Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 93

Volume 1 Chapter 93 The Family Dinner

8 PM Sharp.

Around the lucent dinner table of the Su Villa, sat four people. Su Mo occupied the seat situated at the very center of the farthest side, one who's reserve for the patriarch of the family. Su Ci Yi and Su Ming seated next to each other while Su Gi on their opposite.

Qin Tao, as usual, the person who can't let go of Su Ci Yi's presence and glued to her 24/7 was behind her seating on a custom made chair for little kids.

In her memory, this was the first time that they had been completed again apart from the time when she started to live at the hospital. When she was still on her normal state and no whimsical state drama of the other clans, this table would be filled with laughter and merriment. A total opposite of the dinner table now.

Aside from the clashing of utensils and spoon clattering on the plate, there was no noise that can be heard from each person's mouth.

It was before everyone had finished their dinner that Su Mo spoke, directed to Su Ming.

Su Ming has already a vague idea of what would they be talking about. The clan has been on the premise of no male heir and his father was not young anymore. If Su Ci Yi's wedding has not canceled, then Huan Ro will be the one handling the future business endeavor.

Su Mo after wiping his mouth with a clean table napkin, spoke to her, "Ming-er" Of course when someone has a favor to ask they would be overly polite and kind with their tone. "as you know our company's been established lately. It was thanks to this certain investor who trusted us with his own life. Right now, I can't keep with the current growth of the company and the current transactions every day. I need someone to rely upon. Since the marriage of your sister was canceled, I'm thinking to let you"

She knew it! His father will arrange a marriage with some unknown clan for her. Su Ming doesn't like it as she interjected him.

"I refuse any kind of marriage with political reason!"

To show her utmost disagreement on this notion, Su Ming even stood up without batting an eye to his father.

Su Mo and Su Gi looked at each other.

Her mother pacified her raging mood and said in a soft tone, "Ming'er listen first to what your father would say."

Su Ming strong-headedly refused. "No matter what, I am not going to get married. I won't and never will."

Su Ci Yi, on the other hand, was peacefully eating her portion while looking at the boundless drama intertwining right in front of her face. From time to time, she would switch her gaze from the father and unto Su Ming, observing each of their expressions and like a dead log lurking over the end.

She doesn't like to partake on this evening dinner, however, it seems that this was the usual routine inside this house and it was strengthened by the fabric of memories of the original's body. And if not for this Su Mo geezer, banging her door and not stopping until she came out, in the end, she was forced to.

She peeked at the child beside him, he's peacefully finishing his bowl of soup without any emotion.

Going back, Su Mo clutched his knuckles, "Ming'er listen, I am only saying that you should help me in this business. It's time for you to partake on crucial and important decision making of the company."

Su Ming, hearing the full content of his father's proposal calm down. Her crumpled face resume as she seated back to her seat.

"Dad, you won't force me to marry some snotted bastard of any clan?"

"At first that was the plan, but somehow we decided to just let you assist me with the internal managing."

Su Ming who had been active earlier heaved a sigh of relief. She had escape another calamity in her life. She doesn't want to live a life being chained by predestined arrangement. She was a romanticist who awaits for her certain faithful encounter and Su Ming looked forward on that day to happen.

Su Ming returned her attention to the current topic. She has heard from his father that the business was going stable now and that a certain elite individual invested with a hefty amount of money to them. This saved them a lot as they can be able to purchase their needed resources for their company.

But until now, she has no idea regarding the real story behind or if there was really this miraculous investor who appeared out of nowhere bringing a bunch of cash with it.

Su Mo explained, it turned out that this person was a foreigner. He has already been on the lookout of a potential company in which he will took all his cash and profited to it. Exploring all over and until he discovered this institution.

Su Ci Yi has already been sipping her after-meal tea, spoke for the first time. "Was this person can be trusted? Did you already took a background check on him?"

Su Mo stared at her daughter, stunned. Well, at least this kid has a little interest in their ongoing business. "His credentials and doc.u.mentations are complete. He's no doubt a positive member of the society with a lot of contributions to his countrymen."

His eyes darted between her and the child. Somehow, he can't get used to think that he's already been a grandfather at this age. Guess he's been too old now to even have a grandson. A complicated expression appeared on his face looking into Qin Tao.

"Ying-er" Su Ci Yi's mother called her. Her husband already informed her of this unbelievable revelation. She was stunned dazed for a moment before she was able to recuperate.

"Did you brought enough clothes on him? Do you want me to shop for his new clothes? All the baby clothes in this house were all for women and there was really no baby boy around. Raring a child at that age was difficult to accomplish. If you have time, go to my room after this." Su Gi said in her melo-voice as if coaxing a little child.

Somehow that doesn't feel good. Su Ci Yi felt the degree of her lie getting bigger and bigger. And just how much these people believe her anyway? They believe her easily that it was her child? Was there a strong resemblance between them?

After the plates on the table had been taken, Su Ci Yi thought that the dinner was already dismissed but she was wrong. A set of newly baked desserts were being put in front of the table. Was it because Su Mo and Su Ming hadn't finished their talks about company, statistics and financial status yet? Su Gi also motioned for her to stay for a while. Su Ci Yi's butt has become numb sitting for an entire hour and any moment she felt that it'll be glued to the surface of the chair.

"Luscious Berry Greek Yogurt Parfait." A sweet voice announced the name of the sugary-coated dessert on the menu.

Su Ci Yi twitched her ears and looked on the beautiful landscape brimming with colors in front, then to the person wearing a white double-b.r.e.a.s.ted jacket, a pearly white apron, and black-and-white houndstooth pattern pants.

That person came from Su Ci Yi's back and deliberately put the plate just right in front of her trapping her within his arms. The strong scent of a man's cologne wafted on her sensitive nose and she looked up just to see the tinted rose lips grinning in a frolicsome manner.

Qin Yu's wide grin almost reached his ears and his eyes though smiling doesn't exude the real effect of its emotion.

Why was he here again? Somehow this was not what they promised.

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