Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 94

Volume 1 Chapter 94 Blatant Move

Su Ci Yi saw Qin Yu's lips perked up that almost reached his ears and the eccentric eyes he was showing send goosebumps down her spine. This was not what they had talked about with regard to fetching Qin Tao! What was he even doing here? She could only think that the moment he offered his child to come with her, the man has formulated this atrocious scheme.

Even Su Ming was dumbfounded seeing the man again. Her eyes cast between Su Ci Yi and him. Su Ming rubbed her chin as mutter in a low voice, this must be the father of the child. Yes, no doubt about it.

They were carbon copy with each other, both the man and this child. But she can't just understand why her sister claimed that there was no father at all! What was the person in front of them doing now? A live apparition?

Su Mo observe the weird vibe and asked tentatively, "So, you already knew of our new kitchen boy?"

Su Ci Yi's eyebrow raised. Kitchen boy?

Before Su Ming could even speak, Su Ci Yi interjected and claimed firmly, "No. We don't know him."

Su Mo can't help but introduced the man, "He's Song Mao. He was recommended by one of my subordinate at work. He offered him since that person would be migrating to country F and that man would be left without work. Since he had been saving money in order to find and chase his wife and son, I took him in correspondence towards his excellent performances."

Su Ming choked down the water she had been drinking and looked in confusion. Come again? Su Ci Yi gently tapped her shoulders urging to drink slowly. As soon as she calm down, she peeked at Su Ci Yi, observing what was her reaction. But dang, the woman was still posing a poker face! Show a little human reaction, can you?

"Poor man." Soon, it was Su Gi who showered her concern. "Work hard here. You'll earn money in no time and find your wife. By the way, these two are my daughters. Su Ci Yi and Su Ming. In the future, they'll be the ones whom you will be serving."

As if Su Ci Yi saw the flashed of glint on Qin Yu's eyes, somehow she felt a little uncomfortable.

Qin Yu with his gentle voice bow down in a refined manner, elegant and graceful. As soon as he lowered his head, he nonchalantly pulled Su Ci Yi's hand and offered a light peck at the back of her palm. Like how a knight offered his undeniable loyalty to his mistress staking his life in danger and peril.

Like a gentle breeze of the cold night, he spoke, "Nice meeting you, Milady. I am called Song Mao."

Su Ci Yi's face turned green, then blue and black. It's funny to think how her face changed into the gloomy color of the rainbow and blue veins popped out on her head. She immediately pulled back the hand that was connected to the man.

Su Mo, Su Go, and Su Ming were speechless.

Qin Yu chuckled. The type that was like tingling music to the ear. He defended his previous action, stood confidently and pulled an air akin to a lawyer who can win his case.

"This was the greeting of my ancestors. If it was overboard, I do apologize Sir."

Su Mo understood him and wave his hand. Not a big deal to consider.

Then Qin Yu went over to Su Ming's side and greeted her by shaking her hand. "Nice to meet you, Madam. Hope to work well in the future with you."

Su Ming only stared at him in total blankness while shaking her head: The discrimination was way too obvious! Too obvious! Show a little courtesy to your employer!

Qin Tao, who had been secretly gnashing his teeth towards his father's dirty move, almost gnawed the tablespoon he has been using in scooping the parfait. He had already consumed the sugary berry on his mouth. The dessert was too sweet, Qin Tao doesn't like this dessert along with the person who made it!


When the dinner was finished, Su Ci Yi felt that all her energy had been drained. She looked at the little bun who had already curled on her bed and was hugging the big pillow tightly. Thinking deeply, would it be a good idea to hand over the child to his father?

The night was still long. The glass window reflected the overly bright moon. Decided to cultivate after washing up, she stormed outside going to the shower room in a free spirited manner. She'll just soak and wash away the current happenings that happened earlier.

"Would you like me to assist you in your bath, Milady?" Su Ci Yi couldn't help but to jump out in surprise. Qin Yu earlier was in chef outfit. Now he was wearing an American tuxedo posing their butler now?

A towel was hanging over his left hand and on the right was a basket full of soaps and scrubs.

"N-No need!" Su Ci Yi stuttered. This was way overboard! Way overboard! She can't even know if he really was only fetching his child or if he has any inside motif.

Posing on this manor as a suspicious helper, somehow the pattern of his actions felt familiar. Another vein popped out on her brain. This type of person was very annoying and hard to get rid with once set on their goal.

After thirty minutes of soaking into the bath, Su Ci Yi dashed out with wet hair and fresh clothes. But before she step outside, she tried to be vigilant of her surroundings afraid that someone might pop out of nowhere again.

Steering clear of the area, she immediately closed the door when she entered. Good thing she's been free now, she can't see any shadow of the man.

Su Ci Yi huffed in relaxation and her shoulder rested but as soon as she turn to the bed, she was petrified.

Qin Yu was right there pouring a glass of milk nonchalantly and spoke, "They say hot milk is the best after a refreshing shower. Try one, Milady."

Su Ci Yi gave up. This man had already attained the mark of a professional helper!


It was already in the middle of the night. Su Ci Yi who thought would cultivate fell asleep with the child, Qin Tao was lying beside her. A tall man walked in and tucked the blanket that fall out on its way. His handsome face can be trace with a hint of gentleness. Then like a nimble cat in light footsteps, he closed the door.

He puffed first his cigarette until he slid down on his car. Rushing into the night, he threaded the highway reaching a certain destination.

Just outside his mansion, he can see the commotion going on. The servants are pacing back and forth. Someone had snuck in on their territory, causing havoc and ransacking the inside decoration and walls.

It was the right thing that he hide away the child.

His shadow guard knocked on the tinted window with his heavy breath and bleeding head. His tight cloth were reduced to rags showing a bit of his skin. In a languid tone, he tried to spoke coherently,

"Reporting. Shadow Cee and Dee are down Sire. They were killed by the intruder. The left was in severe wounds. We couldn't subdue him."

Qin Yu gaze towards the mansion. Even his shadows were killed? What kind of alien this Qin Yu Lin hired this time? He had already encountered an arsonist, a murderer, an assassin and a serial killer, now another devilish species was after him?

"Have you caught his blood sample?"

The shadow nodded and hold a cylindrical tube holding red liquid. Well, what can he say, at least the perpetrator was human?

Qin Yu took the thing and hide it on one of his compartment to be examined in the laboratory. Then he turned his head towards his Shadow En. "How much damage he caused?"

The shadow made a calculation, "A million worth of accessories and loss of my breathen Sire"

"I get it. I'll give them a proper burial for their meritorious service. Be sure to bill Qin Yulin the damages and casualty."


Soon the shadow turned to leave. Qin Yu pulled his revolver gun. Polish and wipe it as if taking care of his baby. There was also a flittering black aura across his face. His mind purely thinking, if worst comes to worst and the lid's already been full, he'll not hesitate to pull this trigger for him. But for now, he should at least greet this man to show his courtesy as the master of this property.

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