Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 95

Volume 1 Chapter 95 Qin Yu Lin's Insidious Ploy

Qin Yu didn't need to go to the mansion just to meet Yu Lin's aggressive subordinate because 'that person' went over to him. Behind him, he could feel his shadow trembled uncontrollably upon taking a swift glimpse of the silhouette of the man. Then in just fleeting seconds, his shadow collapsed on the sloppy ground gasping for breath and shaking. He saw the man approaching in dim-lit expression. His face can fairly be traced under the moonlight rays.

His dusky-colored Mercedes was parked right outside the extensive residence and that man easily pointed out his unknown direction. He could foretell exactly his position.

There was an unattractive hint of disappointment on his eyes seeing that he was still on his two feet. Qin Yu doesn't have any idea what that man was insinuating. His shadow behind was coughing blood non-stop. "Sire, can you not feel his aura?"

Shadow En, upon the abrupt arrival of the mysterious man, felt the toxicated aura he was exuding. Even the killing malice he exuded was straight thrown into their stand. No man could withstand this person! But seeing his boss standing on his two feet, he felt at ease. At least the boss was safe.

Qin Yu didn't understand what his shadow told him nor feeling the 'exotic aura' he was talking about. He was only standing there firmly grasping his .45 revolver on his hand. Qin Yu Lin was pretty confident of this 'new person' of his. Qin Yu has always been lukewarm towards this old man. Even if that man was desperate to take his life. He had a lot of envisioned depths written towards him. Qin Yu had also been deeply contemplating that his uncle's elusive disappearance was caused by this man. It happened a long time ago yet there was no visible news that was heard. Qin Yu was expecting to hear some credible information from his special investigation team but all of them failed this mission. The disappearance of the Qin Zayao didn't cause any stir nor commotion from the public eye. Even the recent trap that this man secretly conducted was pretty hidden well behind the back of the giant media association. No one could make these baffling maneuvers.

It was the same case with his father. Good thing he was able to immediately secure them on the island. Or else his family had already been gone from him if not for the intelligence network he had established meticulously tracked every move of this man.

The man who was approaching had a well-defined face even if half of him was shown. He had a long cloak which extended up from his neck down the far off bottom of his toes. A spiked hair with glimmering piercing on his ears. On his back, he was wearing a sharpened sword.

Qin Yu calculated that he had the same physique as him along with the height he has.

*Bang *Bang *Bang

Filling in his gun with bullet and took a sharp-shot before he can even step into them. His shadow warned him that those bullets don't work on him. Evidently, when he barricaded dozen of bullet shot to him it was fended off by the metal sword hanging behind his back.

Their velocity was getting limited. His big strides reduced the distance that set them apart. Shadow En gulped down. Sweat dripping down his top forehead. The toxin within the air was not yet reduced and at this moment, spiral of emotions flooding down his core.

The man's stride stopped when he was in the middle. His acentric face glint in disappointment as he hurled and turned around. In one swift turn, he was gone. Forgetting the two of them. Beside him, his shadow even curled up on the ground and declared in agony, "Sire, there was another heavy aura." It was only a second before he can't felt the pain anymore.

This time his shadow stood up, not feeling the amorous aura and slowly composed himself weakly.

Thoughts and questions running rampant but at the end of the line, what was that about?

Su Ci Yi's shadow flew into the air. Trying to chase that man. Her conclusion was, the man was not a cultivator yet exudes the air akin to one. He had stored affinity within his meridians but this type was not similar to hers. She had traced his trail but the man was long gone.

He followed Qin Yu in his car. Sitting in a lotus position, she placed herself atop the alloy roof. She thought that something was amiss since Qin Yu had specifically shoving himself and the child inside their villa. So, it turned out that these two were being chased. Her foreboding doubt earlier subsided. Now, she could see his reason for choosing their home. The mansion was dangerously raided and attacked. The Su Villa was located behind the extensive mountain range along the bumpy road and maze intertwining streets. That person will definitely not find them there. Su Ci Yi will welcome them with open arms. As long as the man stayed beyond the boundary of being normal and won't do an unnecessary conspicuous movement.

** Qin Yu Lin's residence.

The man wearing a coat landed on his balcony. Qin Yu Lin had long retired to the bed but when he felt the air vibrated he went down.

He trotted in high spirits and bellowed, "Have you killed them?"

The cloaked person passed by in front of him and seated on his king-size bed.

"You never told me that he had also his own bodyguard?"

Qin Yu Lin followed the man, stood in front of him crossing his arms. "So you didn't kill him. Of course, there are a lot of bodyguards lurking beside him but those were all easy peasy' for you to take in."

The man's temple crumpled easy to take down? " I'm afraid that person was like me. He can exude the same aura I have."

Qin Yu Lin's eyes popped up. His attention caught by this another set of ridiculous revelations. That Qin Yu kid! He thought he had the devil's luck but who would have thought that he was hiding a mysterious person behind his back!

"Can you deal with him now?"

"I could fight persistently on that person behind him. But Qin Yu on the other hand"

"What?" Qin Yu Lin arched his eyebrow suspiciously.

"My poison aura doesn't affect him."


On that same night, Su Ci Yi came back on her own.

Before she peacefully laid back, she touched the screen on her phone first. Then transferred another amount of million unto his father's account using a different dummy one. Her fingers were rapidly moving their function and soon the transfer was successful.

After the conduct, she placed it far away from her and tucked herself inside the blanket together with Qin Tao.

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