son."

Qin Tao read the situation and since his master called him her son, therefore, he chirped in, "Momma!" She called Su Ci Yi like that as he hugged her neck. His master had a deep enmity with this old man therefore he will not be friends with him!

You...! Su Mo stuttered and smoke erupted on his nose.

You imbecile child! How dare you tarnish your family's reputation?! And "What about the father?" Su Mo for the last time inquired and in which Su Ci Yi proudly declared, "There was no father."

Su Mo's anger finally erupted. Out of his anger, he randomly picked a glass and threw it on Su Ci Yi's side.

Su Ci Yi skillfully dodged the incoming crystal as she quickly took away Qin Tao and dashed going upstairs.

"SU CI YI! Come back here. We're not finished talking yet!" Su Mo's deep infuriation to her almost reached the 9th stage of the heavenly realm.

On the other side. Su Ming was ..... she's speechless. She doesn't want to think about what had happened to her refined and gentle sister of hers. She was far more used to her eccentric behavior now.

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